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Join Partipost and earn GCash this Christmas!

Social media app Partipost partners with Gcash for an exciting Christmas campaign. Nano-influencers, micro-bloggers, hobbyist or anyone who enjoys sharing contents to their followers can try this out. Get a chance to earn as much as 1,300PHP when you join Partipost which is downloadable via Google Play Store and AppStore. You can also download the app thru this link: To register for this campaign, look for the “[Interest] Ready ka na bang mangaroling? It’s

World Savings Day 2021: Ways to start or improve your savings

World Savings Day usually falls on the 30th of October and has since been observed by actively encouraging more people to start saving. While Halloween gets majority of the attention during this timeframe, savings banks would work with schools, corporations and/or different associations in spreading the idea and importance of saving. Steadily, the practice has grown since its first establishment way back 1934 during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress. Not gonna lie, I just

OKADA Manila’s Hope In Full Bloom

It’s no doubt that Japan has the most beautiful sceneries especially during spring season, no, actually every season in Japan has its own beauty. And by this time, if only things were the same back then, most of us would have been posing under cherry blossom trees there. With the Japan tomi8urism being more welcoming to tourists, I can only imagine the Instagram feed of many Filipinos who might be able to visit the said

Lifestyle Diaries: #LolaCares

Compared to last year, more people are allowed to go outside now. People need to go to work, people need to provide for their needs. With this, a simple effort of making sure we feel well especially after going outside is just as important as staying inside. After a long day’s work, a dose of Lola Remedios Food Supplement Syrup can ease the heavy feeling and body malaise. One sachet is filled with all-natural ingredients

Zilingo announces a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (South Asia) to launch MARVEL, Disney and Star Wars-themed fashion and lifestyle collections

E-commerce platform Zilingo today announced a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (South Asia) to develop and retail over 20 collections comprising more than 500 products inspired by beloved stories and characters from MARVEL, Disney and Star Wars. “This collaboration is particularly personal for me. I think it is safe to say that almost everyone grew up looking up to MARVEL Super Heroes and I am a big fan myself. The journey of a hero

Celebrating Five Years of Fun at Citadines Salcedo Makati

MANILA, Philippines, 07 May 2019 – Citadines Salcedo Makati, the first Citadines property in the Philippines, is celebrating its 5th Anniversary on May 2019. This month marked the launch of a month-long celebration of five years of fun. “Since its opening five years ago, Citadines Salcedo Makati has established a new kind of unparalleled service in Makati. Our guests keep returning not only because of the facilities we have, but because of the bond we

Robinsons Kidz Club Fair brings a world of learning and fun for kids at Robinsons Townville

Play, learn and having fun are just some of the things that kids can expect from the first Robinsons Kidz Club Fair happening across the Robinsons Townville malls for the whole month of March. Robinsons Kidz Club is the membership club of the Robinsons Townville malls for kids 3 to 12 years old. Members get exclusive access to the various kiddie events of Robinsons Townville including the Robinsons Kidz Club Fair, and a free birthday

5 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Yourself a BDJ Planner

It was late January of 2016 when I first bought my own BDJ planner. I was simply interested with the coupons that went with it never knowing that my 2016 was into something better. Hence, I decided to get myself one again this year. To experience the benefits of having a BDJ Power Planner, though a little bit later than before, I decided to be a Bella again this year. It’s already a couple of

Crochet-lover mom clothes her daugter with cute costumes

Trisha, owner of Pink Paradise blog is a very proud mom to cute baby girl Cless. A quick look on her blog strongly suggests that you prepare yourself for possible kawaii-ness overdosage. [kawaii = cute] She is happily married and is a full-time mom now. But with a lot of hobbies. ^_^ I guess you just really can’t take away art in an artist’s heart. That’s why she still manages to explore yet another hobby

Korean Cosmetics Overload

Generous is an understatement for the loots that I received as VIP Editor for the launch of Korean Beauty website at Berjaya Hotel in Makati last October 29, 2016. I can totally skip my usual makeup store visit/window shopping for an entire year for the items that I got just by attending the event. For an average makeup person like me, that is. These are the items that I got. Hush… it’s okay, I’m envious