Korean Cosmetics Overload

By on November 3, 2016

Generous is an understatement for the loots that I received as VIP Editor for the launch of Korean Beauty website at Berjaya Hotel in Makati last October 29, 2016. I can totally skip my usual makeup store visit/window shopping for an entire year for the items that I got just by attending the event. For an average makeup person like me, that is.

#yeppunonnieph launch

These are the items that I got. Hush… it’s okay, I’m envious at myself too. I keep asking myself, WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? I simply attended their event and I went home with these, FOR FREE. I must have helped an angel in disguise before or something, but nevertheless, I am very thankful to #YeppunOnniePH and #Smylee for giving me the opportunity to try all these brands. And the very rare opportunity to represent my own blog in an event. May God always bless such kind souls.

#YeppunOnniePH Loots

This unboxing is not really an actual unboxing because I have opened this box on the way home. Had I only known the humongous number of Korean cosmetics waiting for me underneath that box cover, I would have my then driver park somewhere so we can film my reaction. I almost said a curse word just to let the emotions out. ‘OMG’ would usually suffice but this time I am so overwhelmed, I needed a more… mature/tough word. I stopped mid-phrase though because I still can’t (and don’t want to) say WTF in words. Haha! But basically that’s how it went. I then made a quick look on each item. I squealed by the sight of the first eyeshadow because I never had an eyeshadow ever and I have been wanting one ever since. Not knowing that my eyeshadow fate has been written on 29th of October 2016 with not one but 3 eyeshadow palettes as my firsts.
And afterwards came all the other makeups that I have just been planning to get one by one each payday someday. The experience was like digging for gold in a pile of golds. I love each and every second of it.

To repay the generosity of #YeppunOnniePH and #Smylee, I will be updating this post for every item that I have reviewed so as to be able to help others in deciding which Korean makeup should they try. Stay tuned!

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#YeppunOnniePH: 5 days to go!

By on October 24, 2016

In five days, makeup shopping will never be the same again . Step-up your makeup hauls with Philippines’ upcoming biggest and hottest Korean makeup website: YeppunOnnie.PH is a Korean beauty online shop that will cater anyone in the Philippines making it easier for Korean beauty enthusiasts or soon-to-be enthusiasts to explore different brands from Korea. From skincare to makeup, your beautiful (yeppun) sister (onnie) has them all!


Used to waiting long for pre-order items? You might have to get yourself ready this time because most of their items will be ready-to-ship! Of course we are all willing to wait for our pre-ordered beloved makeups but if it could arrive earlier, that would be awesome-r, right? can cover that for you so you can enjoy more products and easily achieve that Korean beauty that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re not feeling the excitement yet, how about I tell you that your top beauty bloggers and Youtubers will be joining YeppunOnnie.PH in its upcoming launch. Anne Clutz, Jessica Godinez, Say Tioco and Gen-zel De las Alas to name a few. A handful of lucky beauty v/bloggers will be chosen to represent the brand too! Now, we’re talking. So stay tuned to more updates through the following hashtags:






Together, let us all welcome our pretty sister, the answer to our Kbeauty prayers,!

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Korean Beauty at the touch of your fingertips

By on September 26, 2016

If at this moment, you still do not know about the latest in the makeup scene, don’t fret because you came at the right place! Now, let me get you out of that rock you’ve been hiding in since no-one-knows-when and let me introduce to you the latest beauty trend of this days that is “Korean beauty.”

I guess we have to blame it on our excessive addiction to Korean dramas, KPop or anything Korean actually because they seem to excel at all areas. But indeed, Korean actresses’ simple but eye-catching looks are the ultimate no-makeup-makeup goals!


And even though we speak zero to no Korean at all, we can still achieve their look by the tons of Korean makeup lines available in the market today. Makeup tutorials are also flooding the WWW as you read this post. In YouTube for example, you can find PONY Makeup’s videos helpful and inspiring.


