Custom stress balls

By on January 26, 2013

When roaming around Divisoria, I spotted this anime store which I haven’t gone to yet before. They sell the usual stuff, anime posters, stickers, nendoroids, action figures, costumes and many more but  what caught my attention are the custom stress balls that they are selling. I never thought of stress balls being customized before but I think it is a really great idea. Stress balls are very important and having your favorite anime printed on it makes the stress go away. 🙂

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Tiny but useful

By on July 9, 2012

My father owns a variety of mechanical tools from welding machines to screw drivers with different uses. I always fancy playing with those tools when I was a child and I never understood why they didn’t stop me in doing so. But I wasn’t harmed anyways. Maybe they even found it good that I was interested in those stuff rather than any other useless things. Now that I am old enough to handle myself, I still find those things interesting and very useful not only in construction but in our daily lives as well.

For example, owning a safety utility knife can save you lots of hassle because it has a variety of uses. It’s like having all kinds of knives in one.

But this one, I don’t recommend being played even by adults. OKAY? 🙂

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Because I just can’t wait

By on June 22, 2012

Death Note has been a very frequent topic in all of my blogs recently because it’s the latest anime and movie that I’ve watched. I don’t fancy movies that much but when I do, I do it fangirl style! Hehe. Anyways, my love for L. Lawliet, one of Death Note’s main character, has reached the point where I think about him all the time and I want to see him wherever I am, which most probably won’t be possible now because classes already started. Good thing that Ate Gel from Hodge Podge was very eager in reminding me of what design I would like to use in my Hodge Podge order.

By the way, Hodge Podge is an online shop where they use bottlecaps in different accessories that they make. They do fridge magnets, keychains and necklaces.  Here’s their Facebook page if you’re curious: Hodge Podge Online Shop 🙂

So after weeks of deciding, I came up with this design for my necklace:

Yes! It’s Matsuken as L!!! Now I can be with him all the time. I can see him whenever I want. Eeeeee~ This Hodge Podge necklace is really cute even if I haven’t seen it personally yet. But I received a text message from Hodge Podge saying that my orders have been shipped already so in the coming days, I’ll be seeing my Lawliet in my necklace. I’m so excited!!! Really! Hahaha!

I also ordered two necklaces for my two bestfriends. It will be a surprise so I can’t tell the design yet. Just in case they’re reading this. Haha!

Hodge Podge is the best!

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Organic and scientific

By on May 14, 2012

Organic products are in every mall, magazines, commercials and TV promotions already that it makes it hard to actually choose what product to favor. I want to try oragnic products because as I have read, the results of organic products come out faster and they are safer than chemically developed ones. But can organic and scientific ways both be in a single product? I guess so because there’s gratiae skin care products that uses organic materials but still includes scientific principles in it. Nowadays when immitations and fake beauty products are wildly patronized, it is still safer to settle on the original and scientifically approved ones where your money doesn’t turn to dust when you see the results.

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Barcode scanners

By on May 10, 2012

I am very proud of my friends who are fresh graduates but already have a job. A lot of them are from PLP and even though I didn’t study there, I witnessed their hardships and eagerness to graduate that’s why I am happy for them.

I can still remember when they were very busy planning, organizing and documenting their thesis. The topics of their research paper were actually given by the professors so it became harder because they didn’t get to choose. I remember some of them being assigned to make a thesis that includes barcode readers as the device. I think logic controls products fit best for thesis like this and in real life situations also. I hope they’ve found out this brand earlier and for future researchers also.

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It’s more fun when organized

By on May 4, 2012

They say puzzles help improve the function of our brains and solving it is more fun than simply staring at word problems or a bunch of numbers. For children who don’t have to deal with very complicated puzzles yet, jigsaw puzzles are the most challenging to them. It’s fun until the pieces started to fell off its board.

I remember giving my younger sister a Disney Princess jigsaw puzzle for Christmas. It’s the one you can buy on a one price shop. Haha! So you really can’t rely on it’s quality so it is a good thing to always have a puzzle glue at home or at school whenever a challenge of jigsaw puzzle solving is being done. You wouldn’t want your hard work to come to waste, don’t you?





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My dream bedroom

By on May 1, 2012

Years of Tumblr-ing lead me to fantasizing about having a bedroom that will make me feel like I am a princess. Those lovely pictures all over my dashboard, I can’t help but to reblog them. And sometimes, they make me wonder if bedrooms like that truly exists. I mean, that’s like too good to be true already.

Until I came across this website that offers rustic bedroom furniture and I realized that if it’s for sale, then it must be real and thus I came to the conclusion that someday, I can live up to my dream. Oh I just can’t wait!

she doesn't that excited but believe me, I am. 🙂

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Affordable meters

By on

In the previous company where I took up my OJT, we were sometimes assigned to find some stuff that the people on the site need. If the materials or equipment are nowhere within the reach of our telephone lines,  we oftentimes just go to Google to look for related stuff that our boss requests, those were still quite expensive and sometimes don’t meet the requirements.

I was once assigned to look for meters and I was complimented for finding affordable ph meters online. I just lost track if they bought it because the purchasing is not covered by my tasks anymore.

Nevertheless, I know that the meters that I saw online were really affordable and of quality.

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