Events Diary

Event Review: Ozine Fest 2019 Day 2

April 7, 2019. SM Megamall.

Adulting and summer heat lead me to attend in my “tao mode” on this year’s Ozine Fest. Casual, no costume or wig. I just wanted to fangirl and bond with my friends.

Arrived around after lunch, I was surprised to see the hallway of the 5th floor teeming with people: cosplayers and congoers alike. I mean, I never thought SM Megamall would allow cosplayers outside the halls anymore at all. Well, as a congoer, I was happy. Being greeted by Nana (Mobile Legends) upon alighting from the escalator, I knew my fangirl heart will be full that day. We (Kenneth and I) decided to check out more of the cosplayers outside first before entering the hall. And boy, was I delighted. Mobile Legends, Boku no Hero Academia… BAKUGOU oh my god. They were everywhere.

Event Review:
Ozine Fest 2019 Day 2

With my fangilring purpose met from the very start, I thought, “This event will be a good one.”

Now for the event proper.

Ticket price, PhP230, is quite high for a one-hall event. Also, there’s not much going on. The place wasn’t that cramped though, unlike Toycon. Consequently so, the variety of shops was small. I wanted to buy All Might shirts but everything was cliche. I think we’ve roamed like 10x to only see the same merch and the same faces, literally bumping to that same Boku no Hero cosplayer who also seemed to be looking for just anything to buy. Almost all shops sell the same things: button pins, shirts, plushies, same old toys…and more button pins.

Food shops at least offered variety. But SM has food court too so… nothing special with that.

It’s not all disappointment though.

The part that I enjoyed the most is the Anime Karaoke Contest and band performances. Surprisingly but also maybe because I wasn’t cosplaying then so I got to use the time I usually allot to taking photos of my cosplay to actually watch the performances. One girl sang PEACE SIGN. And yes, you’re right. I sang my lungs out from mumbled lyrics in the verses to straight Nihongo in the chorus part. I love Boku no Hero Academia so much!! I hope she won! She really did a wonderful performance. I used to watch band performances too especially when my favorite anime songs are being played but this Ozine Fest 2019 was different, I watched a band perform because one of their members was cosplaying Bakugou Katsuki!! The band is AsianChickenFest and aside form drummer Bakugou, everyone performed with great passion too.

Overall, Ozine Fest 2019 is not that bad of an event for me but also something that isn’t that special. One should not regret not attending but going isn’t that regretful either. Plus, if I were cosplaying that day, I would be glad to be allowed to roam around in my cosplay. I hope they improve on the program next time. For the price of 230php, the attendees deserve something more than that.

BDJ Passion Series: Girl Empowered

“Woman empowerment” has always been my answer on the suggested topics whenever I get to answer BDJ event surveys.

As I was browsing through, a new event announcement appeared and by the title, I knew I have to have myself invited in it. So I did the mechanics on how to get an invite, patiently waited and rejoiced when I received the email to BDJ Passion Series: Girl Empowered.

Being the Pasig-RizaI-QC girl that I am, I braved myself into exploring Makati to reach Greenbelt 2 last September 17, 2016. Thanks to my sister, my boyfriend and the guards from Rustan’s to Glorietta to Landmark to Greenbelt 3, I happened to reach Conti’s at Greenbelt 2 though a few minutes past the registration closing. However late, I didn’t just Dora the Explorer traveled to Conti’s without having to try if I can still join the event. And luckily, it was just about to start when I arrived. We did it! Hooray!

Bellas were already eating when I entered the halls, I scanned the room for an empty seat and thankfully Bellas are naturally-kind people I immediately saw one being gestured to me. After cooling down, I went to get my food as well. Conti’s brownies are my favorite!

The first speaker was Ms. Elmira Cadungay of Wacoal. At the beginning of her “Be body beautiful” talk, we did a face yoga exercise to lift and relax our facial muscles. And she went on to discussing the changes in a woman’s body once we age.

