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I miss the blogger me

By on June 14, 2016

From time to time, I would scan through this blog and unconsciously as I reach the oldest of its pages, I come to realize that I’ve lost that I miss the blogger in me. Sad how I lost her. I let procrastination win. My ideas stored as memories in my head, never written, untold.

Now, I want to take her back. And this post, hopefully, along with the realization will be enough to restore the fire that I once had at writing. Paid posts, yes, they help me a lot. I am very thankful that I am still being given the chance to earn through it but more than that, I want to write about my life. From the most random to greatest milestones, I want them written down here in my blog, which used to be my companion before.

Truly, one has to have a great mentor or an inspiration at least. Aside from my old posts, I am being inspired by my friends who still continue to write with passion. I always visit blogs of different niches and be delighted as to how they were able to produce such contents almost everyday. Or as long as a something new and interesting come their way. Nadine’s Nendoroid blog is one of those. 🙂

I want to come back. I badly want to come back to blogging. I hope you could share your blogger inspirations too, or blogging tips perhaps to give me a boost? Many thanks!

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“Well, goodmorning!” says my fangirl self

By on April 11, 2016

*smile emoticon* because I literally am smiling as I am writing this one.

I don’t know why but I’m really excited to blog at this very moment. I am writing spontaneously by the way, since I really just wanted to let these feelings out. Ah! Why is it so hard to spazz on a blog post than on Facebook where I can smash the keyboards any way I want!!

Okay… Let me just… compose myself…. Ahhh! Screw keeping calm. Just who am I kidding with this ongoing video while writing!!?? Haha.

 photo ss_zps4nm6doxi.jpg

Alright!!! Let’s proceed. A blog post is still a blog post so I’ll try my best to stay sane and actually give this post the sense it deserves.

Well, based on the screenshot above, I guess you already know where this post is going but still, let me take you there. My way. 😀

A few friends know me as a KPop fan, Super Junior (ELF) fan in specific. I am not really a multi-fandom person at all but I adore Korean artists because of their overflowing passion to entertain and their world-class craft.

I used to watch Korean dramas as well before when I still have so much time in my hands. Full House, Boys over Flowers, The Innocent Man to name a few. But lately, I am not even watching Filipino soaps or anything. I guess adulting is hitting me little by little now.

Well, all hail the Internet I got back on my usual track. Or at least I’m being updated with what’s new now.

 photo descendants-of-the-sun2-800x450_zpszh6unfcg.jpg
Source: http://www.soompi.com/2016/02/17/descendants-of-the-sun-reveals-individual-character-posters-and-descriptions/

Thanks to the Internet really because I almost let go of the opportunity to discover a great drama such as Descendants of the Sun which have been flooding on my Facebook Newsfeed for the past weeks that I decided to take a look on its plot. Much to my amusement, this one indeed has something interestingly different to offer. Plus, Song Joong Ki of course. 😉

 photo tumblr_o4b8q8KJ4h1u2r065o1_500_zpslctv9wkv.png
(c) owner

I know, I know!!! Song Joong Ki is one of those Koreans whose parents must be gods or something. Perfect creature. I KNOW RIGHT!

So, one hot Sunday afternoon in the Philippines, as our TV’s remote control was lying fly across the living room, and I bored, I took it and with nothing else to watch, turned the channel to KBS World. You guessed it right. Descendants of the Sun is on air that time! Now, if that wasn’t destiny, I don’t know what is. During that time, I have no idea yet that my fangirl self is about to be awakened.

Lucky and selfish, I watched the whole marathon of Descendants of the Sun from the episode I came across it until the last one on TV that time. Turned out I started at episode 2 so I just streamed episode 1 online. Didn’t even hurt at all.

