Events Diary

Event Review: Ozine Fest 2019 Day 2

April 7, 2019. SM Megamall. Adulting and summer heat lead me to attend in my “tao mode” on this year’s Ozine Fest. Casual, no costume or wig. I just wanted to fangirl and bond with my friends. Arrived around after lunch, I was surprised to see the hallway of the 5th floor teeming with people: cosplayers and congoers alike. I mean, I never thought SM Megamall would allow cosplayers outside the halls anymore at all.

BDJ Passion Series: Girl Empowered

“Woman empowerment” has always been my answer on the suggested topics whenever I get to answer BDJ event surveys. As I was browsing through, a new event announcement appeared and by the title, I knew I have to have myself invited in it. So I did the mechanics on how to get an invite, patiently waited and rejoiced when I received the email to BDJ Passion Series: Girl Empowered. Being the Pasig-RizaI-QC girl that

BDJ Passion Series: Portrait Me Flawless

I was on my usual procrastination phase of the day one Friday afternoon, I know procrastination is not something to be proud of but indeed, blessings come in all forms and in any way possible. Browsing through Belle de Jour Power Planner‘s website, I glanced upon a new event announcement. Reminiscing the fun during my first ever BDJ event attendance (BDJ Woman with Vision), I quickly scanned through the mechanics on how to join. As

Hodge Podge turns 4!

Established March 20, 2012 and already being the first, Hodge Podge stood firm to its claim that they are the ORIGINAL one-stop shop for bottlecap accessories in the Philippines. Now it’s 2016, I was looking back on my blog for my first ever Hodge Podge purchase and I found out that it was the same year as Hodge Podge was founded! Necklaces for me and my friends were my first ever Hodge Podge items. I

Rampage 2015

Rampage is the largest gathering of League of Legends (LoL) gamers and fans in the Philippines. It has been successfully held for four consecutive years! And each year, Rampage events never fail to amaze, entertain and make the participants anticipate for another exciting event the following year. Now, let me share with you my Rampage feels one year ago. (Rampage 2014) Yep. I was a brokenhearted LoL fan last year. I have just started playing

TheNet.Com The Grand Finale

Ever since I learned how to play League of Legends, I keep falling in love  with  it as I gain more experience in game. My Facebook friends can attest to it for I cannot control my excitement whenever I gain a level so I announce it all over Facebook and regret nothing. Though not that skilled yet, I am really proud to be a LoL player. I get inspired watching LoL tournaments on Youtube and

Kris Kringle: What I gave

Hohoho! Christmas day just passed and this only means… parties everywhere! And because most of the students in our class will be graduating by the end of this semester, our class president organized an exchange gift that is never been done by our section (basically because we rarely had Christmas parties before). So for our last Christmas party together as students, we had a kris kringle in which the theme changes every week. We got

Reserve your tickets for the magical night

Riding a bus on my way home from school, I always see these banners of what seem like circus performers. I’ve always been curious about these performers because they seem very light as a feather and looks like flying as they travel from one trapeze to another. I’m always wonder struck as they flew across the stage with almost invisible harnesses. There’s this show that I’ve been seeing on commercials frequently in the past few days and