Japan Diaries

Things I miss in Japan: Clothes

One thing I admire about Japan, is their wide acceptance to fashion. Whatever the weather may be, people still enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves through their fashion style. I am not much of a fashionista but I always choose where I am most comfortable wearing. Living in Japan, I never thought I could explore clothing as much as I did there. Below are a few: Sakura viewing in Ueno Park (Tokyo) I was on

Japan Diaries: Kaomoji

Kaomoji comes from two Japanese words kao (顔) which means “face” and moji (文字) which means text as in keyboard characters. Basically, kaomiji is the emoticon we use for texting —only cuter. I used to wonder how these kaomoji’s are inserted to messages or Facebook status and whatnot, I thought, “Do these people type the characters one by one??” To that, I was really amazed and I also wanted to be able to use some. In

Life in Niigata: First day

A year ago today, there were tears in my eyes. As I bid goodbye to my home in Tokyo, my feelings heavier than the luggage I’m dragging to the nearest train station, I thought of the happy times and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities this chance to live in Japan gave me. I kept on remembering the carefree days while instructing myself to start to accept that I’ve had so many precious moments here and today is


I haven’t written in ages since arriving here in Japan so “Ohisashiburi!” It is a Japanese phrase meaning “Long time no see,” in English. Or should I say, “Gobusatadesu!” It means, “Sorry I haven’t written to you for a long time.” But I am no Nihongo sensei so let us stop at that. Now what to say, I am writing at random now because I just chance upon my housemate’s laptop and thought I should

Almost 2 months here in Japan and I still can not believe that I am actually here. Japan life is very convenient compared to my life in the Philippines but I still miss my home and the people I used to always be with. Cosplay conventions, jamming over electro voice at musiciansfriend.com, food tripping or simply just strolling around with my best friends. I really miss them a lot.

Finding refuge in music

It has been two weeks since I came here in Japan. While the excitement is still there, I can not hide the fact that I miss my family and friends in the Philippines so much. As form of enjoyment, I listen to Filipino music from time to time but without forgetting to learn Nihongo as well. Music does magic and it gives me a sense of being at home somehow. At times, I would browse