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Fangirl Diaries: SB19 and orchestra

As a self-proclaimed hardcore fangirl, I also admit I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to music technicalities. I remember seeing a meme on Facebook about a set of notes that says, “What an inspirational message.” And when I asked my musically-inclined friend, she said that it only shows the word CABBAGE when you read the notes. I got curious but of course, it would take a lot of time to actually digest everything.

I know how to play the guitar though. And that’s the closest I could say to knowing music but apart from that, I am okay with listening to the by-products of it produced by talented musicians such as my muses, SB19.

SB19 creates their own music and they are very well-known for their flawless harmonization. As a fan, this is where I begin with when introducing SB19 to casuals.

Last August 1st, they held their Back In The Zone (BITZ) online concert which I immediately bought the tickets to. It was online but to me, it felt like actually watching a live event. Especially because I haven’t seen SB19 in person yet, but I really felt emotional while watching them. I really appreciate them and their craft so much! Just as I was recovering from BITZ con, months after, they announced another concert held this October!

Perplexed mostly because I worry if I can afford it after just spending for the previous one but also because of the upcoming concert’s theme. Thru their official social media accounts, they announced Forte: A Pop Orchestra Concert.

SB19 and orchestra? I know their songs are great but an orchestra concert with a boy group is not something that one can think of often. Then I realized, it’s SB19. They really named themselves Soundbreak 19 for a reason. Imagining SB19 songs being played with an orchestra, I immediately thought of Shingeki no Kyojin Live reading and orchestra event that I would often watch. It totally gave a different feel to the music but still sounded great nonetheless, immaculate even. Now, I can’t help but imagine What? by SB19 being played with an orchestra. What? on it’s original version is already a masterpiece of musical diversity to begin with. Sadly, the tracklist was already announced and What? is not included but the other songs included still make this concert a worthy one.

And not only that, this concert also features the world renowned groups and musicians such as 4th Impact, Nicole Pugeda, Isaac Iglesias, and SSC Chamber Choir.

Tickets for Forte: A Pop Orchestra Concert can be bought thru or thru the link below:

Hoping I could gather enough funds for this!

Fangirl Diaries: SB19 WHAT❓ mood film Interpretation

The mood film presented so much depth despite it being a one minute video of random snippets that we may take as representations. The boys aren’t clearly even shown yet it left a great impression to viewers. The tantamount of theories in Twitter can serve as proof. As of this writing, the video is on Youtube #18 trending with 116,928 views from its premiere 21 hours ago.

Watch the mood film here:

I may be late to the party, but here’s my interpretation to SB19’s mood film for their upcoming comeback consistently called “WHAT❓” By the way, I am writing from my A’Tin point of view. From what I know so far about the boys.

This interpretation will be focused on each members’ story and how those relate to the scenes presented in the mood film. Quick disclaimer, I may be wrong in my assumptions on who appeared on which scenes and I’d be glad to be corrected and proven wrong on the actual music video release on March 9. For now, allow me to just willingly squeeze my remaining brain cells to as a way of showing my appreciation to the masterpiece that is the “WHAT❓ Mood Film” by SB19.

Elevator scene – Sejun
He let go of his corporate career to pursue performing. Turned his back to a steady paying job with only a burning passion that shines a bright light through the gaps of any shut doors. Being on a floor level with already a certain number, he decided to go “W“herever his talent can bring him.

Digging on soil – Josh
Looked like he dig something more than he buried it. Talks a lot about his past struggles. Most fans are well-aware that Josh didn’t have it easy growing up, in fact he’s had it way harder. Performing however, has always been his hope and light. He overcame the challenges of his past, took its lessons along and ventured to the path that his heart truly desires.

Sparkling fabric – Stell

Society’s perception of “idols” or pop performers is often “grand” just as the sparkly fabric which covered up the whole screen on the beginning of this scene. With a sharp tool partnered by a careful handling, he broke the stereotype. That tool was his talent and he “tailored” a cape of his own through it. Notice how he wore it inside out, signifying that what’s inside is more important that the grandeur of the façade.

Unsteady steps – Ken
“Chained” to a humble life in the province, he tried to step up but the “steps” weren’t easy as life never was. He ventured to an unfamiliar territory with the T-Square as the only certain thing that he has, the only thing that can somehow give him accurate figures. Just as he clutched to his talent and started performing in the city far from his family yet a step further to his dream.