The Spiral Ageing Pattern according to Ms. Elmira shows the turning points of different changes in our body.


We all know that as we age our body ages as well. And these changes need to be addressed by having a healthy lifestyle but not only that. We also need to be aware of the right undergarments that our body needs based on our age.

Ms. Elmira also emphasized the importance of the fitting process when it comes to getting a new undergarment. Fitting must not be neglected and should be done to 2 or 3 items so that you can come up with the perfect one. You should also be able to move around comfortably with a well-fitting undergarment.


The talk ended with Ms. Elmira showing how to properly wear a bra. She also entertained questions from Bellas showing actual Wacoal brassieres as examples.

A 15-minute break succeeded the Be body beautiful talk by Ms. Elmira and I took this time to have my photo taken at the backdrop with Ms. Analyn, a very friendly MVP Bella.

I was still enjoying my chicken lollipop in mustard sauce when the BDJ Team announced that it’s time for the second talk. Modestly munching the chicken already in my mouth, I wiped crumbs from off my lips and eyed on the next speaker. Standing tall (literally and figuratively), the ever gracious Ms. Abbygale Arenas de Leon stood just a few feet in front of me. Her contagious smile changed my eyebrows on fleek goals to cheek bones on fleek goals.

The former Philippines Miss Universe representative introduced herself with a short Powerpoint presentation from her childhood, modelling, married life and feeling beautiful being a mother of two handsome boys. The way she presented herself really had all ears on whatever she’s saying which made a perfect epitome to her talk entitled: Girl Empowered.


Avoid negativity. Always start your day with a smile.

Just like Ms. Elmira, a short exercise was also shared by Ms. Abby in connection to this first step into becoming a Girl Empowered. Of course, what better way to avoid negativity than to display “positivity” with a smile! So, lo and behold, the… STEPS TO ACHIEVING THE PERFECT SMILE IN TO WEEKS!!

Step 1: Go to your room, lock the door and face the mirror.

Step 2: Remember to have the following:

HAPPY THOUGHTS- anything that makes you happy, think about them

HAPPY LINES- wrinkles in your eyes show how happy you are

HAPPY CURVE- forget the old-school “CHEESE” and replace them with “A” or “EIGHT” to curve the lips upward.

Step 3: A and EIGHT in front of the mirror for 2 minutes

Two minutes every morning for two weeks and you are guaranteed to have that cheapest form of cosmetics that is a perfect smile. Now, what is negativity, really? Is that even a word? *smiles*


Make time to pamper yourself. Take care of your body.

There’s no one in this world but you who would care for yourself in the first place. Just as other people have their own selves to take care of too. Pampering doesn’t always have to be luxurious as well. The often disregarded pampering would be getting a comfy bed and shoes to wear. Because as according to Ms. Abby, if we can notice, if we’re not on the bed, we’re on our shoes. So it’s really a great way to treat yourself properly. Also, eat healthy. And by healthy, palengke vegies would do!


Make special moments happen. We don’t wait for it to happen.

Often we would save that dress we bought extra pesos for for a much awaited event or celebration. Or leave a perfume unused for special occassions only. Never noticing that everyday is already special because we live another day to experience it. So whenever doubting if it’s about time to use that favorite pair of shoes of yours, always remember what Ms. Abbygale Arenas de Leon, a beauty queen said, “We have to make ourselves feel special because we can do that.”


Have a cozy and comfortable space. A cluttered space means a cluttered mind.

They say real artists have messiest tables. True but only because they’re working on a project or something. But notice when they present their workplace, it’s screaming “WORKPLACE GOALS” everywhere with the aesthetics and all. Though this step does not only apply to artists as painters. It’s always nicer and more encouraging to start a task when there’s a space to work on to in the first place.

