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By on December 17, 2012

Insomnia finally gave me something better to do aside form fangirling and creating a hole in my pillow using my head. Since this laptop was reformatted due to a very risky virus that caused the device to shut down randomly by itself, this time, I decided to install a page rank checker tool in our engine that I used to have before the reformation happened.

To my surprise, the one that I installed is better than the previous PR checker tool because it shows the Alexa Rank as well and the backlinks. And even though I am not an SEO expert, I still care about my pages’ standing on the internet. I have been maintaining this blog for almost two years and I am proud to say that this gave me a lot of benefits already that’s why I am trying my best to improve its ranking.

prc tool

Curious, I Googled about this Alexa rank that my newly-installed tool shows. My friend already explained this to me but this time, I decided to read for more articles regarding Alexa and all the blogs that I visited gave the same thought about what Alexa rank is all about. It gives an analysis of the website’s traffic and page views within a span of time.  And because I am not striving to be an SEO expert, just knowing about what it can do to my blog is already okay to me.

Blogging indeed isn’t that easy as everybody else thinks. You need to pour time and effort if you really want your website to be on the top of the ranks. It takes time of course.

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By on August 3, 2012

Just an unpopular fact about me: I am a Potterhead – or what others things Harry Potter lovers are called. Either way, my love for Harry Potter prevails.

I have read the seven books but haven’t watched all the movies. I guess, I’m really just the reading type and perhaps because I really find it hard to understand English movies then what more if the characters speak in such an accent. I don’t have anything against the movies and I would love to watch them all if given a chance. It’s just that the Harry Potter books are so awesome already I cannot contain any more awesomeness yet.

An English project led me to engaging myself with this book that all the smart girls at school that time were talking about. Feeling more forced than interested, I started reading whatever Harry Potter book is available so I can start with my book report and get over it fast. I was lucky that another HP fan was my friend that time and so she lent me the only book which was not borrowed yet, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Yes, I started reading the Harry Potter series from the 5th book. Loving the story, I borrowed the remaining books from Mira and finished it some time during highschool. With enough knowledge about the books and some insights about the movies, I decided to join a community of Harry Potter fans to further enhance my familiarity with that phenomenal story.

I met a lot of HP fans and discovered that what I regard as my fluency in Harry Potter isn’t that fluent at all. I still have a lot of growing up to do, as they say.

Until JK Rowling –the author of the Harry Potter series—launched a bigger community that caters to all the Potterheads in the world which she called the Pottermore. I admit that I have more fandoms that the greatest fangirl in the world could ever think of that’s why at some time, I forgot about joining but still, I made an account and there I became BloodRain2398.


I am still exploring Pottermore so anyone out there can add me up and teach me maybe? LOL

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Cover photo weakling

By on May 20, 2012

Facebook said that my Timeline will be published on May 18 and May 18 it was.

I logged in to my Facebook account, viewed my profile and stared blankly at my poor Timeline. Facebook still asks me to add a cover photo but I don’t have the interest to do so. I feel like once I have added one, I’ll be supporting the very thing that I dislike. But since I cannot alter my Facebook’s fate nor can I afford to deactivate it, I tried to add a cover photo on one of the pages that I own: ChaClaBeRi.

It just a simple like page where I and my three bestbestbestbest friends post updates about each other whenever possible so I figured nobody would notice me practicing the very hard job there.

Here’s the photo that I am planning to make as the cover of the page’s Timeline:

I uploaded this photo from my computer and saved the changes that I made thinking that the action is not at all that hard. I feel like a boss as I refresh the page and reality strike like a bullet when I saw that what appeared to be just a blank space was really the top part of the photo. All the time I thought it was just loading and I waited patiently. To think that I’ve been staring on the actual cover photo published to the world wide web.

Hurriedly, I repeated the process and there I saw something, an instruction that I ignored because of my excitement. I found out that I have to drag the photo to make it look how I want it. hahahaha!

And then finally, I made it:


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Cover photo

By on May 16, 2012

It is chosen.