As this drama was slowly injects itself into every fiber of my being, Song Joong Ki, whom I’ve loved since Innocent Man also slowly blurs from view. Focusing my heart’s vision to Seo Dae Young, Jin Goo’s character on the series.

 photo biasa-judes-kim-ji-won-tangguh-di-descendant-of-the-sun_zpslfeaz11h.jpg
Source: http://forums.soompi.com/

And that, my fangirl friends, is what this post is mainly about. Aaahh~~

I find Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo’s romance really ~i can’t put into words~ uhmm… relateable? Maybe… And you can skip this part because I’ll just be blabbering how I can see my boyfriend in Jin Goo’s aura and I, self-proclaims to see myself Ji Won’s character of course because why not. Hehe. I really ship them so hard they must have hit the iceberg that sank Titanic and got pass through it.

 photo photo702683_zpsf5nhblen.jpg
(c) Kim Ji Won’s instagram @geewonii

There, I am actually really calmer now. Haha. Little did I notice, I am following every ship accounts of JinGooxJiWon on social media and watching every fanmade videos of their Descendants clips.

I love them both so much but I love Jin Goo more.

 photo CcXvR1_UUAAn8F-_zpskch5ewx8.jpg
(c) owner

I love Jin Goo so much that I made a Facebook fanpage for him. *runs away* Hahaha! This is so not me but I can’t help it. I was searching for Jin Goo PH page but there’s none. There’s Kim Ji Won Philippines so I figured why not make a PH fanpage for dear Jin Goo too, right?

So there, my fangirl self says “Goodmorning!” because after a long, sound sleep, it officially awakens. For Jin Goo. <3


Jin Goo Philippines is the first fanmade page that I’ll be managing and I know nothing on how to start or what to post. I really hope I get to meet people to help me maintain this page and spread the love for Jin Goo from the Philippines. <3

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That one day I got my ankle sprained

By on March 8, 2015

Adventurous. On-the-go. Ready.

That’s what I was when I started working as a site engineer just a weeks ago. It was my first job in the construction field — a job fit for my educational background — and I was so excited. The construction site is located a bit far from our house and so I had to travel for almost four hours each day not to mention the struggle boarding and alighting the MRT, eating a large portion of my day and making me dead tired as I reach home. Due to this, I asked my parents if I can stay at the staff house provided by our company. It was really hard moving out but I just put into mind the benefits that I’ll be getting once I got used to living there. And so with the same spirit that I had at the beginning, I transferred.

Together with Kenneth, I brought my things at the staff house and that same night I stayed there. If I were the Facebook person I would’ve posted a status that might look like “Abegail Layosa is feeling independent —- first night at staff house” along with a selfie of mine with my baggage. Instead, I simply reported to my parents that I reached our staff house at Pasay City safely and is about to take the rest that I deserved.

Came the next day, work day. I am really very excited and challenged. “This is really is it!” I said to myself. What I thought was a ordinary day, ended up with me having a sprained ankle. It was a normal, busy day at work —permits, inspections, monitoring, the usual stuff. I never imagined that there was an accident waiting for me as I come back to my second home.

Good thing I was with my superior then. We were about to enter the first street to our home when I missed a step and landed on my unprepared foot. It was so painful. In fact, I can still feel the pain as I narrate it that I can’t look at the words for it doubles the pain. I wanted to cry but my pride held back the tears from my eyes. I just sat there, at the very gutter which I thought was the same level as the last step of the MRT stairs, not minding the rushing people as they don’t mind me either. It was hell’s dish with agony, suffering, distress and misery as the ingredients. Super long story short, we still managed to get to the staff house with a major effort in every step.

Now why am I narrating this very unfortunate experience of mine?

It’s because I actually realized a lot of things. This sprained ankle may seem yes, a serious injury but on a deeper note, the fall apparently shook me and changed some of my views on things.

For now, please accept my apology for I have taken a lot of time narrating the tragedy that I will have to share the more important thoughts in bullets.