Chasing – Justin
Dubbed as the “rich kid,” the fancy one who only has a “pretty face”. He shakes the prejudice off without throwing them away. Instead he runs with it towards a more improved him. Taking their previous achievements as “stepping” stones to surpass no one but their old selves. His paces bigger than the previous ones in this one track race that more and more dares to take.

End of interpretation.

These may be just simple interpretations compared to other mind-boggling theories because the boys’ stories has been out there since the beginning but as a fan, I have always used their life lessons as inspiration in living my life, too.

After all, we all know that this mood film is just the tip of the iceberg. With the passion that SB19 has and how the pandemic actually hindered all those to be release, I know for a fact, that now that they are given the chance to finally carry out their plans, they would not dare take it for granted.

If you’re an A’Tin and happen to reach this blog post of mine. Please leave your thoughts! I’d love to hear from my fellow fan. If you’re not an SB19 fan yet but still reach to this point, thank you very much! You might want to consider knowing them, too so I am leaving their social sites below.

Disclaimer on the media used in this blog post:
The photos of each scene mentioned are screencaps from the “WHAT❓ Mood Film” itself. Property of ShowBT Philippines.

The screencaps were used for presentation purposes only and not for any commercial gain.

Fangirl Diaries: A cake for you, Ken Suson

Knowing you fancy cakes so much, I knew I would I want to give you one one day. If fortunate enough, I’d like to give one on your actual birthday. I already knew when, but I was not sure how.

Months of anticipating turned to weeks and I just saw myself ordering a minimalist chocolate cake with a cat design. Bitterly thinking I could eat it anyways if it won’t get to you.

With the littlest of luck, I turned to Twitter and Ken, was I overwhelmed? It came to my rescue weeks before your birthday. The perfect place where I found people who share the same love for you.

A project called 24 CAKES FOR KEN SUSON was formed through the collaboration of different SB19 fanbases within the A’Tin fandom. It is a project dedicated to you. To celebrate your previous birthdays when you lack its very symbol —a cake. I had a tiny glimpse of hope that I might actually be able to fulfill this personal goal of mine. I signed up to the project with the help of my then found A’Tin friends.

I only wanted to show my appreciation to you. For being my inspiration during the tough times. To give back a portion of the happiness that you were able to partake on me. I never knew my simple cake would be a part of something bigger. Just as it should for someone as worthy as you.

I am grateful to be given a part in this birthday project! Here it is, my birthday message and a cake for nine year old Felip Jhon.

These cakes are just symbols of how loved you are. I wish people can be more open to knowing your story and how you made it to where you are now. Years ago, you would celebrate your birthday with pancit canton after playing basketball with your friends. You would be overwhelmed with a simple store-bought cake given to you as a surprise. Now, you have so many people celebrating your birthday from all-over the world.
You deserve all this and more. You deserve all the love, Ken.

I hope you get to use all your blessings for the right things as well.


A man of few words
But your music is dictionary
Your wit’s out-of-this world
It makes you extraordinary

Your smile was a rare sight
But once seen, angels took flight
You turn your flaws into plus
It’s a feat that inspires most of us

Kitty cats,
Vintage tees,
And guitars
We love everything that makes who you are.

Used to feel small
But dreams tall
First, A’TIN’s hearts,
Next the world.
Ken Suson, conquer it all.

Happy birthday, Ken!

SB19 surprises fans with another ‘first’ project

Following their animated music video for their ballad song, Hanggang sa Huli and a successful full-length online global live concert, PPop superstars SB19 are yet to release another “first” project for their fans this year. An anticipated but puzzling announcement had the fans guessing what could the date 12-18-2020 mean.

Far from what most fans claimed it would be —which is a Christmas song— but true to what SB19 has been serving through their entire career, the new project is indeed an unexpected but exciting one. Because this time, they will not (only?) be singing or dancing but SB19 will be acting for a Christmas short film as well!

The official poster revealed that the short film will be starred by SB19 themselves along with Jenny Yeo, a Youtube content creator in the Philippines. Justin’s brother Julian de Dios will be acting as well and another Youtuber, KristyPata.

The short film will premiere on December 18, 2020, Friday.

Original photo used in header from SB19 Official.

Princess diaries: Today I took out my pen and wrote again

I could use a little help because I do not know how to start a blog post anymore. Kidding. But indeed, after ages of not writing, I eventually lost my writing style. It’s sad but it’s also nothing that constant practice can’t salvage.

