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TRS Birthday and Valentine Giveaway

By on February 2, 2013

Ate Lhyzie a very close blogger friend of mine never ceases to share her blessings to her visitors and readers. She has like one to three giveaways every month, I think? That’s why blessings kept on coming back to her as well. This month, she’s hosting another giveaway with, as expected, cute and very useful stuff that anyone would love!

TRS Birthday and Valentine International Giveaway

The prizes are shown in her blog. Basically, those were beauty products, accessories and what I love most, books!

And this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY! I am so happy for what her blog has become. I’ve been joining in her giveaways ever since and her prizes keep on getting bigger and grander and now, it’s open internationally.

You might want to join also? The mechanics are very easy and if you have joined her previous giveaways, you sure have auto-points already. 🙂

If you joined from here, please add me, Abegail Layosa  as your referrer, okay? Thank you so much!


Join Here:

TRS Birthday and Valentine International Giveaway!

TRS Birthday and Valentine International Giveaway!

TRS Birthday and Valentine International Giveaway!

TRS Birthday and Valentine International Giveaway!

TRS Birthday and Valentine International Giveaway!

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By on January 11, 2013

I remember a scene in one of my favorite TV series, 2 Broke Girl$ where they used coupons to purchase their baking supplies. It was really funny how Caroline got almost obsessed in using coupons in shopping. Personally, I don’t see anything bad in using those thoughg sometimes, people are ashamed to use them but for me, it’s a very big help. If I can introduce these famous smoke shop coupon codes to my father, maybe he’ll be very happy though he doesn’t really shop online. Hehe.

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Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway!

By on December 9, 2012

With the few little minutes left in my prepaid broadband, I just want to share about this awesome collaborative giveaway being hosted by five of the most awesome bloggers in WWW:  Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway! Open Worldwide!

To tell you honestly, I am really after the eyeshadow and make up set but of course, I’d love to have the Superman shirt as well and all of the other prizes. It’s just that I desperately want an eyeshadow set at this moment to support my cosplaying errands. I mean, really. I cosplayed once and all I used to decorate my eyes was eyeliner. As we all know, cosplayers need to look as glamorous as possible, of course still depending on their character but still, those make up will really be of much help in this path that I just chose to take. That’s why I am really looking forward into winning this.

I hope you can join too. And uhh, there’s a referral part there so if you’re from here, please put me as your referrer. Thanks. Go check it out now! 🙂

Welcome to Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway!

Opens Worldwide!

There will be 3 winners!1 International1 Philippine Based1 BonusThank you to our generous sponsors!Sakura PH / Skin Candy /Zwitsal May Yuson /Irish Racelis /Nyx Wholesale PHAnd we Bloggers who collab on this great giveaway!If you want to know more on this giveaway please click any of the links below. 🙂Its Me Deann /Genzel Kisses /The Rainbow Star /Analysis of my Life /Frozen Blossoms by Senzy

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Its Me Deann’s First Blog Giveaway!

By on November 2, 2012

Okay. I’ve been on an unexpected hiatus lately because of school problems and yeah, just school problems. But thank God I survived yet another sem. Really, God helped me all the way through this rocky road journey.

And so as a comeback, I wanted to try out the things that I used to do when I was still a newbie blogger and when the times weren’t that tough. So without further ado, I am inviting you to join Its Me Deann’s First Blog Giveaway!

I have encountered so many problems recently so I’m really praying for a  little self-pampering and through this giveaway somehow I can pamper myself if I win the awesome prizes. Hihi! I mean, all those accessories would really make me feel very very pampered for wearing them can make me feel pretty after all the stress that our thesis brought. And even if I don’t wear make-up because I don’t have any idea on how to do so, it can be my stepping stone, right? Besides, I’m old enough to at least wear eyeshadow. Hehe.

I really hope I can win this but whoever wins, congrats! So go, join now!! 🙂


First I would like to thank all of the sponsors who did not hesitate to have a collaboration with this giveaway. It won’t run without you guys, thank you so much!

Hodge Podge / Unicorn Delights / Nyx Wholesale PH / Hue and Shape / lalalaPatricia / The Rainbow Star / KC Eloading Station / Lilpink / Pepper Mint / StyleMe FashionBeauty / Its Me Deann

For more details about this giveaway please go @ Its Me Deann‘s Website. 🙂

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Join Back to School Giveaway: $50 Paypal Cash by Clint Andrew!

By on June 19, 2012

OMG. The perfect giveaway, finally!

Would you like to win some Paypal cash just before your projects and school activities come? Or buy some new clothes for the new school year? Or simply have enough money to pay your unpaid tuition fee? Then you might want to join this ongoing giveaway by our friend Clint Andrew, it is called Back to School Giveaway: $50 Paypal Cash!