Aside from the new ideas imparted during the event, we also did a posture exercise which I found really helpful and I am so doing it for two weeks to have that perfect gesture. That would be all. Looking forward to more talks like this. 🙂

BDJ Passion Series: Portrait Me Flawless

I was on my usual procrastination phase of the day one Friday afternoon, I know procrastination is not something to be proud of but indeed, blessings come in all forms and in any way possible.

Browsing through Belle de Jour Power Planner‘s website, I glanced upon a new event announcement. Reminiscing the fun during my first ever BDJ event attendance (BDJ Woman with Vision), I quickly scanned through the mechanics on how to join.13510998_1664949767159901_1030867336689843871_n-300x300

As I expected, there are more than one ways to join.

OPTION 1: Post a photo of your most confident moment and share to us the story behind it.

OPTION 2: Post a creative photo of something that represents confidence to you and tell us why it does.

OPTION 3: Share the event poster and tell us why you want to be part of the workshop.



I chose to do Option 3 since I was thinking back then that I might be running out of time and that I have to have an entry fast so right then and there, I shared the poster on my Facebook account and registered. Few days later, the unexpected blessing came on my email inbox. I was invited for the #BDJPassionSeries #PortraitMeFlawless event!


I even shared a glimpse of the email confirmation on my Facebook wall since I can’t contain the happiness back then.

Google Earth was my companion as I count the days ’til 9th July. I made sure of the time and venue and aspired to be one of the lucky first 40 Bellas to receive a loot bag. I mean, is there anyone else who dislike free stuff? If it isn’t too much of a preparation, I even bought curlers to be used especially for this event which I wasn’t able to use because it appeared too complicated to maneuver than it shows on Youtube. So yeah, I went with my bangs braided by my auntie. Actually thankful that I did because bangs blocking my eyesight isn’t too much of a help while drawing.


I arrived at One Corporate Center around 12:40pm amidst the Ortigas traffic that I mentioned on my registration entry. Went straight to 11th floor and lost myself at the pink paradise called Flawless Head Office. The ambiance is really refreshing and chic.

On the right side of the office is the event registration booth with the welcoming BDJ team to assist the attendees. They fit well on the environment — refreshing, chic, flawless. 🙂

I was given a survey form with the number 24 in it. At that moment, my inner self screams “AAAHHHH YESS! LOOT BAGS IT IS!”


As a newbie Bella, I only have a few #BellaBesties and they weren’t on that event. I sat at the chair nearest the entrance so as not to be noticed by the other Bellas already sharing chitchats with one another. Though really very shy, I knew all these girls are the friendliest because they are BDJ girls so I have to be too! I tried but still can’t get myself to talk to my seatmates because they seem to be besties already.

Thankfully though, a girl in pixie haircut offered me to take the vacant seat near the front. I obliged and she escorted me to the table 3 where four already sitting Bellas welcomed me with a smile. ^_^ Surprisingly, pixie girl even sat with us and “broke the ice” asking questions and sharing things about BDJ Team’s preparation of the event. Her bubbliness ranged form 98-100%. Another Bella joined us not shortly after.

Mic ready, a familiar voice greeted everyone in the room. Turned out pixie girl was the host too! She welcomed us and introduced herself, still on her bubbly range. I wonder how she does that. Jasmine, how to be you po? 🙂


The event started with an introduction of the event BDJ Passion Series: Portrait Me Flawless. A sketching workshop and skincare talk. A mini game was also conducted before the workshop proper where Bellas actively though silently act out words given by Jasmine in a fun game of charades. The winning team won Flawless items. Lucky girls! 🙂

Then the guest was introduced. CJ De Silva-Ong, a young talented artist who is currently venturing the field of advertising. And of course, an info that I must not miss sharing, she was one of the gifted Promil Kids! You know, the gifted children on this powder milk’s commercial back in the 90’s, she is one of those. It got more interesting to know more about her because of that commercial. Her talent is unquestionable actually, one thumb up for Promil, the other to her parents for nurturing CJ’s gift. 😉

At the beginning of the workshop, CJ would share that most of the time when drawing a random person, she is usually being asked as to who that person is. She then explained that a drawing and a portrait are two different things.