This situation is pretty normal, I guess. Especially to those who really make a living out of writing. There comes a time when after a long rest, our hands will just itch to jot down the words from our heads. Of course, it won’t come out without an inspiration. As for me, I am happy to have found inspirations that I know can make me write more often again.

This will be a short one for now. Just for the sake of having to start. Also, this blog has been filled with PR posts for quite some time. I am thankful to those who trust me in blogging that I want this blog to be more… than it used to for that “quite some time.”

For now, let me introduce to you, SB19.
My inspiration to go back to the craft I once held dear.

SB19: Filipino idol group spreads P-pop and positivity - Digital Life Asia
Photo from: SB19 Official Instagram

I have been a fan for a few months now and in those few months, I saw my fellow fans dedicate a portion of their daily life to helping SB19 be known more by endorsing their music, bringing their name to brands, mentioning them on SNS for Social Charts. Along with that is SB19 improving their craft even more. Bringing new flavor performance every after performance. I feel inspired by the camaraderie that SB19 and A’Tin (fandom’s name) have created that something in me itched to be productive as well. I can be more that this, too. I can be as dedicated as A’Tin and SB19, too.

I am at work at the moment of writing. It happens more often now. When my urge to write come at the most unexpected times. Only now that I actually, finally let the thoughts transform into written words. Yes, today, after a long time of hiatus, I finally took out my pen and wrote again.

I am trying to come back in blogging again but I have to go for now.

Let me leave this manifestation before I go back to work: THIS BLOG WILL BE MORE THAN WHAT IT USED TO.

Fangirl Diaries: From a closet fan to a proud A’Tin

Last 2016 po kasi… Haha charot

My journey with SB19 began when I first saw their Go Up music video on my recommended in Youtube some time in January this year (2020).
I already knew about the group since they’ve been making noise through their recent achievements in music charts but only then did I voluntarily decide to watch them. Since that day of allowing my curiosity get through me, I also unconsciously allowed SB19 to my system. I honestly liked their music and couldn’t deny that they perform so well yet I never considered myself a fan. Maybe because I’ve seen so many Filipino performers attempt to venture on a KPop-isnpired genre but in my liking, failed big time. Yet Go Up would play on my head for days and I’d sing it every so randomly.

That’s when I knew, SB19 impact on me never left.

Photo credits: ShowBT Entertainment

Due to KPop fan stereotypes though, I remained a closet fan for months. Until Ms. Corona’s reign befell the nation carrying all the inconveniences under her wings. And boom, we were all LOCKED DOWN. With the pending work responsibilities at the back of my head, my family’s health in danger, stress piled up in an instant. That’s when Youtube and Mobile Legends became my therapy. And surprise, surprise! Youtube recommended Go Up again. I remember scrollilng past through it so many times when I can just choose “Not interested” or “Don’t recommend this channel.” But I didn’t…

That time we all have time to do the things we can’t when work and school were top priorities than our health and sanity… I gave in.
I watched Go Up first, as if trying to confirm if I actually am stanning a Filipino boygroup after all the denial and the non-existent cringe. And again, I didn’t hate it. In fact, I started watching their other MV and vlogs as well.

Screencap from SB19 Official Youtube channel

I must say, SB19 vlogs really helped in showcasing what these talented boys have more. Their varying personalities is what I loved most. While TALENT is already written in their forheads, their personalities offstage radiate that combination of jolliness and intellect that successful Filipino entertainers possess. They will keep one entertained simply by struggling to guess a single-word titled song or playing a Lie-detector game and accusing the device itself of lying. Their humor is never forced nor scripted, add to it the awesome output by the video editors. Kudos, SB19 Team!!!!
I can go on and on from here but I suggest you see it for yourself by visiting their Youtube channel.

And so… with their charm and wit that I couldn’t resist, I finally admitted to myself… the SB19 fever finally hit me. The only fever I’d openly accept this quarantine, though. I’d like to say it wasn’t fatal until I came accross Ken’s Location cover and from then on I considered myself as an A’Tin in Ken’s poultry. 🖤

I hope to meet more A’Tin, too! Let’s fangirl together. ^^,

Took me months of LSS-ing on Go Up but yep, proud A’TIn here! Love Goes is now a fave.

Adam Young



Adam Young (born July 5, 1986) is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer and the founder of the synthpop band Owl City. He has also fronted numerous other musical projects, including Sky Sailing and Port Blue.


