Someday maybe…

By on December 19, 2013

Never have I thought I would engage to a last-minute Christmas shopping ever. But this year, I didn’t just do a simple gift rushing but I risked myself into facing a battlefield which is Divisoria. If you haven’t been to Divisoria during Christmas season yet but have riden the MRT during rush hour, multiply the volume of people by four of five, imagine lots of shinanigans everywhere and you’re close to what it looks like. 😀
I always used to buy gifts there when I was still broke and jobless because you know, during those times, I believed I can make everybody happy with my 500 pesos. Now that somehow, I am already earning, I wanted to give them more. And yet, I still shop at Divi. Maybe it’s just a hard habit to break. My budget changed though. Dramatically if I may say.. 🙂
But still I envy those who can spend lots of money to be able to make other people happy. Those who can afford buy b.c. rich bass guitar for example. I want to be able to give my loved ones the very gifts that they wish for no matter how expensive or how hard it is to find. I just love seeing happy faces and thankful smiles. 🙂
Someday maybe…

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Kris Kringle: What I gave

By on December 28, 2012

Hohoho! Christmas day just passed and this only means… parties everywhere! And because most of the students in our class will be graduating by the end of this semester, our class president organized an exchange gift that is never been done by our section (basically because we rarely had Christmas parties before).

So for our last Christmas party together as students, we had a kris kringle in which the theme changes every week. We got to pick different people to give a gift to in each week as well. One rule is that our monitor/monita shouldn’t be able to guess who the gift came from.

First Week:  something long and colorful

Price: 20php

My monito is Arvin. It’s really very hard to think of a gift for a guy. What more if you are restrained by a requirement, right? But still, I tried my best to give him something that is far from the usual long and colorful thing like ID lace, shoe lace, bracelet etc. because I want my gift to be memorable.

I found this item in Vente that is long, useful and cute but not that colorful at all. But I am running out of time so I already bought it with some plans on my mind. On my way home, I stopped by a school supplies shop and bought different-colored ribbons. At home, I asked the assistance of my mom in wrapping the handle of the pang-kamot with the ribbons that I bought and then wolla! I have a long and colorful gift for Arvin. Yay!

pang kamot hehe

Second Week: something missing

Price: 25php

Again, I picked a name of a guy so I have to exert more effort in searching for a gift for him. Plus, the theme is so hard to comply with. Our president said that the “something missing” means we have to give something that our monito doesn’t have yet. We are not that close so I don’t have any idea what he does or doesn’t have so I settled with a challenging puzzle instead and explained in a letter that he’s already so smart that he needs more challenge this time. Hehe.

Our president said that we should just use white bond paper in wrapping our gifts but just as I wanted my first gift to be memorable, I exerted effort in the second one as well. I wrapped it up polo-style with a neck tie. I got caught during this week because I’m very excited to see Dennis’ reaction in opening my gift that’s why I watched him open it which made it seem very obvious that the gift was from me which is supposed to be a secret until the final week. No regrets though, I’m happy he liked it.


Third Week: something that reminds you of that person

Price: 30php

Sad to say, I failed to look for a memorable gift this time because we are so busy with other things. But since they are graduating already, I gave my monito a clay pen which design is a graduate boy. That’s it.

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15 days!

By on December 10, 2012

If Christmas was tangible, we can touch it already. It’s here. Well, almost. Because in 15 days, we’ll be celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth. Along with that celebration, of course, are yummy food, carolers, fireworks and who would ever forget the gifts! It has become a tradition in our family to give simple gifts to each other and since I wasn’t able to save enough for this year, I’d be giving them the ones that for me, they can use for a long time. I’m thinking of giving my father one of these leather wallets because even his cpin purse is breaking already. Good thing the price of one is within my budget. How about you? What are your gift ideas? 🙂

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For mom

By on May 13, 2012

I want to win Cutey’s Bracelets because I want to have something to give to my mom for Mother’s Day. Personally, I want their bracelets because those are so cute and stylish but my mom very rarely accessorize so I think it’s time for her to do so. It’ll also have a dual purpose for her birthday is coming up and I am sure that she’ll be happy if she receives those cute bracelets.

I already checked out their website and I have a hard time deciding on what four bracelets to choose if ever I win because all of the bracelets are so beautiful. I am lowering my expectations but I am hoping that I’ll be able to give my mom a memorable gift such as those charming bracelets. *fingers crossed*

Thanks to for this chance.  🙂

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What to give? WHAT TO GIVE?