And here’s an even better news to us Filipino makeup enthusiasts who want to try exploring Korean beauty. A website fully dedicated to meet our Kbeauty needs is about to open its doors to serve fresh Korean makeup. Worry no more about the distance because through this website, it’ll feel as if you’re shopping at your nearest mall because of the variety of brands and makeup for every Filipina’s needs.

Meet YeppunOnniePH this coming October for their website’s grand launch and look forward to shopping Korean makeup and skincare like you’ve never experienced before! Follow updates by searching #YeppunOnniPH on your favorite social networking sites.

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YeppunOnniPH: KBeauty at its finest

By on September 22, 2016

“Yeppunonni Korea is a new corporation built to cater Korean beauty needs for Filipinos .Yeppunonni Korea are under a bigger Korean owned company that gave us this opportunity to expand and reach more than Luzon to Visayaz, Mindanao and the rest of Asia.

Yeppunonni Korea are opening the beauty section this October and exploring more possibilities to include lifestyle and home in the next few months/ years.


They are licensed and registered both in Korea and the Philippines. They deals will be based on your demands and service will be as personal and still be with a touch of an angel ( SMYLEE??) Yeppunonni Korea aim to be like Korea’s top online selling websites. Be efficient and be as quick as a rocket!


Abegail Layosa

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A different kind of wishlist

By on January 13, 2013

I am starting to invest for my cosplaying career. LOL.

But seriously, before, I was really not into makeup but now, it is already part of my window shopping. 😀 And I always check out online shops if there’s a sale that I can afford and I also, I always visit my fashionista blogger friends to see if they are giving away whatever it is that has to do with makeup. Because I’m still just a student and I don’t want to rely on my parents regarding this hobby of mine. It feels awkward to ask my father, “Pa, can you give me money so I can buy eyeshadow?” Hahaha! I don’t know how will he react. As well as my mother who is more thrifty.

photo from

Makeup is not included in my savings yet because I have to provide the costume first of course. That is why I can only dream about them for now. I made a wishlist consisting only of different kinds of makeup that I can use for my cosplay.

I call it, My Makeup Wishlist. LOL

  • eyeshadow palette (the more colors, the merrier!!)
  • false eylashes (if that can be included hihi)
  • matte lipstick
  • white and red eyeliner
  • liquid eyeliner
  • more eyeshadow
  • really mooooore eyeshadow

I just hope I can save enough money soon so I can buy my own makeup kit. Or maybe get some sponsors just like my fellow bloggers. I promise to strive hard to learn how to put makeup on my own if ever my wishes got granted.


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So I tried using liquid eyeliner

By on January 6, 2013

Here’s a random fact: I am 20 and I still do not know how to put makeup on my own.

Girls my age these days seem to have mastered the art of makeup while I, on the other hand am not even able to choose what shade of face powder matches my skin tone. And I don’t actually know if face powders come with different shades, for crying out loud! Gosh. Am I already irritating your eyes with my ignorance? I am sorry.

But seriously, I have no idea when it comes to makeup. What more for eyeliners and all these others beautification thingies that they put on their faces? I don’t have anything against it; in fact, I idolize those who can do it on their own. It’s just that, first; I always had my mother do my makeup when I have to attend special occasions when I was a child (and her makeup means, powder and lipstick, that’s all!), second, I never had the chance to explore any kind of makeup because I didn’t grow up in an environment that requires much of it.

It’s just now that I obliged myself to try putting makeup on myself. Since I decided to cosplay, I figured I have to learn to do it on my own.

mama unveils the new dresser hahaha

 Soon enough, our new vanity mirror arrived last morning and I excitedly tried what my sister’s makeup kit can offer. I found a foundation, liquid eyeliner and a red lipstick. Applying foundation is as easy as 1,2,3 hahaha and I’ve been using lipstick these past few months so I didn’t encounter much problem with that (I mean, nobody ever does, right?). But all is said and done; I was left with the liquid eyeliner. I tried my best to stop my eyelids from moving and my hands from shaking but ended up with almost zigzag lines in my eyelids. In short, I failed big time!


I just hope online tutorials can help me with this. Lol.

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