From what I remember, a drawing can be a random person or an imaginary one with no definite characteristics but a portrait is someone’s personality sketched on a paper. A portrait shows somebody’s persona translated into a drawing. That’s why when somebody asks her to do their portraits, she usually would talk about them about their interests, invite them over coffee and get to know the person first before actually starting doing the art. That way she can easily show the personality of the person instead of simply copying a reference photo.

After the talk, we were given oslo papers fancily stamped with “flawless” on a customized pink Flawless folder. Pencils, erasers and sharpeners are already on our tables before the workshop so we immediately started as we were instructed to do so.


I may be an engineering graduate but I really find drawing human parts and figures hard. I’m really nervous to start because I’m afraid I might mess up and need extra papers and I’m too shy to ask! But CJ dissected a the process of drawing a human face as if I were in Science class and I can see every part inside that poor frog. OK that was an inappropriate representation. I’m sorry. But let’s move on…


As according to her, as much as one could, artists would usually breakdown an a subject into different shapes and with those shapes start creating forms. This one is familiar for me since I like anime and cosplay. I guess it’s really gift and talent which separate “big circle here, a smaller one over there, a few lines… aaaand we have a frog!” from “circles here, circles there, some lines… aaaaand we have.. circles and lines?” I am the latter.

During this workshop, I somehow, learned how to draw a human face. CJ taught us the basics like how two circles can define the shape of a person. A few lines can help in properly placing the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Following her instructions, I was able to draw this.


I think I erased more than I drew stuff. Parang buhay lang, magkakamali ka muna bago ka may matututunan. (ehe ehe)
I don’t know if it is just me but all the drawing and erasing made me feel tired. Good thing snacks came in right after. Snacks is one #PerksofaBella that I will always look forward to. It seems like even on food, the BDJ Team will still consider aesthetics and make sure every Bella will have that Instagram-worthy shot with their snacks. Because I surely did on mine. Plus, I really loved the cream puffs (not sure if that’s what it’s called) and the mini tacos! If I were not that shy, I would take a separate photo of each for special mention.


Following the snack time is Dr. Kaye Bautista’s talk on skincare. Dr. Kaye is one of Flawless’ skincare professionals so I really made sure to listen to her discussions since I am really into skincare now more than makeup. I wasn’t able to take photos this time since I really focused on listening. I came for the great and fun experience but above all, I aim to be enlightened more about skincare in this event. Hence, serious mode: ON.

As per Dr. Kaye’s presentation:

  • What is Flawless?
    Flawless is your best choice when it comes to skincare. They give free doctore cosultations so one can be initially briefed as to what type of regimen is best for them without having to shed a peso. Their compay is FDA registered giving their clients and soon-to-be clients the guarantee that they are a legitimate company to provide beauty services. Along with this, sanitizers are evenly placed throughout their centers to assure proper hygiene is being observed. Everyone including the staff and most especially the skin professionals in Flawless undergo serious training to make sure they can provide quality service to their clients.
  • Our skin
    Being the largest and the most exposed organ of the body, our skin need the utmost care. The steps on taking care of our skin are:
    1. Determine your skin type
    2. Use of special products of your skin needs
    3. Pay attention to fragile areas
    4. Cleanse
    5. Exfoliate
    6. Tone
    7. Moisturize

It has always been stressed in any beauty talks that I have watched or attended that there’s no makeup, skincare products or service that can fit all individuals. And during this talk, Dr. Kaye pointed this out to us also. According to her, it is always best to determine your skin type first and then work on choosing the products that your type of skin requires. It also really very important to always, always get rid of makeup before we go to sleep. No matter how tired we are, we must let our skin breathe and not let makeup clog our pores which may lead to breakout. With or without breakouts, it is still best to consult a specialist to better give attention to our skin needs. Flawless branches are scattered at different areas to further give assistance to us when it comes to skin care.