All you’ll have to do is to follow the mechanics indicated at the Rafflecopter and you already have the chance to win the $50 Paypal cash! The mechanics are easy, you can finish the tasks in minutes! The giveaway also includes a $10 referral prize so if you came there from here, you know what to do. Please put me as your referrer. Thank you! 🙂

Thanks to Clint Andrew for this awesome giveaway. 🙂

Giveaway sponsored by these awesome bloggers:

Pink Lolly | Sweeet Posh | Happiii | The Rainbow Star | Oh-Rainbow

Hoshi Girl | Blue Lovin | Ayei Bithao | Pseudo Lavie | Im Yona

Bloggers Portal | Scolex Portal | Scolex Portal | iPhone Apps

Home Solar Panels | Diablo 3 Guide | Love Roxie | Korean Doll | Abhie Halili

Clint Andrew | Your Kind Of Guy | Lub Kita | Drew Mamuri

Geek Charming | Dorky Design | Tumblr University | Ice Glow

Manila Barbie | Fit and Fashion Mom | Legazpi Fab Moda | Jynxed Panda

Hodge Podge | Past Had Passed | Tweenteen Mom

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Giveaways again!

By on June 10, 2012

Now that my site is up again, I want to take this as an opportunity to try my luck on online giveaways. This time I am joining The Rainbowstar and Lhyzie Bongon June giveaway. I have won to two of her giveaways that’s why I am joining again this time. 🙂

The prizes are as expected, cellphone load, cute stuff and useful ones.

First Prize: 300 load – globe, smart or sun|Pink Love|CupHodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|Notebook|Card Holder|Versace Lotion|Domo Cellphone chain|Butterfly bracelet|Butterfly Earrings 

Second Prize: 200 load – globe, smart or sun|Hodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|Notebook|Post It|Stapler|Make Up brush|Star necklace|Heart earring

Third Prize: 100 load – globe, smart or sun|Hodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|Angry bird coin purse|Life story notebook|Post It|Dog nail cutter|Panda Neckalce|Pink Wallet|Strawberry bag

Most Referral: 50 load – globe, smart or sun|Hodge Podge (Blogger) Key-chain|4 pcs stationery|Post It|Headband|Hello kitty cp case|Elephant necklace|Fruit animal bag

And bonus prizes for a lucky Blackberry user:

Personally, I am aiming for the second prize again. I love the make-up brush set though I don’t know and I don’t even apply make up. The star necklace is my bet also. :))) I want the blogger keychain so bad. It’s from Hodge Podge by the way, another awesome online shop. 🙂

If you want to see the photos of the prizes, just click here and join the giveaway as well if you want to win those mentioned above. Alright? 🙂 But wait, don’t forget to put me in the “referred by” okay. Thanks! 🙂

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Trying hard

By on May 16, 2012

Some people may have regarded my perseverance to win an online giveaway wrongly. I heard others tell me that I am trying too hard and that I have joined almost every giveaway in town. Yes, I am not denying the fact that I attempt to join every online giveaway that there is. Why? Because I enjoy it. I enjoy the challenge and the prizes are really worth the effort of tweeting, posting and blogging about. Plus, I am willing to support my blogger friends whose intentions are to share what they have and they serve as inspiration to me.

And so for the nth time, I am inviting those who haven’t joined yet to come visit for a more detailed and less emotional post about the giveaway. 🙂


Just so you know, the prizes are

  • .com, .net, or .org domain for 1 year
  • month of “Pink” package of hosting from
  • 4 different kinds of accessories from therainbowstar!
  • special prize from
  • special prize from Paul Eugenio (it may be a book, money or a phone!)

Try and try until you succeed! 🙂


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Here I go again.

By on May 4, 2012


I have given a lot and I know I have to try harder.

It’s not really my thing to push into something this much but this time, now that I have done a lot already, i’ll just continue and pursue the challenge until the judgment day comes. Hehe!

So again, to my lovely readers, I am inviting you to join here: Double Birthday Giveaway

Yeah! Win or lose, I’m glad that joining this giveaway gave me hope and the motivation to blog even more. More power to Athena Tria! 🙂

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I will never get tired

By on May 1, 2012

Because at this moment, I  really want to have a new .com domain.

I am just starting to earn some money online and even though I want to buy myself a domain, I am, currently, unable. So I am trying my very luck at this giveaway being held by Athena Tria: The Double Birthday Giveaway.

The update in the prizes made the giveaway even more exciting that’s why I am doing my best. I just hope I am lucky enough to have that domain. Or the cellphone? Hehe!

Anyways, I may sound selfish by wanting the prize so bad but I still want everyone to have the chance and so I am inviting you to join too. Come on! 🙂

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The Hunger Games Experience

By on March 25, 2012

My blogger friend Mahj joined an online contest in which she won  two movie tickets for the movie, The Hunger Games. She posted about not having someone to use the other ticket and I got interested so I messaged her saying that I can be the one that will use it. Though I haven’t got any idea about the movie nor the book itself, I was still so excited to watch it because it’s free! 🙂

And so to the movies we went.

At first I thought it will be just like an ordinary movie screening where we will be handed the tickets and we’ll enter the cinema but I was wrong. As we got there, we were standing in line with so many elite people, even some celebrities were there. We received our tickets together with a loot bag from the sponsors and what shocked me the most was the cocktail tables where we ate foods that I admittedly have never tasted before.

We also met some bloggers there and the funny thing is we exchanged not only contact number but blog URLs as well. You wouldn’t see that in a usual gathering you know. 🙂

At exactly 9pm, the movie started and we were the only ones who were talking probably because the others knew what will happen already while I and Mahj kept on guessing why things went that way or what will happen next. I ended up wanting to read the book and hopefully I can watch more of The Hunger Games (for free? lol)

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