Facebook finally have tracked my profile and saw it not using the Timeline yet and since I cannot change the fate of my Facebook profile anymore, I’ll have to think of what cover photo to use from now on because on May 18, the forced Timeline will be published.

I am thinking of putting Kimi Ni Todoke as my cover photo but I want Owl City and Super Junior. I am torn between my crushes. Facebook why are you doing this to me? I just want a peaceful, less stressful internet life with my old , simple profile. WHHHYYYY??

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SRSLY, Facebook?

By on May 13, 2012

Why does Facebook have to always impose that Timeline thingy to everyone who doesn’t want it? We’re okay with the simple profile, why alter it over and over again? They could have just updated everybody’s profile if in the end they will be forcing us to use that Timeline. Leaving us with the old profile is like giving us the chance to choose what we really want. I just don’t understand the purpose of letting us have a choice if sooner they will force us to do what they want?

I don’t like the new Facebook Timeline because I find it hard to navigate in there. The bullets or whatever they call it distracts me. The posts seem to be repeating also and i easily get irritated with  that. I also don’t want every photo tagged to me be spread all over my profile especially that the photos are not thumbnails but large ones.

Maybe I’ll just search and install some extension that’s scattered out there to at least return to my old Facebook once that timeline of mine has been obligatorily published.

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Peggle Deluxe 1.0

By on December 30, 2011

Father just bought us a new CPU for our retarded PC because he doesn’t like it much when I am always borrowing SM’s laptop. From what I can remember, it’s just a Pentium4 with 512mb RAM, I really don’t know anything about these so please bear with me. All I know that it’s memory is not that high. So it’s main use will just be for school purposes only because the memory is not enough for extra miscellaneous things considering that AutoCAD, STAAD and Google SketchUp alone require a higher memory but it’s okay. It’s better than none.

But no PC is complete without games and I have a little sister who will be benefitting from it too so I decided to install some. I asked my classmate Donna for copies of their games and luckily, I got some very enjoyable ones and this Peggle Delixe 1.0 is the one that stood out.

And oh by the way, you might notice that there's an owl in there so it's easier for me to get hook in this game. Hehe!

It is a strategy game which you have to clear out all the orange pegs. Pegs are small balls scattered in the game area and there are four colors of pegs.
Orange- the targets. You have to “clear out” these pegs to be able to proceed to the next level
Blue- thsese are just ordinary pegs. You can leave them untouched because your priority are the orange pegs but hitting them still adds to your score.
Pink- point boost peg.
Green- special peg. These pegs possess different powers depending on the character that you are using.

Your character changes depending on the level. 🙂

I enjoy playing it so much. This game is very challenging and the sounds will really make the player more eager in hitting the pegs. I even got an “ULTRA EXTREME FEVER” when I cleared out all the pegs in one of my stages. It’s a very fulfilling moment. Haha!


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Aside from those funny GIFs, what now?

By on September 2, 2011

My endless search for OWL CITY LIVE IN MANILA CONCERT TICKETS has turned from endless to hopeless.

I feel like crying right now, even breaking down. I know this is insane and all but I’ve already had my mind set that I will be watching Adam Young (Owl City) perform live on October 26, 2011 seated on a VIP seat but now, it turned out just a mindless dream.

parang si John Lloyd... hayyyy. tinatago ang kalungkutang nadarama..

To tell it honestly, I started blogging in the hope of gaining money to be able to buy the things that I want, luckily I’ve gained a couple of bucks already and for me, I can buy some stuff that I want with the money still in my Paypal even though I never got online tasks already, what I earned was already enough. Until, unfortunately, the concert date came. I was just so excited the moment I knew that he will be coming in the Philippines but then saddened as I count the money I had saved. I wanted to buy VIP tickets but I don’t have enough moolah to do so.

But then, I was still determined to buy the VIP tix so I joined tons of online contests, majority of them are “cash” giveaways. Then another agonizing truth came to me — I never won any of them. 🙁

So now, I’m clueless. What would I do now? My online friends are about to buy their tickets and we already planned to watch together but how in the world will  be able to go with them if i don’t have the concert ticket the same as theirs?