Dr. Kaye ended her discussion by answering a fellow Bella’s question about some oral supplement that is believed to work better when added to an astringent and then used on the face. The skin professional confidently dodged the idea of its effectiveness since the supplement is meant to be taken orally, no matter how many of it one puts on their faces, it won’t work because it simply is not meant for external application. Which, most of us understood and agreed on.

I was really hooked on the discussion that only after the entire talk did I feel the need to pee. So after the instructions on the sketching contest were mentioned, I took a short trip to the also fab comfort room of Flawless clinic. Honestly, though I rarely do, I wanted to take a mirror selfie inside but there is a portrait that I need to materialize so I went back to the event area and with CJ’s teachings, started sketching that portrait of myself.13664624_10206758652271938_17203814_n

45 minutes. That’s all we got to finish the out portrait and we must be able to post a flatlay photo of it on Instagram for our drawings to be part of the contest. By the way, we were instructed to bring out favorite portrait so I bought my graduation picture. It sure is one of my favorite portraits of myself considering I do not have much and this one of course holds five years of my life battling in college. Having had to go to the bathroom first, my 45 minutes was deducted a few so I quickly drew that twinning circle to start my entry. A few more erasures and I see fellow Bellas around me already taking photos of their artwork. One last stroke on that uneven eyebrow and I shook the unidentifiable-ness of my drawing from my reference photo and took my flatlay shots. It was fun, amidst the “no pressure” pressure. Hoping for the best of luck, I posted my entry.


Not expecting anything because although my drawing looked okay, it didn’t capture the person in my portrait. I just held on to what CJ mentioned that we must not compare our works with others or with hers most especially, she has been doing this for years while us just moments ago. I also appreciated her encouraging us that we must not be ashamed of our works because flaws and all, those were made with effort. Until the announcement of winners came and I was one of the top 5 Bellas who were chosen! Luck, yes, of couse and the heart that I put to my art I guess are what lead me to being chosen. I am ecstatic! I couldn’t believe it. I was just sitting at the back and now I’m standing in front alongside with CJ and my co-Bellas. I really, really enjoyed this event. Winners went home with cute bagpacks and skincare items from Flawless.


Generous as always, BDJ and Flawless gave us some more gifts as we leave the event. Apart from the sketching and skincare knowledge, the happy tummy, freebies and bragging rights, I also gained yet another #BellaBestie that day, Lady Anne. Yay!


Lastly, because of my excitement, I wasn’t able to commend this unnoticed part of the event: Free WiFi. I think it is really very considerate in BDJ and Flawless’ part to actually provide us internet connection so that everyone could join the contest. Most of the time, people have data connections on their phones but they still assured that everyone would be able to join and that’s really something to be recognized. KUDOS BDJ TEAM!


This is just me, flaunting my prize. Hihi.

Hodge Podge turns 4!

Established March 20, 2012 and already being the first, Hodge Podge stood firm to its claim that they are the ORIGINAL one-stop shop for bottlecap accessories in the Philippines.

Photo from
(c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Now it’s 2016, I was looking back on my blog for my first ever Hodge Podge purchase and I found out that it was the same year as Hodge Podge was founded! Necklaces for me and my friends were my first ever Hodge Podge items. I remember encountering some miscommunication then that I received an item which I didn’t order but was immediately settled as I informed them about it. I even got the mistaken item for free as compensation. I can still remember, a short letter of apology was also included on the shipment of my then actual order which I found really thoughtful considering they’ve already compensated the item plus, shipping fee was on them. Also, it was not that big of a damage at all too but they still took time to ensure me that it won’t happen again. I admired the costumer service, their shop in general, since then.