  • God will never give us challenges that we cannot handle. That very moment when I was sitting after I fell down I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand up and walk again. The pain was so penetrating I could feel it in my bones. But I knew I can’t stay there forever. I knew I had to go to our staff house where it is safer. I knew, no matter how impossible it was that time, I had to get up and with my broken ankle, walk. So I stood up. With the help of my superior, we reached the staff house. I fell but was still able to walk because God gave me the abilities to do so. And He provided me a companion because He knows that’s what I need.
  • Absence doesn’t always mean you are being disregarded, people may be far away but those who love you will always care. I admit the experience was not only physically painful for me but also emotionally. My family was not with me. Kenneth cannot pick me up. I asked for help from them but no one came. I cried more because of that than because of the pain. But the next day Kenneth came and brought me home. My mother brought me to the clinic as well. There are things that we cannot control and people have limitations. In the end, I received the caring treatment that I longed for the night before.
  • God provides. I’m miles away form home and I can’t walk. I had to go home because the people at the staff house have their own lives to take care of. I stayed there waiting for Kenneth and actually I never felt any struggle spending the day by myself, injured. I was able to eat lunch with the food earlier prepared by my superior and was able to go downstairs with the help of my office mate who came early that day. Let me just mention that our apartment was located at the third floor so yeah. As I reach ground floor, Kenneth was there waiting for me and we were able to go home safely.
  • I matter. Though the new one in the house, I really felt at home and cared for. My officemates each mumbled a simple “Get well soon.” just before leaving for work. Those were people I just knew the day before, it really touched my heart. At home, I received remarks like I should just go back home and stay with them. Moments like these help in removing the pain.
  • Having an honest heart is one of the best feelings in the world. Communication is really important in any relationship. Somehow the emotional pain hasn’t gone away yet but I was able to tell how I felt. It opened my mind and was able to accept that not all things can go our way. Just like they say, life is not a fairytale. By saying my feelings I was able to release the burden that adds to my suffering and was able to realize that I am still very blessed despite what happened. And with that comes the last bullet..
  • Learn to count your blessings. That night of my accident I cried because of the joining pain on my foot and in my heart. I felt alone. I felt like I was being punished because of my shortcomings. That night I also prayed to God. Admittedly, it was a more of “God please remove this pain. I can’t bear it no more.” prayer at first. A demanding prayer I must say. I questioned Him for the absence of my loved ones, I hated the people who weren’t there for me that time. Until my words were being swallowed by my sobbing. I prayed in my head and then I realized how blessed I am to have a companion when that incident happened. That if Ma’am Lea wasn’t there in front of me, I would’ve landed with my face on the ground. If I were not to stay on our staff house I had to go home injured and alone. If my officemates were not with me, I would’ve prepared meal for myself, again injured. I just had an accident, that’s all. But I was never left alone, not by God.

Writing this, I realized more things but it all points out to God always being there for us. NO MATTER WHAT. I still wouldn’t want for this accident to happen but it already did. I just have to face the coming days and carry with me the message that God gave through this incident. Always remember, you are being blessed each day. every breath you take is God’s gift. Choose to look at things at the brighter side.

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Chitchats I never knew I missed

By on June 19, 2014

Isn’t it just nice to talk to a friend whom you haven’t seen for a while and reminisce the old times? As well as catch up with each other’s businesses and whatnot. I never really actually realized that I’ve missed them so much until we got to meet each other again and talk about stuff in our lives now that we’ve taken different paths. Some are busy looking for jobs, others are so enticed with theirs that they seem so matured already, one friend shared about this older adult services such as eldermark and I’m surprised that we get to talk about such  but the perkiness remained it’s just that, this time, we get to talk with some other topics with sense. So we’re really getting old. And loving the maturity that it brings.

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Mang Chaa

By on January 31, 2014

Here’s a random confession: I used to hate milk tea.

Past tense because I’m a self-proclaimed milk tea lover now. I’m not sure how but suddenly, I realized that it’s not that bad at all. Considering that I only hated it because it’s too mainstream. Yes, I hated it before even having one. Judgmental me. 🙁

Oh well, I haven’t really tried a lot of different brands but among the few that I have bought, Mang Chaa’s wintermelon milk tea for me is the BEST! For onlyP55.00, I felt like it’s my first time to actually taste a milk tea. I swear. I mean, I still find milk teas a little too pricey but this one really worth every peso and I think it’s still cheaper than other milk tea out there.

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sorry I can’t describe how it tastes. Also one of the reasons why I can’t setup a food blog but yeah. Haha. I don’t know how to put it but if you are that type who cares where each and every peso goes like me, this thirst-quencher is just right for you. 🙂

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So much for a comeback

By on November 9, 2013

Hi! I am back.

