Japan Diaries: Kaomoji

By on April 2, 2019

Kaomoji comes from two Japanese words kao (顔) which means “face” and moji (文字) which means text as in keyboard characters. Basically, kaomiji is the emoticon we use for texting —only cuter.

I used to wonder how these kaomoji’s are inserted to messages or Facebook status and whatnot, I thought, “Do these people type the characters one by one??” To that, I was really amazed and I also wanted to be able to use some.

In my love for anything Japan, I started studying its language —Nihongo, until I learned a few words relating to feelings and emotions. Along with that, I also learned how to read and write in Japanese which made me realize that through learning the language, you also learn their culture and from there I found out that kaomoji’s aren’t simply characters put together but are actually a cuter representation of an emotion almost as a synonym to it.

To simply put it, nowadays, keyboards have auto-correct and predictive functions, right? In Nihongo, there are three types of writing their words: Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji. Therefore, in a Japanese keyboard, it tends to give suggestions of a word in all those three writing styles whichever is available. And there are times that not only those three but also kaomoji’s are being suggested. It can also suggest simple sentences.

For example, the Japanese word for “cute” is 「かわいい」 or “kawaii” in Roman letters. when I type ”kawaii” using a Japanese keyboard, it gives out the suggestions,

  1. かわいい (Hiragana)
  2. 可愛い (Kanji)
  3. かわいいです (“Kawaii desu.” sentence; translate: It is cute.)
    4.カワ(・∀・)イイ!! (Katakana: カワイイ plus kaomoji)

Below are more of my favorite kaomoji’s. Feel free to use them on your texts messages!

“That’s great!”いいね。ii ne.(・∀・)イイネ!!
“Thank you.”ありがとう!arigatou(人”▽`)ありがとう☆
“Yes.” はい。hai.ァィ(。・Д・)ゞ
‘`ィ (゚д゚)/
nervous (sweating)あせase(;^ω^)
(;^_^A アセアセ・・・
(;´Д`A “`
hot (weather)熱いatsuiι(´Д`υ)アツィー
“It’s okay.”ドンマイdonmaiドン( ゚д゚)マイ

Mobile tip:
For a wider variety of kaomojis, ready-made(copy/paste) Kaomoji apps are available for download as well. You just have to choose which ones suits your preference best. Personally, I have tried a lot of apps but the copy and pasting is too much of a task for me. But the choices you have in apps are way larger and more varied.

Let’s exchange smiles, comment your favorite Kaomoji!

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Life in Niigata: First day

By on June 7, 2018

A year ago today, there were tears in my eyes.

As I bid goodbye to my home in Tokyo, my feelings heavier than the luggage I’m dragging to the nearest train station, I thought of the happy times and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities this chance to live in Japan gave me. I kept on remembering the carefree days while instructing myself to start to accept that I’ve had so many precious moments here and today is its last. My tears were my goodbyes to the busy streets, trains, food shops and my favorite second-hand toy stop.
Above all I was saddest that I am leaving the friends that I have just met. Along with my sadness, longing, tears and fears, I started to accept.

A year ago today, I faced an entirely different life. From the hustling life in Tokyo, I went north to Niigata, the rice capital of Japan. From buildings to ricefields, yes. That’s how I got a taste of both worlds in a day last year.

A year ago today, I was full of fear. Out of pressure mostly since I wouldn’t be this priveleged, by privellge alone. Of course, I had my duties along with this opportunity and being in Niigata meant things got more serious that time. As I have to work with actual engineering design company whilst studying Japanese language, having that one bottle of sake (Japanese alcohol) for my first night in Niigata was a perfect welcome.

A year ago today, was my first day in Niigata. A year ago today, I was afraid. I was doubtful, I wanted to stay amd live with my friends in Tokyo.
But why am I writing this?
Because unknowingly, a year ago today, I reached home.

A year I will never forget.
A year I wished I could experience again.

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