Bottlecap Queen. Claiming it heart emoticon (c) Gel's Facebook Profile
Bottlecap Queen. Claiming it heart emoticon
(c) Gel’s Facebook Profile

Reading my blog post regarding my first Hodge Podge order, I also found out that I used to call the owner Ate Gel. Hihi. I wonder when did I start calling by her name only. Hi Ate Gel! 😀

Screenshot from Hodge Podge Facebook Page

I really fell in love with my L Lawliet necklace that I wear it everyday at school then. What I love about it is that it can match any school outfit that I wear. Hence, judging by the search results on my blog, I almost joined all of online giveaways with Hodge Podge accessories as prizes.

Photo from my blogpost:
Photo from my blogpost:

Four long years have passed, Hodge Podge has been growing with more products and collaborations. They have their products sold at different shops too. This makes me proud that I was able to “watch them grow in beauty” both figuratively and literally. Their designs are becoming more diverse and vary from fandoms to personalized stuff, motivational quotes, anime, literature, I can’t even name all. 🙂

"Want to save on shipping costs? Hodge Podge keychains/bag tags are now available at Kramer : Toy Warden, UP Town Center! grin emoticon 3rd floor beside Digital Walker! Our items are right by the entrance! Limited stocks only so swing by ASAP!" (c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page
“Want to save on shipping costs? Hodge Podge keychains/bag tags are now available at Kramer : Toy Warden, UP Town Center! grin emoticon 3rd floor beside Digital Walker!
Our items are right by the entrance! Limited stocks only so swing by ASAP!”
(c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Let me just include the links from their Facebook page:

Facebook Page:

Designs available (see WAVE albums) – link doesn’t work via mobile browsing

Sample accessories: (price list found on the album description)

Sample add-on charms:

Combined Hodge Podge Facebook profile pictures since 2012. (c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page
Combined Hodge Podge Facebook profile pictures since 2012. (c) Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Knowing Hodge Podge for years, I’ve observed  that they’re always being generous to their followers. I myself have experienced their generosity for a couple of times. Back then, when blog giveaways include simple stuff yet, they sponsor the hosts with assorted items. Nowadays, they give discounts on conventions and conduct giveaways too from time to time.


I am writing this actually not just to greet them a Happy Birthday but also to share their ongoing birthday giveaway. The prizes are much more exciting this time because, of course, it’s their birthday! Having second thoughts? Along with their bottlecap accessories, they’re also giving away a Harry Potter Funko Pop and Cardcaptor Sakura necklaces… and more!! Thinking twice still? You just have to follow very simple steps and you’re in! Check out this link for the complete details

Hodge Podge 4th Birthday Giveaway

On most days, I'm juggling a whole lot of things including work and of course, Hodge Podge. But at the end of it all, one thing's for sure... I feel extremely blessed and grateful for each day despite the "stress" (c) Gel's Facebook profile
On most days, I’m juggling a whole lot of things including work and of course, Hodge Podge. But at the end of it all, one thing’s for sure… I feel extremely blessed and grateful for each day despite the “stress”
(c) Gel’s Facebook profile

Humility, pure hardwork and dedication. That’s how I can describe what lead Hodge Podge to where it is now. Four years is a really long time to maintain a business, talk about specialty products even. I believe there are challenges along those four years but Hodge Podge is still here, reaching out to more people. Serving clients from all-over the world with their one of a kind bottlecap accessories. And I know most of us wish them more years to come. So we can have more of what they can offer. I personally wish that they won’t lose that passion and creativity in producing more designs and variety of accessories. More projects especially kawaii-ness! 🙂

Happy 4th birthday Hodge Podge!

Rampage 2015

Rampage is the largest gathering of League of Legends (LoL) gamers and fans in the Philippines. It has been successfully held for four consecutive years! And each year, Rampage events never fail to amaze, entertain and make the participants anticipate for another exciting event the following year.