Back to say sorry again for being inactive these past few MONTHS. A lot of major changes happened lately that’s why it seems so hard for me to get back on the things that I’ve been doing before. Including maintaining this blog. But still, I promise to keep this blog and from time to time post about the owl princess’ experiences. Just like now.

In spite of my poor blogging performance, there’s something that I am really looking forward to this year. My graduation.

Yep, I just finished my last semester this October and is about to march next month. Oh! The feels.

I will surely miss school though. Especially the group projects and the positive buying experience whenever we conduct cost estimates on different construction products.

Looking forward to the real world as well. Because we can only move forward right? The past will stay where it was. While we unravel the wonderful surprises of the future that awaits to be our present.

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By on August 22, 2013

Last year, around September, I started my devotion. And earlier this month, I did something I could be proud of. I finished my first ever devotion notebook! I know it’s really quite a long time but what’s important is, I was able to finish one and still wishes to have more. Thus I need a new one because the devotion has to continue.


So I visited National Bookstore, went straight to the where the journal notebooks were and indulged myself to the beauty of each cover. But despite the classy designs and motivational quotations on the sheets, I picked a simply familiar notebook. I planned on buying the exact design as my first until I saw some of its cousins and I decided to get the same brand but with different cover.

Before paying for it, I scanned some books and explored the whole bookstore. I had newly-added stuff on my imaginary to-buy list mostly books on baking and on finding the right one. Hihi. Until I reached the non-books side of the store. Post-it notes always had this space in my heart. Though I am not fond of buying them, I’ve always loved to look at them that is why I never fail to visit this part of the bookstore. And if you turn your head a little, you’ll see the office supplies corner. There I saw this lovely hanger which I almost bought if I weren’t saving for my incoming cosplay this month. So I took a photo instead.


“That’s my hanger!” I said to myself. I really love owls. And I mean the real and unreal ones. I have adored them since I started  appreciating the music of Owl City. Yeah, I know. So deep. Hahaha!

I roamed around the bookstore still and on the corner where the picture frames lie, I saw an other bunch of owl stuff. Hihi. Owlverload indeed.nearlawliet2172

I love window shopping especially with this kind of sight!

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I don’t know what to call this post

By on August 2, 2013

If it wasn’t for my online job, I might have lost this blog long time ago. Honestly speaking, the blame is all on me. For not being able to manage my time wisely. Yes, I am working in the morning and studying at night but I have to admit that I still have enough time to blog. It’s just that, I am having trouble prioritizing my tasks. If you can see my notebook and my phone’s notes, it’s filled with bits and pieces of articles that I wanted to write but then again, procrastination.

I envy those who have super updated blogs. If I can only always keep in touch and ask for tips from them.

Nevertheless, as long as this domain is not expired yet, this blog shall live on. I may be away for a long time but I will always come back. See you around my fellow bloggers! And please, If you have time, kindly leave tips for your time-management-deprived friend here.

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I do believe

By on June 28, 2013


It had been our routine at the office to check our horoscopes everyday. It was me who started this and from then on, they would always turn to me about their horoscopes maybe to inspire them or just for the sake of knowing it.

I believe in horoscopes. Sometimes I use it as a reference to get by my day but only when it recommends the positive things to do. If it so happens that my horoscope is not a good one, I try to shake the thought away or if I can’t I try to turn it to positive.

We may not have all the good things in the world but we have all that we need to go along.

For me, it’s not that bad to believe in horoscopes just as long as we still know that the things that happen to us are the fruit of our decisions and past actions. 🙂

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Job hunting

By on April 6, 2013

There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation says a cartoon song. I wish I could spend it wisely whether or not there indeed is a hundred and four in mine. I spent my last two summers undergoing our OJT. That’s why this time, I don’t know what to do with my vacation anymore. I want to be busy, besides, I am getting older now. I think I must make that leap of faith already.

At 21, I tried my luck at the very first job fair that I attended ever in my life. I felt confident about myself that I can do it already until came the interview portions. I was stuttering all over. To think that I applied as a call center agent, I obviously failed. But the experience that I got is enough to get me going. I applied again and this time, it’s an online job. I submitted my resumes to the companies that needed writers and I am hoping to get hired to any of them. I love writing and since I am not an engineer yet, I’d go for this one at this moment.

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