Just read about amplifi

Since, I’m not that talented when it comes to music, I barely understood what he said but what I can remember from what he shared is that this is an awesome instrument and he would want to have one if ever he gets the chance of seeing one here. Being really gifted in music, I really wish that he gets himself one soon. I believe talents should be showcased because those are gifts from God.


Back-to-school! Poot-poot! 😀


Most parents especially the busy ones often had their childrens brought to school by a school bus but nowadays, it is really hard to trust someone especially when it concerns the safety of their children. Which explains probably why a lot of parents still try their best to personally bring their children to school even if it means going to work earlier or taking the longer route. I guess the best resource for oem toyota parts will be a big help to rich families who always have their kids be brought to and picked up from school.

Study hard!

Two things: First, I am not a girl scout. Second, that first sentence shall be taken literally and as some kind of a description as to how prepared am I to anything.

During grade school, I had this sickness that caused me to be confined in a hospital for weeks. It so happen that the girl scout camping was during that time and so I wasn’t able to attend the girl scout ceremony. I never experienced bridging, candlelighting and the other activities that they do during those camp nights. But when I got older, my parents already permitted me to attend Teen Camp because I can handle myself properly already.

Luckily for my younger sister, at a very young age, she is very active at school and evidently fit for those kind of activities. I adore her active participation in programs and other activities. I hope she stays healthy so that she may continue her awesome start at school.

It really is a good part of studying. Academic grades are the most important yet we still need some things which we can enjoy but still be able to learn. 🙂

Helpful badges


I see different offices along my ride from home to school and back and sometimes, I imagine what happens inside that office and how convenient would be the transaction if the people inside are hospitable and welcoming. Most of the times, based on experience, the subordinates are more strict than the presidents themselves. I don’t know. If it weren’t for those name badges, I would never be able to guess the high position of such humble people. Those things surely help a lot more than I think.


I remember a scene in one of my favorite TV series, 2 Broke Girl$ where they used coupons to purchase their baking supplies. It was really funny how Caroline got almost obsessed in using coupons in shopping. Personally, I don’t see anything bad in using those thoughg sometimes, people are ashamed to use them but for me, it’s a very big help. If I can introduce these famous smoke shop coupon codes to my father, maybe he’ll be very happy though he doesn’t really shop online. Hehe.

The famous house

PBB Teen Edition is trending again. I wonder what’s on that TV show that makes it trend on Twitter. After 4th edition, I never thought that there’ll be a teen edition right away. Well, anyway, it’s the people’s choice to spend their time in watching it and as long as I don’t have to pay for their electric bills, then they can trend whoever they want. LOL

But I must admit, Pinoy Big Brother’s house is really famous and I, myself would want to have my photo taken with that house. If ever I will be given a chance, I would also love to go inside but not as a contestant but as a tourist only. Haha!

photo source

I want to see the interior of the house face to face. I want to touch the expenxive furnitures, the cool murals, the solitary sofa in the confession room, the swimming pool and if there’s a hot tub, I expect cool hot tub covers there especially because it is the most famous house in the Philippines so everything must be presentable. Yes, even the hot tub covers must be presentable besides it helps to keep the hot tubs clean.

Safety First!

Being very busy from work and school didn’t keep me from knowing what’s happening around me or at least what’s on the news and lately, sadly, a lot of road accidents have been reported and most of them are due to driver’s negligence. I will never understand why some Filipinos love to break the rules. The very simple rules.

No Jaywalking. Loading and unloading. Drivers Use Helmets. Stoplights.


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Are helmets that expensive for people to risk their own or even their loved one’s lives? After all, our life matters most and I believe there are affordable and stylish hjc helmets that a motorcycle driver must have. This brand has a lot of features you wouldn’t regret buying for each of your family members.

Safety first! All right?


Affordable meters

In the previous company where I took up my OJT, we were sometimes assigned to find some stuff that the people on the site need. If the materials or equipment are nowhere within the reach of our telephone lines,  we oftentimes just go to Google to look for related stuff that our boss requests, those were still quite expensive and sometimes don’t meet the requirements.

I was once assigned to look for meters and I was complimented for finding affordable ph meters online. I just lost track if they bought it because the purchasing is not covered by my tasks anymore.

Nevertheless, I know that the meters that I saw online were really affordable and of quality.