Now, let me share with you my Rampage feels one year ago. (Rampage 2014)rampage2014

Yep. I was a brokenhearted LoL fan last year. I have just started playing League that time and I was really into it. It was my first time to play a MOBA game, I was challenged but in a good way. I play LoL every night with my friends and they’ll teach me techniques and stuff. I also learned about Rampage from them.

I am a cosplayer but I haven’t heard Rampage before. Maybe because none of us in our cosplay group really plays LoL until I did. And so my fangirl self instantly wanted to attend Rampage 2014. And since I am the only LoL player in our cosplay group, I have no choice but to go myself. I planned to go, I really wanted to. But another cosplay convention was being held days before Rampage and we were scheduled to cosplay then. I had to prioritize it because we were cosplaying as group. And so… my hopes of attending Rampage 2014 vanished.

Fast forward, one year later and and here is my Facebook post now.

Trans: RAAAMPAAGGEE!! #overjoyed Dream come true to attend. *tears of joy emoticon*

Yip! I was able to attend Rampage 2015 and I. HAVE. NEVER. BEEN. SO. HAPPY. I didn’t expect to enjoy this much but I did! First glance of the Rampage 2015, I knew this will be a good time. I was with bae (haha) and his cousin. They are both hardcore gamers, they are my senpais. Hihi. They supported me in fulfilling this Rampage dream. Because not only did I attend Rampage 2015, I also cosplayed! I dressed up as Popstar Ahri (which I’ll be blogging about separately) that day which meant I had to roam around World Trade Center in high heels! And I never regretted a thing!! Hihi. It was hard and painful, yes. But whenever I feel like ranting, I am telling myself, “You wanted this! Rampage, Popstar Ahri. YOU WANTED ALL OF THAT SO ENDURE!” And then I’ll just inhale the good vibes and the mere fact that I was surrounded by thousands of League of Legends players.

I always mention this in my posts, that when  fangirl, I fangirl a lot! And that is what happened on my first ever Rampage experience. I was overwhelmed with ALL of the LoL cosplayers that day, that if I were not on cosplay, I probably had photo ops with all of them.

And to date, Rampage 2015 for me has been the most organized cosplay-related event that I have attended. Cosplayers didn’t have to pile up like sardines on comfort rooms because a lot were provided for us. The venue is big enough to enjoy as well as fangirl, have photoshoots, rest and eat while still enjoying the event. If it is mandatory to have a “What I didn’t like” portion, I think it would be the merchandise part of the event. We never had the chance to even look at the merch because the line is too  long. I wish they had allotted a larger space where participants can roam around the stuff and have time to choose. But that’s just a pinch of disappointment compared to the enjoyment that the event brought.

Kudos to the organizers because the event is really very ENTERTAINING. Hoping to attend more Rampage events! 🙂

TheNet.Com The Grand Finale

Ever since I learned how to play League of Legends, I keep falling in love  with  it as I gain more experience in game. My Facebook friends can attest to it for I cannot control my excitement whenever I gain a level so I announce it all over Facebook and regret nothing. Though not that skilled yet, I am really proud to be a LoL player. I get inspired watching LoL tournaments on Youtube and I dream on joining even one someday. ^_^

Luckily, TheNet.Com cafe launched a League of Legends tournament last December 13 and 14 at SM North Edsa The Annex Event Center and I was there to watch the event which they called The Grand Finale. I was really happy and excited because it is my first time to watch a LoL tournament live! Aside from those, I got a lot of freebies as well because I bought a Premium Pass. Hooray! Though I don’t play Dragon Nest, I really adore this DN baller and I am planning to play DN now. And hopefully to cosplay a character there too, just like Mina Kim who was present at the event as well, she’s one of the cosplayers that I admire too. 🙂premium

More games all over the event center, I just can’t get enough! FREEBIES! FREEBIES! AAAAAAA~~lovebeat

And most especially, League of Legends tournament! I really took time to squeez into the pile of people, mostly men, just to be able to experience and see a live LoL tournament up close and personal. And just to mention that the players are all girls! Wee! Senpais!!

