Mother’s Day Surprise through Send A Shakey’s

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate the love and sacrifices of mothers, motherhood and maternal bands around the world.
Each one of us have our own super wo-Mom, the one who carried us in her womb, gave birth to us after nine months, played with us, fought with us and raised us to be the best version of ourselves. Every year on the second Sunday of May, we honor and say thank you to our super wo-Mom whose unconditional love we can’t even fathom and whose strength is totally undeniable.

What are your plans to surprise Mom this year besides the traditional flowers and cakes?

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So ready to shake up the surprise for your super wo-Mam? Visit now and plan an unexpected, easy and convenient way of honoring your Mom through Send-A-Shakey’s!
Happy Mother’s Day!

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Most favorite dish

Most birthday parties aren’t complete without spaghetti, pansit, cake and ice cream. Call it unusual but mine will be okay when my most favorite dish is present. Yes, even without the cake and ice cream! Just put bopis on the table and my day is complete. It’s not my birthday yet, I just remembered how I always request for bopis whenever they’ll ask me on what do I want to eat on my birthday. Bopis, always.

Yesterday, I was awakened by a very familiar smell coming from the kitchen and I knew, the moment I stepped near the dining table that my day is going to be very awesome because of our viand. I don’t know why my mom cooked bopis on an ordinary day but there’s no point asking so I hurriedly sat down and savored y favorite dish.

Aside from the usual adobo and sinigang, I believe bopis is one of the Filipino dishes that also deserves an equal amount of appreciation. Haha! If you want to learn how to cook bopis, watch this video:


Mama’s Bukayo

I remember when Bea was still staying here, she often says that my mom’s cooking is way better than hers. I have tasted her mom’s dishes and I can say, they were fine. Too bad she’s not here now to taste yet another yummy dessert that my mother made.

Whenever I am coming home late from school, I don’t usually eat anymore at home for I am too tired to do so. But one time, when I got home from thesis-making, I was so exhausted that I just sat down on the chair nearest our door upon entering it. I saw covered plates on the table but didn’t bother checking on them because I wasn’t planning to eat at all. Thank God, my instinct made me get up and lift one of the covers in the table and there I saw worm-like thingy on a bowl. I remembered back then that my father just came form the province and he went home with a bunch of coconut and my mother made bukayo out of those.

I didn’t eat rice but this one, I never let pass. I have learned to love eating sweets because of L. Lawliet. I wonder if he likes this? Or has he even tasted one? Oh well, here’s for your… say “Aaaaaah!”

Sorry but I don’t know what is bukayo in English and I am too lazy to Google it. But basically, it is sweetened coconut strips. LOL

I should make a food blog

It’s August!

In a few days, Christmas decors will be out from the storage for people will start to get busy decorating their homes for the -ber months. Christmas celebration here in the Philippines is indeed one of the happiest celebrations in the world. With all these yummy food, happy songs and most of all, family gatherings.

I love food that’s why I always look forward to birthday celebrations and parties. I swear I let no food untasted whenever I go to parties. I don’t know, I am and will always be delighted whenever different foods and the-like of Rapids Wholesale catering equipment are on sight. 🙂

Mom does it best

My family is not rich. In fact, sometimes we settle with what’s left from last night’s food. That’s why whenever I go to parties, I always look forward to the food. Hehe!

But no party can replace what my mom can offer. She can turn a simple rice into something better than your favorite restaurant’s fried rice with a little amount of meat and onion leaves.

And today, just to brag it all out, I savored the lumpia that actually was our yesterday’s ulam. Haha! Paired with ginataang langka. Yes, my mom does it best!