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LDF Musings: PH to JP

By on October 11, 2016

Fangirling lead us to each other during our college days. Willing rivals turned sisters from different parents. It wasn’t at all hard being friends with someone as nice as Charmaine though. And I’m thankful that despite us both being introverts, we managed to click and be each other’s extrovert.

We met and built our friendship here in the Philippines but Charmaine is in Japan right now so we sort of call what we have as LDF, short for Long Distance Frienship. Hehe.

I am starting my LDF Musings portion here in my blog because we’ve been apart for too long but I realized we got closer this time because we get to talk about more mature matters online. I want to share here some things that I know can help not just me but also other people who experience the same circumstances as me and Charmaine. Hoping that the both of us can learn through the process as well.

Charmaine will be staying in Japan until 2018 so here’s to more self-improvement from PH to JP through LDF Musings! 🙂

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