lol tournament tnc

Thanks to Monster, I got more energy to spazz over my favorite online

The Grand

Overall, it was tiring. But just like cosplaying it was all worth it. I felt like I was in a whole different world and it’s fine. I got more inspired to play more games now because admittedly, I was just into iDate and Audition before but I didn’t pursue gaming because I was too young then and don’t have friends to play with. Playing LoL and attending tournaments made me realize that they’re everywhere! Friends who share the same interest as me are just one game away. I may not be as skilled as most of the players but I enjoy playing which is nice enough. 🙂


Food plus awesome companion. Hihi! And can I just have a moment to recognize the awesomeness of the stairs at SM North Edsa Annex. Lights. <3


Hoping to attend more online game tournaments in the future! 🙂

Kris Kringle: What I gave

Hohoho! Christmas day just passed and this only means… parties everywhere! And because most of the students in our class will be graduating by the end of this semester, our class president organized an exchange gift that is never been done by our section (basically because we rarely had Christmas parties before).

So for our last Christmas party together as students, we had a kris kringle in which the theme changes every week. We got to pick different people to give a gift to in each week as well. One rule is that our monitor/monita shouldn’t be able to guess who the gift came from.

First Week:  something long and colorful

Price: 20php

My monito is Arvin. It’s really very hard to think of a gift for a guy. What more if you are restrained by a requirement, right? But still, I tried my best to give him something that is far from the usual long and colorful thing like ID lace, shoe lace, bracelet etc. because I want my gift to be memorable.

I found this item in Vente that is long, useful and cute but not that colorful at all. But I am running out of time so I already bought it with some plans on my mind. On my way home, I stopped by a school supplies shop and bought different-colored ribbons. At home, I asked the assistance of my mom in wrapping the handle of the pang-kamot with the ribbons that I bought and then wolla! I have a long and colorful gift for Arvin. Yay!

pang kamot hehe

Second Week: something missing

Price: 25php

Again, I picked a name of a guy so I have to exert more effort in searching for a gift for him. Plus, the theme is so hard to comply with. Our president said that the “something missing” means we have to give something that our monito doesn’t have yet. We are not that close so I don’t have any idea what he does or doesn’t have so I settled with a challenging puzzle instead and explained in a letter that he’s already so smart that he needs more challenge this time. Hehe.

Our president said that we should just use white bond paper in wrapping our gifts but just as I wanted my first gift to be memorable, I exerted effort in the second one as well. I wrapped it up polo-style with a neck tie. I got caught during this week because I’m very excited to see Dennis’ reaction in opening my gift that’s why I watched him open it which made it seem very obvious that the gift was from me which is supposed to be a secret until the final week. No regrets though, I’m happy he liked it.


Third Week: something that reminds you of that person

Price: 30php

Sad to say, I failed to look for a memorable gift this time because we are so busy with other things. But since they are graduating already, I gave my monito a clay pen which design is a graduate boy. That’s it.

Reserve your tickets for the magical night

Riding a bus on my way home from school, I always see these banners of what seem like circus performers. I’ve always been curious about these performers because they seem very light as a feather and looks like flying as they travel from one trapeze to another. I’m always wonder struck as they flew across the stage with almost invisible harnesses. There’s this show that I’ve been seeing on commercials frequently in the past few days and they look like the performers on the banners. The show was Varekai by Cirque Du Soleil and they’ve also been featured in different shows in our country which made me more curious.

Adding to the excitement, they will also be doing another performance called Mystère, one of the most awaited vegas shows. If only I could, I would definitely watch it. The ticket prices are worth the experience. I heard that the classic Cirque du Soleil has been preparing hard  for this show and I believe that they are incredible performers. Just by the make their make up and costumes, they can capture the audience already. What more if they started doing their thing? Oh. It thrills me.

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