Doraemon chord holder

By on January 25, 2013

New year. New beginnings.

One of my new year’s resolution is to be organize. I am still sharing a room with my sister and both of us just have our things all over the room. If you want to see a jungle in the city, our room is most likely one of the very good example of it. Seriously, there are used clothes everywhere and my school lectures are piled up in every corner of every closet that we have.

But I am starting on changing the little things for now. Like for example, I used to have my earphone chord all tangled up to the point of I’d rather not use it at all because untangling it eats up a lot of time. That’s why I decided to look for chord organizers that will prevent my earphone from tangling up by itself again.

I think I have bought like three holders before sticking to this one. The first that I bought got broken because the design is heavier than the actual holder. The second one seemed too weak and thin that the chords are breaking off from it. Finally, when I went to Eastwood with Roger, there’s an overnight bazaar and lots of things are on sale!

doraemon chord holder

Quickly, I looked for the gadgets accessories and spotted so many kinds of chord organizers. I even saw the previous ones that I’ve tried. After moments of choosing I decided to buy this Doraemon chord holder . Considering the things that my old organizers failed to provide, I think this one is not that complex to not be able to give the desired outcome of its like.

Not bad for a starter right? Way to go! 🙂

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Taking precautions

By on July 14, 2012

Last week, I came home late because I was discussing about our thesis with my groupmates and it took us hours to come up with concepts on our topics. We still don’t have a concrete thesis topic but we have bits of information that we are planning to consult with our adviser. So, about coming home late. I was crossing the highway at about 12:30am. For a 2o year old, I admit I am still not that confident in  crossing streets alone but that time, I just have to. I looked both sides before taking a step and after my second, I heard a loud thud which made me take a couple of steps back. I searched for the origin of the sound and found a motorcycle in the middle of the highway adjacent to where I was standing. No body was present which made me conclude that the crash was too intense that  it either flew the motorcycle away from the driver or the other way around. And then I began seeing people coming towards a certain spot on the other side of the street which I conclude holds the body of the driver.

After the shock subsided, I immediately took giant steps to reach the other side of the street as fast as I can. I am thankful to see that the driver isn’t harmed that much, he can still stand properly and went to pick up his motorcycle aided by a security guard.

It was raining too hard that day which made the floor slippery which probably caused the accident. Good thing that the driver was wearing what seemed like scorpion motorcycle helmetsto guide his journey. That simple act of safety saved that man’s life. Taking precautions might really mean our life or death.

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Just a thought

By on May 4, 2012
Our co-ojt's climbing up the steel ladder.

Having been exposed to the world of workers and engineers, I was enlightened by the fact that this job is no way easy or cool at all. I don’t hate it. I am just afraid of what possible things that might happen during the construction. Some part of me envy those who only have to face the computers, paper works or sell goods their entire career for the fear of being involved in a construction site accident is diminished to them. But still, there’s no guarantee that your office can keep you safe and sound forever.

From what I’ve heard, structured settlements will be of much help especially during tough times like this. I think it’ll be helpful to everyone and is trusted by many people.

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The “working girl” feeling

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I am writing this post here in our office. For the first time ever, I am able to blog while at work. Yay!

So our bosses just went out to have their lunch so us, Le Angels, are left here because we have our own food with us. We have this saying, “If the cat is away, the mouse will play.” If you know what I mean. Haha!

And that is how I am able to make a blog post at this very moment. I am using my laptop though and my own internet so no one can blame me of whatever. 😀 I am just savoring the precious moments I have as an office girl, a working girl.

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Safety First!

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Being very busy from work and school didn’t keep me from knowing what’s happening around me or at least what’s on the news and lately, sadly, a lot of road accidents have been reported and most of them are due to driver’s negligence. I will never understand why some Filipinos love to break the rules. The very simple rules.

No Jaywalking. Loading and unloading. Drivers Use Helmets. Stoplights.


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Are helmets that expensive for people to risk their own or even their loved one’s lives? After all, our life matters most and I believe there are affordable and stylish hjc helmets that a motorcycle driver must have. This brand has a lot of features you wouldn’t regret buying for each of your family members.

Safety first! All right?


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Affordable meters

By on May 1, 2012

In the previous company where I took up my OJT, we were sometimes assigned to find some stuff that the people on the site need. If the materials or equipment are nowhere within the reach of our telephone lines,  we oftentimes just go to Google to look for related stuff that our boss requests, those were still quite expensive and sometimes don’t meet the requirements.

I was once assigned to look for meters and I was complimented for finding affordable ph meters online. I just lost track if they bought it because the purchasing is not covered by my tasks anymore.

Nevertheless, I know that the meters that I saw online were really affordable and of quality.

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May 1

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Labor Day = Rest Day 

Since I have my OJT and summer class, this day is very special to me. I still don’t understand the meaning behind labor day but in my own perspective, I think labor day is being celebrated to at least reward the people who work hard for their family, loved ones or for any reason possible. Please do correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyways, I am very busy I can say that this holiday really made my summer. I want to savor every moment I have with Sam (Bea’s laptop) because tomorrow, I’ll be back doing the same routine that I have to deal with for two months: wake up at 6:30am. Go to site office. Go to school. Go home. Sleep.

All in all, let’s just enjoy every moment. Happy day!

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