Adam Randal Young originally began creating music in his parents’ basement while suffering from insomnia, giving him the inspiration to begin writing his own version of music, while working loading trucks for UPS in Owatonna, Minnesota.Under the name Owl City, he developed a MySpace following and self-released two albums. His second album Maybe I’m Dreaming, released in 2008, reached #20 on the Billboard Electronic Albums Chart, despite not having been released by a major record company. His debut album Of June, released the year before, peaked at #16 on the same chart. In 2009, Young signed a deal with the record company Universal Republic. He has stated that he is a committed Christian.

courtesy of


He has captured my heart with his every songs and I can say that I already love him. 🙂


He is also my inspiration in creating a WordPress blog. So yeah, thanks Sir Adam Young.


Official Website

Official Blog

Owl City




This used to be a page on this blog. I decided to just make it a post since I’ll be trying to make this blog more organized with categories and stuff. Still, Adam Young is a great influence for me in writing blogs. I can’t thank God enough for this man’s existence.

Owl City Live in Manila – May 8, 2015

I was savoring my free Facebook by Globe one morning of February when a familiar Facebook page appeared on my Newsfeed. “Oh hi Adam…” was simply what I said in my head, getting used to seeing updates by Owl City. Only this time, something was different. There were words in that update that rang a thousand bells; words that felt so at home with, near. Few seconds later, it dawned on me. It was like I were Titanic and the news was the iceberg.

I saw Manila and May and free and some other words that pertain to Adam Young visiting my country yet again!

Alone on the bus, I was all poker face outside that I became envious of my inner self for being able to jump up and down on an instant trampoline that I don’t know where she got for pure joy. Still trying to be calm, I decided not to share the update yet thinking that it was just a misinformation from the many Owl City pages that I used to follow. Until finally, on all caps, I saw Mother Owl post not exactly the update but the outburst of her emotions upon knowing the news. I understood full well that her post was about Owl City visiting the Philippines finally after years of waiting. And so I believed.

I remember attending Owl City Philippines’ launch of The Midsummer Station a few years back. The event was enjoyable with lots of dancing (Good Time contest), singing (Name the Owl City song contest), Adam standees, CDs and a lot more. I even got a free DVD from the raffle! J And the most memorable part is when Grace (Owl City PH Founder, Mother Owl) told us that they have a surprise for us. It was indeed a surprising moment when we saw Adam on Odyssey’s hanging TV talking to us, his fans from the PHILIPPINES thanking us and stuff and and…  Was I supposed to finish story telling? Well, nevertheless, I don’t think that memory will ever be erased from any Owl City fan here in the Philippines. Adam also promised that he will be visiting us #SOON. A promise we, Filipino Owl City fans held on to until this day that he finally announced the official date.

And so on the 8th of May 2015, Owl City will be having a concert here in the Philippines, Bonifacio Global City to be exact. And if you think that’s all, here’s the catch, the concert is free! I know, asdfghjkldkjsadkashdkjs right!

Happy 5th Anniversary Owl City Philippines!

Add to that Owl City Philippines’ celebration of their 5th year anniversary as well as their all-out efforts in promoting this event. The support level is really high on this fanbase and I am really proud that I am a member of this family. For their anniversary, they are giving away Owl City shirts and CDs which I personally what to have even just one and I’m sharing this to you too so that you can have a chance. Below is the link of the pretty easy anniversary giveaway:

It doesn’t matter how long it took just as long as you continue to inspire people and of course, bring glory to God through your works, our support will always be with you Adam! See you on May 8!


I am not really that explore-y when it comes to music. Once I hear a song and I liked it, I’ll try searching for the artist’s  other songs and eventually start to like them all too.

I saw my professor post a music video on Facebook. The song’s title is Let Her Go. I thought it was one of Disney’s Frozen soundtrack parody and got curious and checked it out. To my surprise, it was actually a song. A beautiful song. The artist is Passenger.

I loved the song Let Her Go because of the emotions in it. That’s what I’ve been looking for in a song. So I searched for the other songs by Passenger and I have never been so right. Hihi. I loved all of them!! Especially Life’s for the Living.

I haven’t checked the information about the artist yet but I already heard some of his songs and I can say that he is really a great artist. His songs are  relate-able and some are funny too. 🙂

I recommended his music to my friends and no doubt, they liked them as well.

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