Zilingo announces a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (South Asia) to launch MARVEL, Disney and Star Wars-themed fashion and lifestyle collections

E-commerce platform Zilingo today announced a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (South Asia) to develop and retail over 20 collections comprising more than 500 products inspired by beloved stories and characters from MARVEL, Disney and Star Wars.

“This collaboration is particularly personal for me. I think it is safe to say that almost everyone grew up looking up to MARVEL Super Heroes and I am a big fan myself. The journey of a hero is all about overcoming challenges and conquering your fears and when we met the Disney team, we instantly connected on our shared values of courage and hope. We could immediately envision what we wanted to do with Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame and other properties. Over the next few quarters, we hope to bring inspired collections to customers across Asia,” said Ankiti Bose, Co-founder and CEO, Zilingo.

“We are focused on developing exceptional products for Disney, MARVEL, Pixar and Star Wars fans with partners who share our values and high expectations on quality and experience. Working with Zilingo, we are bringing high quality products with an amazing design aesthetic to fans and consumers in Southeast Asia and India,” said Dan Dossa, Vice President & General Manager, Consumer Products Commercialization, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, India, Middle East and North Africa.

The first collection of the collaboration, Marvel X Zilingo, launches hot on the heels of the record-breaking Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. The collection is inspired by the edgy styles of 90’s street fashion and the epic stories of fan-favourite Super Heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America and Captain Marvel. It speaks to both fashion lovers and die-hard fans of MARVEL, taking a unique spin on creating a merchandise line that is both wearable and on-trend. The range will feature t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, leggings and joggers.

The Marvel X Zilingo collection is now available on Zilingo (https://zilingo.com/) in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. It will also be available on top e-commerce platforms like Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada across Southeast Asia, and Amazon and Flipkart in India.

In the coming months, fans can also look forward to Aladdin, Frozen 2 and Star Wars-themed collections slated to coincide with Disney’s upcoming cinematic releases, alongside the launch of a Mickey & Friends collection in August. From chic athleisure gear to trendy summer casuals for men and women, to pyjamas, lunchboxes and water bottles for children, these collections will delight Disney fans of all ages.

Each collection will be managed by Zilingo’s private label service; a one-stop technology platform helping brands build their own private labels – from design and manufacturing to logistics, analytics and distribution. Differentiating itself from other marketplaces through its B2B arm which offers brands and media properties access to the entire fashion supply chain from yarn to closet, Zilingo is making its collections easily accessible to over 23% of the global population across five markets in Asia.

The service has been made possible as a result of the company’s swift expansion from its B2C platform to its B2B services, having identified and unlocked value for merchants and manufacturers across the supply chain all over Asia. It extends to businesses globally, regardless of size, that seek access to Asia’s producers who account for US$1.4 trillion of the US$3 trillion global fashion manufacturing market. Zilingo’s presence in Southeast Asia and India allows it to offer a unique online retail experience for Disney fans and fashion-forward consumers at the heart of a region where e-commerce is scaling rapidly, making it Asia’s fastest growing marketplace.

Virtual Makeover

Mehh! Now i want to have red hair.

But honestly, I am an idiot when it comes to fashion or makeup. I mean it. I have always had the same hairstyle since first year college which is actually five years from now. I just can’t let go of this  long black hair  of mine. I’m afraid of the result. I’m not that confident of what will I look like and how will I be able to get by with the new look.

But right now, I really want a red hair. Like I really, really, really do. The only problem left is whether or not it will fit me. I know red hair fit milky-skinned people that’s why I am having doubts because I have a morena type of skin. I tried asking my friends and my sister and they have the same opinions as mine. It’ll really be a big step if I pursue it so I tried consulting virtual hairstylers like Cosmopolitan’s Virtual Makeovers & Hairstyles.

So I tried putting on false eyelashes

Yes. This is still part of my cosplay fever. One of my problems is that I don’t look Japanese at all while most of the anime characters are Japanese. It’ s really hard for me to fit in when it comes to looks but in spirit, I think I can do it. 🙂

Besides, I have started to have faith in makeup ever since I embraced cosplaying. Though I am not used to applying makeup, I have friends who are willing to do mine and to teach me eventually. For our K-on! cosplay preparation, we bought false eyelashes in order to make our eyes look more uhhmm… fabulous? Haha!