I know other people will regard me as a crazy fangirl and will think that I am obsessed but to tell you the truth, I’ve never watched any concert before. Well, any paid concerts. This will be the first, if ever. And I really find Adam Young amazing that  don’t want to miss the chance of seeing him. No! I can’t even think about it. I’m really about to cry right now.

selena feels me...

Pardon me for being so emotional but this is just the truth.

What now?

Can anybody out there help me? Please. Donate to my paypal or whatever! I’m serious, feel free to send me emails or tweets. I’ll be the happiest person on Earth if this dream won’t turn into dust. I’ll be leaving my Paypal and twitter, Okay?


Twitter: abbegaill

whoever you are.. who will be willing to help me.

Oh, BTW, My family won’t support me either. LUCKY ME!

Para akong surot, siksik nang siksik. Hindi na nga kasi pwede. hay!

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How does Professional Indemnity Insurance work?

By on August 16, 2011

To many professionals, the risk of being sued by their clients is always a threat in their career. There will always come a time that a client will not be satisfied with the service that they’ve rendered. Good thing there’s Professional Indemnity Insurance. But what really is Professional Indemnity Insurance? Here, take a look at professional indemnity insurance explained to know more about this insurance.

This is very helpful and it explained the insurance very clearly because this is a serious matter.

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Adorable glitter graphics!!

By on August 1, 2011

Aaaaaaaa!!! I’m not that much fan of a kawaii stuff but as I am browsing for dividers for my new Tumblr account I was surprise to see these cute graphics. They’re too lovable I have to share it here.

 They’re cute, aren’t they? I wish I could make my own glitter graphics too. Help me please!


CREDIT goes to Check out this site and get mesmerized with all the glittery stuff. 🙂 I love eeeeeeetttttt!!!!!

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5 wonders of the internet in 2011

By on July 29, 2011

The internet has been radically changing the way we live our lives ever since its conception over two decades ago. And it’s still got a long way to go, pervading further and further into our daily routines with each development and embellishment. Some are wary of this craze, stating that this reliance on our new online world is unhealthy because it separates people from each other and from reality. However, I have long disagreed with this point of view. The internet is simply a way to expand our existence, helping us to manage all areas of our lives much more efficiently. Here are just five of the many life activities that the internet provides an enhancing platform for…



Social networks, messaging services, gaming, forums and many other online spaces have meant that people have so many more avenues for meeting each other. This has most particularly influenced the dating world and how we meet potential partners. There are now thousands of online dating sites where people find love, from Christian dating sites to single parent dating sites. Meeting people is no longer dependent on chance: it’s a certainty as long as you log on to the right places. 


The multitude of online tools has also meant that communicating and keeping in touch with people is a lot easier and a lot cheaper. Facebook, MSN Messenger, Skype and Google+ are just a few channels people can use to type, chat and have video conferences with others. As a result, people are easier to get hold of and maintain close relationships with, even if they live on the other side of the world. 


The internet is now also the main way people find and share information. This can be through retweeting a celebrity quote on Twitter, posting a music video on Facebook, or putting up your photos on Flickr and inviting your friends to see them. People are therefore kept up to date with all the latest personal and worldly news.


Email calendars accessible from your phone, Facebook groups and events, and various other smartphone applications make the old stresses of everyday life no hassle at all. No longer do we need to bother with train timetables and ordinance survey maps – information is available instantly to help us manage our everyday arrangements.


The revolution for blogging has meant that people have been encouraged to create something for themselves online, and some of the results have been truly wonderful. Just by scrolling through a blog host, you’ll see people sharing recipes, poems, plays, photos and much more from their various worlds. The internet has become a place to create and to display your work for other’s comment.


From UK dating sites to blogs about cooking, the internet really is opening up and enhancing the way everyone lives. And who knows where it could go from here…

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