By on

So many occasions are happening this month. Graduation, mother’s day, my sis’ birthday. No matter how hard I wanted to give them a memorable gift, the lack of time and idea hinders me. I am thinking of something personalized but still affordable. Since customized shirts are too mainstream already, I thought of other things aside from that. And then I came across this site that offers personalized gifts for all occasions! Just in time for my wandering. 🙂

They’ve got everything from flowers that are perfect for Mother’s Day to graduation bracelets fit for fresh grads out there. I can’t even decide what to choose so I might need your help. Why don’t you check out site to see for yourself.

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Some stuff

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My younger sister has been constantly receiving birthday invitations this month and it’s a big burden for our mother to think of what gift to give the celebrants since we lack the money right now. But still, thank God, mom is able to provide some stuff for the children whose birthday will be attended by my younger sis. I see some toys, both educational and entertaining.

One of the toys there that I saw is the yoyo. I guess it will be given to an older boy because kids cannot play with that yet. Especially if it is a dark magic yoyo. It takes a lot of practice, patience and strings to be able to work with that toy properly.

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I am happy that you’re happy

By on May 8, 2012

In our life, there’s always this one person who never fails to put a smile on our faces. That someone who even though suffers his/her own problems, still finds time to cheer you up and give you a pat on the back as if saying, “You’re too beautiful to frown.” Somebody whose smile is so contagious you’ll catch yourself smiling just by seeing them. We call them our friends.

Returning the favor comes in different forms, as for me, I lack the material resources that’s why whenever I get the chance to give something to my very dear best friend, I make sure she’ll be happy. And so came one of the most special day for me and my bestfriend. I tried my hardest to save some cash and eventually ended up with a backpack bag which she had been eyeing on since the day we saw it at the mall.

It’s hard to make surprises when you’re always with the one you’re going to surprise so even before the day came, I already kissed my savings good-bye for I know that I will be facing so many expenditures along the process. And as I expected, performing the task is as hard as planning it.

I made a quota of lies during the days when we were going to meet and I was buying the gift. Thanks to my friend Glenn for accompanying me at the mall and bringing home the bag so as not to spoil the surprise. The gift wrapping department was composed of my OJT-mates headed by Clarence and the rest, money made possible.

When the DAY came, I went home bringing the large paper bag with the gift positioned it on the bed with the two babies guarding it and hurriedly went back to our meeting place. Dad almost spoiled the moment when he refused to allow me to go back but I insisted that the surprise will be wasted and so he just slept.

Little babies guarded the gift for Ate Bea 🙂

I went home with her as if nothing happened and purposely let her go up first. And there on the bed she saw a large black box with a violet ribbon and a small card that says, “Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation!” I won’t forget the smile in her face. She wanted the bag so bad but she didn’t expect that I’ll be the on to give her that. I just love the appreciation evident on her face. It made me feel fulfilled as if I am the one who got a present.

I love her and I will do all I can to make her happy. 🙂


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An Early Birthday Gift

By on March 25, 2012

I will be celebrating my 20th birthday on March 27! And as my Birthday Countdown widget confirms, two days from now, I will turn 20. Yay!

Birthday Countdown Widget 🙂

I have always been excited for my birthday though I don’t actually hold parties or any kind of  “celebration”. I would love to but if there’s none, it’s fine with me. What excites me the most are the greetings from people especially from those whom I never expected to know my special day. I also love receiving gifts and surprises but as I have said, I don’t look forward to those much because I know that the people around me have more important things to prioritize than my birthday. So yeah, I am very excited deep inside but I try my very best not to show it because man, I am turning 20! Birthdays parties are for seven year olds only. Hahaha. Just kidding. Of course everyone deserves a birthday party whichever way they want.

Speaking of gifts, I can say that I am lucky this year for having a friend like Mahj (yeah the one who gave me an extra THG ticket, she’s so nice). Because just as we are taking photos of each other during the The Hunger Games screening, she gave me an early birthday gift! As usual, I almost cried over it but managed just to smile from ear-to-ear as she took out a pair of cellphone charms with owl designs and gave it to me!

I just love owl stuff. They make me joyful.

“Oh, regalo ko sa’yo!” she mentioned. Of course I knew it. If it has owls then it’s mine. I don’t know why but she never really bothered wrapping gifts that’s why the sense of surprise lasted for milliseconds only but the gratitude will stay forever.

Thanks Mahj!

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