And so I tried it and it looked like this on me:

false eyelashes

See? I don’t look anime-ish at all. It’s just the want that drives me into this world. That’s why I love makeups now. They really enhances our facial value though the natural beauty is still best. But in the cosplay world, makeup is a must.

I know I need a lot of experience and practice before I can finally put makeup on my own. Fashion blogs and Youtube tutorials come in handy at moments like this but I am very much willing to learn.

Bow tie baby

My classmates seem to still be having the hang of vacation that’s why instead of doing our thesis, we went to the mall near our school during our long break at school and window shopped there. Our first stop was the BookSale of course. They’re avid fans of Otaku Zine and Otaku Vault that’s why while I, on the other hand, looked for baking books. We also looked for potential cosplay outfits at Sugarfree and Blue. There was this outfit that I liked most. It’s like what Angelina Jolie wore on Tomb Raider but more anime-ish. It’s color combination is red and black and it has a male costume counterpart. Hihi.

bow tie

We last roamed around the department store and finally, I found something to buy. I have always wanted to pair my gray polo shirt with a bow tie but never succeeded in finding a cheap one. Until that day, on the kid’s section, I spotted a bunch of black ribbons hanged on the accessories corner. I tried one and decided to buy it after Ticcle’s advice.

Clip ears!

Honestly, I don’t know how they’re called but since these are hair clips with ears as the design, I decided to call them “clip ears” myself. Haha! We were busy looking for ASCEP Steel Handbook at the second-hand book capital of the Philippines, Recto when our cheap shopaholic radar lead our attention to this sidewalk vendor who sells cute hair accessories.

Before proceeding to Yellowcab to eat, Ticle bought a red hairband for her future cosplaying days and I bought the clip ears for 30 pesos. I still don’t know when to wear these but I have tried these out and good thing it turned out cute on me for the very least. Just like what I’ve said on my previous posts, I am starting to invest on cheap props for now until I can afford to buy the real costumes of the anime characters that I want to portray.

Here is how it looks when worn. Yeah trying so hard.


Crowning glory

Most girls have their hair treated every month or so just to always make it look good. It cannot be helped. Hair is a girl’s crowning glory and taking care of it is a must. Styling and coloring it have become a norm. But taking care of our hair can be as simple as using the right comb or brush for it. Like the ones by mason pearson. They provide fashionable yet versatile hairbrushes suited for our hair to make us look good while taking care of our hair at the same time.

Starting with glasses

Honestly, I’m not that really into fashion. I wear whatever available clothing from our old closet yet I still try to look good at times. Who could take that away from a twenty year old girl like me anyway? Maybe if I have enough money, I can pursue whatever fashion sense that I like but since, I am limited to my everyday allowance, I have no choice but to stick with what we can afford.

I like exploring though. If there’s a new trend, I’ll try to keep up without risking my real personality. I guess that’s what fashion should really be all about — expressing yourself through clothing.

Nowadays, clothes aren’t the only ones being trendy. Hair accessories, make-ups, shoes and other accessories give people a wider choice in fashion. As for me, I suddenly adored eyeglasses. I don’t know but when bunny-eared/hello kitty fashion glasses came into the fashion scene, I honestly wanted to try one out until I discovered these:

Actually, I wanted this kind of glasses even before it became mainstream. It’s just that, I’m really not into fashion that much that’s why I don’t put much effort into things like these until now. The one with the thinner frame is actually Harry Potter’s glasses. Since I started cosplaying already, I figured I have to invest in props such as this. I am starting with the cheap ones and hopefully will get to save enough for the costumes. Praying 24/7 for that. 🙂

Yeah. This is how it looks like when worn. Haha. Marxi personally wanted the thick-framed one. Kids this days. Haha.


SJCon Outfit

It has become my habit to take a photo of myself whenever I’m up to somewhere and find my outfit cute. I know I’m not the only one. Hihi.

