Keyboard for kids

By on March 2, 2014

I just realized I’ve been writing so much music-related posts lately and this one is an addition to the many. 🙂

But this is no ordinary musical instrument related post. In fact, I personally find this interesting and I would recommend this to moms out there. I have a six month old nephew and he’s already really playful at that age. I suggested to my sister to save on kids keyboard so that when his son gets to the right age, he will have something to play with and eventually love to do.

All moms have good plans for their children. It is best to start nurturing a child’s talent at a young age. Support their hobbies and teach them how to balance their time so that they can learn and play at the same time.

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I just love my little sister

By on June 30, 2013

“Never forget the essence of your spark!” said Taylor Swift on her appearance at Phineas and Ferb years ago.

Taylor Swift is my younger sister’s idol. I am happy that she sees Taylor as an inspiration and from what I can observe, she isn’t interested on the singer’s fast-changing relationship status. Actually I am more relieved than happy because kids her age right now (my younger sister is 9) mostly are highly affected by the social media and they think they are already mature for those kinds of things.

For me, it is important to always have that connection with kids these days. In our family, we are not that open when it comes to personal stuff but I always try to punch in some kind of indirect interrogations regarding her school or what makes her busy with her friends and stuff.

Open communication is an essential tool in one’s relationship. If times are tough and we can’t just be that open to someone, at least give them signs that you are interested and willing to listen to whatever they have to say.

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Another chapter

By on May 5, 2013

My sister just got married and though I try  not to be sad that in time, she’ll be living apart from us, I just can’t. That’s why I am just writing about ot here, because she doesn’t know about this blog. Hehe.

During her wedding day, I was the one who’s taking videos of their vows and I do’s. Honestlty speaking, I cried a lot when she finally said her I do. Oh my. My sister is married now. I want her all the best. She’s really strong and mature but she can be childish sometimes. But I am sure that his husband won’t give up on her. She’s moody but very lovable. And they love each other.

Oh, one day, I’ll sleep alone in the room we used to share while she enjoy and explore the wonders of a married life. Wherever she might be, I’m still here for her. May it be just on our neughborhood or in a parisluxeapt paris luxury apartment rentals. I’ll forever be her secretly supportive younger sister. Ohmy.. tears…. no!

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By on April 6, 2013

at abenson

My sister just got married! the feeling is confusing. I am happy for her, very happy for her but at the same time, there’s a part of me that’s sad. She’s already looking for a place to live apart from us. Maybe that’s what makes me sad. Being away from her. But still, I am happy for her. I even accompanied her in buying a TV and dvd cabinets foe I can’t give her any of those yet. I gave her a couple wedding bear for her wedding instead. 🙂

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By on March 30, 2013

Living with not-so strict parents, it’s not a mystery that I didn’t grow up liking vegetables.  But I don’t take blame unto them. I can still remember how they bribe me with different things just so I’d eat chopseuy but it’s my taste buds that really hate this certain vegies’ sweetness. And as for my younger sister, she eats  almost all kinds vegetables there is. It’s not too late though. My parents can buy healthy eating plate for teens so as I can try my luck in healthy living.

I suggest for parents who have difficult time in letting their children eat vegetables that they try different techniques and not settle for bribery only. Haha. I’m sure the internet has a lot to offer. 🙂

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Late night conversations

By on March 16, 2013

Whenever our father catches me awake late at night, he will either scold me and ask me to go to sleep or we’ll have long talks about anything under the sun. Lately and fortunately, he caught me blogging at around 12am and despite being drunk, he didn’t get that mad at me that time. Maybe because my sister is still awake also, I don’t know.

We talked about so many things. From my sister’s plan of putting up a lugawan to our own dream cars. I mentioned that my dream car is a hammer. I don’t know much about cars though but I am very sure that I want a hammer someday. And probably attach softride bike rack on it because it is also one of my dreams to own a bike. Father said he wanted a big bike. According to him, it is his lifelong dream. deep inside, I wanted to give one to him myself. Things like that help me keep motivated because above everyone else in this world, our parents the ones who exerted most of the efforts into shaping us to what we are today. I want to them everything that they want. Someday.

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Poor yet lucky puppies

By on March 15, 2013

Bella, one of our dogs, just gave birth to six cute puppies but unfortunately, the only girl died. 🙁

The five remaining fragile little puppies are now under their mother’s careful company. They’re all creamy white and so cute that even though I am not that into pets, I can’t help but go “Awwweee..” whenever I see them trying their best to crawl into their mommy. But Bella does something disappointing. I don’t know if she’s just too young that she isn’t comfortable doing it yet but she’s a mother already, she must do it. She must feed her babies.

Marxi feeds the puppies. :)

We feel bad that the puppies aren’t getting the proper nutrition that they need to have and so we tried using alternatives in order to give them what their mother fails to provide. Whenever we hear the puppies crying, my brother will bring Bella outside and my younger sister will bring the little Bellas inside the house where we would feed them with sterilized milk.

It’s such a joy to hear the crying stop the moment they were full and afterwards we’ll watch them fall asleep. 🙂

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New year grill

By on January 8, 2013

Last New Year celebration, my sister and her boyfriend decided to make barbecues. I was very excited then because our Christmas celebration was not that enjoyable. In fact, they all just slept through it. That’s why I am very anticipating this party. Morning of the 31st of December, I discovered that we don’t have a grill! How are we suppose to make barbecue if there’s no barbecue grill?

Hurriedly, I helped my sister look for a grill and luckily, we were able to spot one. Thus, the happy celebration succeeded. 🙂

If you want to find bull grills and not encounter the same fate that we did, you can check out Family Leisure’s website. They have lots to offer there. 🙂

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DISNEY ON ICE Princesses and Heroes

By on December 17, 2012

So eight days to go and it’s Christmas. Luckily, I have managed to buy simple gifts for my parents and siblings. But still, I wanted to give my little sister a special treat this year. Especially that we’ve both been wanting to watch the Disney on Ice performances ever since.

We really, really love the Disney Princesses. We would watch Disney movies repeatedly and not get tired even for a bit and we’ll sing Disney soundtracks like there’s no tomorrow. She’s Ariel and I am Jasmine. Someday, we’ll cosplay them together. Teehee~

I can imagine her reaction if ever we can be able to watch the Disney on Ice this year. Her Christmas earnings can bring her to Smart Araneta but I still, I wanted to treat her this time. In the hope of making her a better little sister. Haha! I can save for the GenAd tickets but I’ll try my best to save for the Patron VIP. I hope my online earnings will come regularly.


Interested? Here’s the ticket price list:

I really do hope we can get to witness this event together. To see Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Tiana in that skating rink would be one of the happiest moments in our lives this year. Wee!

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Guess who just took a bath?

By on November 13, 2012

After a very, very long time, finally, the stuffed toys which I refer to as my babies had an encounter with water and soap already.

Le babies just took a bath! Yay! It’s been so long since they got cleaned. I am very happy that my mother found time to washing them, especially now that David is going home to his rightful owner. Mark has been texting me about David and anytime now, he will get David from here. Sad but I have to accept that indeed, things come and go.

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