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DISNEY ON ICE Princesses and Heroes

By on December 17, 2012

So eight days to go and it’s Christmas. Luckily, I have managed to buy simple gifts for my parents and siblings. But still, I wanted to give my little sister a special treat this year. Especially that we’ve both been wanting to watch the Disney on Ice performances ever since.

We really, really love the Disney Princesses. We would watch Disney movies repeatedly and not get tired even for a bit and we’ll sing Disney soundtracks like there’s no tomorrow. She’s Ariel and I am Jasmine. Someday, we’ll cosplay them together. Teehee~

I can imagine her reaction if ever we can be able to watch the Disney on Ice this year. Her Christmas earnings can bring her to Smart Araneta but I still, I wanted to treat her this time. In the hope of making her a better little sister. Haha! I can save for the GenAd tickets but I’ll try my best to save for the Patron VIP. I hope my online earnings will come regularly.


Interested? Here’s the ticket price list: http://www.ticketnet.com.ph/2006/index.php

I really do hope we can get to witness this event together. To see Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Tiana in that skating rink would be one of the happiest moments in our lives this year. Wee!

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Sing your heart out

By on October 6, 2012

Filipinos love to sing. That’s why we are in every singing competitions around the world. A lot of famous Filipinos are known for their powerful voices and not only them but the simple ordinary Pinoys as well. Our naturally happy aura let us enjoy even the most out of tune singer, still gets a big big round of applause because of the entertainment that his singing brings.

I don’t know how but we really have this unique understanding with music may it be royer microphones or just the dipper in our bathrooms that make us want to sing more. 🙂

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