Anyway, this was taken last November 3, 2012 when I was about to attend the first ever SJ Convention here in the Philippines.

I am not used to attending events like that that’s why I don’t know what to wear. But since it’s a KPop event, I decided to wear something that somehow looks Korean-ish. Though I’m really not sure if I gave justice to the KFashion. It’s just that, I don’t want to look mediocre for the very reason that I am meeting my new ELFriends. I want to give them a good impression that I am not only nice in text but also in real life. LOL. Plus, I have failed to look “cute” during BigBang’s concert that’s why I am making an effort here because it’s Super Junior!! Yay!

So yeah, for those who are wondering, I bought the dress in a thrift shop in Pateros for 70 pesos. You guys should go there too if you want to buy awesome clothes but don’t want to spend that much because they have tons of unique and expensive-looking dresses that amount to two digits only. 🙂 My shoes are from Natasha. I used to wear that when I was in highschool and it belongs to my younger sister now but you know, I’m le poor sister. Haha. And my bag, though not visible is a gift from my sister which she bought at a tiangge.

Any comments or suggestion on my look? Hihi.

Because I just can’t wait

Death Note has been a very frequent topic in all of my blogs recently because it’s the latest anime and movie that I’ve watched. I don’t fancy movies that much but when I do, I do it fangirl style! Hehe. Anyways, my love for L. Lawliet, one of Death Note’s main character, has reached the point where I think about him all the time and I want to see him wherever I am, which most probably won’t be possible now because classes already started. Good thing that Ate Gel from Hodge Podge was very eager in reminding me of what design I would like to use in my Hodge Podge order.

By the way, Hodge Podge is an online shop where they use bottlecaps in different accessories that they make. They do fridge magnets, keychains and necklaces.  Here’s their Facebook page if you’re curious: Hodge Podge Online Shop 🙂

So after weeks of deciding, I came up with this design for my necklace:

Yes! It’s Matsuken as L!!! Now I can be with him all the time. I can see him whenever I want. Eeeeee~ This Hodge Podge necklace is really cute even if I haven’t seen it personally yet. But I received a text message from Hodge Podge saying that my orders have been shipped already so in the coming days, I’ll be seeing my Lawliet in my necklace. I’m so excited!!! Really! Hahaha!

I also ordered two necklaces for my two bestfriends. It will be a surprise so I can’t tell the design yet. Just in case they’re reading this. Haha!

Hodge Podge is the best!

The underrated piece in men’s formal attire

We had this subject during 4th year called “Construction Project Management” where we were taught on how to — of course — manage a project. Our very creative teacher, Sir Kenneth, came up with the idea of dividing the class into groups which will serve as different contractors of a project which he owns. He acts as the project owner by the way.

I was grouped with my 3rd year classmates and Extreme Development Corporation was born. We were composed of 10 members and each had a position in the company. If I am not mistaken, I was assigned in procurement. I never knew what it was because what I actually mostly did was to edits our company’s “Company Profile” “Mission and Vision” and the Company header.

The girls had the chance to take somehow-formal photos but for the boys, I just tried my best to make them look formal in the only one piece of editable formal attire that I found on the internet. I mirrored the clothes to make it look random and this is how it looked:

Hahaha! I know, it’s very obvious that they were wearing exactly the same clothes well anyways, it’s just for the header but when it comes to actual formal attires that a professional man should wear, the most essential pieces were the coat and tie, polo, slacks and matching shoes. But as I examined some of the professional working men that I see on TV, I can’t help but notice this tiny thing on the edge of their long sleeves that seem to be keeping it from hanging apart.

My curiosity lead me to Google-ing it and I found out that those were cufflinks. And for a clearer explanation about the said object, Wikipedia says that, “A cufflink (also cuff link or cuff-link) is a decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt or blouse.”

Isn’t it amazing? The cuff links? Often unnoticed yet it completes somebody’s formal wear. They even come in different designs and as for my groupmates, I recommend they try to look for suitable Mens Cufflinks if they are planning to actually wear formal attires someday when they become real engineers.