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Fangirl Diaries: SB19 and orchestra

As a self-proclaimed hardcore fangirl, I also admit I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to music technicalities. I remember seeing a meme on Facebook about a set of notes that says, “What an inspirational message.” And when I asked my musically-inclined friend, she said that it only shows the word CABBAGE when you read the notes. I got curious but of course, it would take a lot of time to actually digest everything. I know how to play the guitar though. And that’s the closest I could say to knowing music but apart from that, I am okay

Fangirl Diaries: SB19 WHAT❓ mood film Interpretation

The mood film presented so much depth despite it being a one minute video of random snippets that we may take as representations. The boys aren’t clearly even shown yet it left a great impression to viewers. The tantamount of theories in Twitter can serve as proof. As of this writing, the video is on Youtube #18 trending with 116,928 views from its premiere 21 hours ago. Watch the mood film here: I may be late to the party, but here’s my interpretation to SB19’s mood film for their upcoming comeback consistently called “WHAT❓” By the way, I am writing


A man of few wordsBut your music is dictionaryYour wit’s out-of-this worldIt makes you extraordinary Your smile was a rare sightBut once seen, angels took flightYou turn your flaws into plusIt’s a feat that inspires most of us Chickens,Kitty cats,Vintage tees,And guitarsWe love everything that makes who you are. Used to feel smallBut dreams tallFirst, A’TIN’s hearts,Next the world.Ken Suson, conquer it all. Happy birthday, Ken!

SB19 surprises fans with another ‘first’ project

Following their animated music video for their ballad song, Hanggang sa Huli and a successful full-length online global live concert, PPop superstars SB19 are yet to release another “first” project for their fans this year. An anticipated but puzzling announcement had the fans guessing what could the date 12-18-2020 mean. Far from what most fans claimed it would be —which is a Christmas song— but true to what SB19 has been serving through their entire career, the new project is indeed an unexpected but exciting one. Because this time, they will not (only?) be singing or dancing but SB19 will

Princess diaries: Today I took out my pen and wrote again

I could use a little help because I do not know how to start a blog post anymore. Kidding. But indeed, after ages of not writing, I eventually lost my writing style. It’s sad but it’s also nothing that constant practice can’t salvage. This situation is pretty normal, I guess. Especially to those who really make a living out of writing. There comes a time when after a long rest, our hands will just itch to jot down the words from our heads. Of course, it won’t come out without an inspiration. As for me, I am happy to have

Fangirl Diaries: From a closet fan to a proud A’Tin

Last 2016 po kasi… Haha charot My journey with SB19 began when I first saw their Go Up music video on my recommended in Youtube some time in January this year (2020).I already knew about the group since they’ve been making noise through their recent achievements in music charts but only then did I voluntarily decide to watch them. Since that day of allowing my curiosity get through me, I also unconsciously allowed SB19 to my system. I honestly liked their music and couldn’t deny that they perform so well yet I never considered myself a fan. Maybe because I’ve

Adam Young

is MY INSPIRATION. —————————– Adam Young (born July 5, 1986) is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and the founder of the synthpop band Owl City. He has also fronted numerous other musical projects, including Sky Sailing and Port Blue. Adam Randal Young originally began creating music in his parents’ basement while suffering from insomnia, giving him the inspiration to begin writing his own version of music, while working loading trucks for UPS in Owatonna, Minnesota.Under the name Owl City, he developed a MySpace following and self-released two albums. His second album Maybe I’m Dreaming, released in 2008, reached #20 on

Owl City Live in Manila – May 8, 2015

I was savoring my free Facebook by Globe one morning of February when a familiar Facebook page appeared on my Newsfeed. “Oh hi Adam…” was simply what I said in my head, getting used to seeing updates by Owl City. Only this time, something was different. There were words in that update that rang a thousand bells; words that felt so at home with, near. Few seconds later, it dawned on me. It was like I were Titanic and the news was the iceberg. I saw Manila and May and free and some other words that pertain to Adam Young


I am not really that explore-y when it comes to music. Once I hear a song and I liked it, I’ll try searching for the artist’s  other songs and eventually start to like them all too. I saw my professor post a music video on Facebook. The song’s title is Let Her Go. I thought it was one of Disney’s Frozen soundtrack parody and got curious and checked it out. To my surprise, it was actually a song. A beautiful song. The artist is Passenger. I loved the song Let Her Go because of the emotions in it. That’s what

Sponge Cola Ultrablessed Album Launch

January 31, 2014. SpongeCola ended the month with pure awesomeness. Almost exactly one month ago, I purchased a copy of SpongeCola’s latest album entitled Ultrablessed. It was a very timely event actually for I just quit my job and was almost on the verge of being broke when I found out about the launch.  It was a good thing that the band kept on updating their fans which gave me the chance to save for the launch day. Besides, I really really miss watching them perform live. For 500php, I got Ultrablessed, Maximum Capacity (SC’s first major concert) DVD and