Let’s Play! Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019: Asobu

One of the much-awaited events this summer, Pinoy Otaku Festival is back this 2019! Bringing the audience more interactive games and guests plus a bigger venue.  Red Cloud Interactive, Naruto Cosplayers PH and Robinsons Novaliches bring you Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2019: Asobu on May 17-19, 2019 at the Trade Hall of Robinsons Novaliches in Quezon City.

Bigger venue, more interactive games – Pinoy Otaku Festival has been known for its event which focuses on the true Pinoy Otaku identity and Filipino’s dedication as manifested by the current trend in popular culture.   It is a celebration of Japanese pop culture and how Filipinos enrich it, by experience our own culture as well through the latest popular culture as the event combine cosplay, music and the Filipino’s heart of gold for helping people.

The title theme of the event “ASOBU” means “Let’s Play” and will focus more on interactive experience for all attendee. It will also include the traditional cosplay competition, karaoke, and Battle of the Bands.

Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019 Highlights

This event focuses on giving highlights on the much-awaited on-stage games and the much-awaited Otaku Choice Awards to be held on May 17. During that day, nominees will gather and will be given awards for their dedication from the different categories as voted by people thru the online nomination and voting. Tom’s Workstation by Tomas Jefferson Hernandez is the official trophy provider for OCA 2019.

Other event highlight includes POF 2019: Art Attack, Karaoke Battle Royale, Fantasm: Inter-school, POF 2019: Battle of the Bands, Your Cosplay Sounds Familiar, Cosplay Championship League, Otaku Bazaar and booths, Panel discussions, and more.

If you are into interactive games then try joining and win cash and freebies during Otaku Deal or No Deal, Anime Quiz, Otaku Singtunado, Otaku Singing Bee, Name That Tune, and more.

This year POF 2019 is bringing more interactive panel discussions across the 3-day event.  Topics are selected by the community from a voting process.  Topics this year include: (1) Sexual Harassment in Cosplay; (2) Status of Esports in the Philippines; (3) How to win competitions; (4) Piracy and Anime Fandom; (5) How to become a successful game streamer; and (6) What does it take to be an Idol?

Tons of Special Guests 

Featuring special guests from both Japan and Philippines: YohgenGekitoraHiro SaekiKazukiGloco GamingYu-En Cosplay plus Filipino bands which are also into both Philippine and Japanese pop cultures: FREETIXKanjiruNeko Hunter Band, and Kulaspiro.

Ariel Villasanta, the other half of the comedy duo Ariel and Maverick with Maverick Relova. They pioneer the comedy reality-show in Philippine TV and now has an upcoming movie entitled, “The Untold Story of the Kings of Reality Shows”.  He stars in Totoo TV, Mommy Elvie’s Problematic Show (TV Series), and Pinoy Meets World (TV Series).

The event will also highlight the world of idols as it rises here in the Philippines: Aidoru SozaiAOS49CH4UIVY! MusumeJAPHDOLLS PHPepper KeibuPoly VSophia the Artist, Tanchikon, and Ureshii-san Tomodachi.

POF 2019 hosts include Kiel from Choji PHTessa CarbonellJustin VillaseranGeneva Cabading and Fatima Jongco.

Event Tickets and Charity

Ticket price is set at Php 100 per day.  If you will be attending for 3 days, then get the 3-DAY PASS at Php 300 (3 Days access to the convention and includes participation in the raffles). 

For those who want to have more perks at the event, you can avail the 3-DAY VIP ACCESS for Php 500 (3 days access to the convention only, participation in Animazing Race, Premium Raffles, and many more).

You can get tickets online via Ticket2Me.

Pinoy Otaku Festival is partnering with House of Light and Hands of God Charity Works, by giving part of the proceeds (ticket sales) to help support them in their various activities.  House of Light is a support group and help them create more awareness regarding HIV/AIDS, and Hands of God Charity Works provides care for less privileged children.

POF 2019 Event Partners

POF 2019 is being made possible in cooperation with CIIT College of Arts and TechnologyMC Hotel Fairview, and Hotel Fox with the help of VR Café, and Jerry’s Life Size Statues and Collectibles.

The event is also brought to you with the help of various Otaku organizations as follow: Team Oke GakuenEl Chorizo Cosplay GroupThe Otaku PhilippinesZ WarriorsToushin – AteneoUP AMEPNU NAMIJDoramaEiga PH, and FurryPinas PH.

Media Partners include Astig.phTechKuyaWazzup PilipinasKeepsakes.The Cosplay and Anime CaféOtakuPlay PHGame SeerReverie WonderlandAyaldevSetsu AniSutil Si IscoZing – Edge ManilaMauvish CrimsonAniRadio PH,PopLife TV and Jherzoned

You can buy tickets online thru the event’s ticket partner, Ticket2Me. Visit https://www.ticket2me.net/e/1607 to purchase your tickets.

For more information visit Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019: Asobu official website at http://pof.narutocosplayers.com/. Use the official hashtag #POF2019 and #POFAsobu and check the event’s official social media channels for more updates.

About Pinoy Otaku Festival

The annual event of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) which promotes cosplay, anime, pop culture, and more. Held annually every May. Celebrate Japanese Culture and how Pinoys enrich it. Experience our own culture as well through the latest popular culture as we combine cosplay, music and the Filipino’s heart of gold for helping people.

About Naruto Cosplayers PH

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is one of the largest cosplay and Japanese culture based organization in the Philippines with a background in events organizing and cosplay for a cause/charity works. The organization was featured several times in mainstream media and new media for its various activities. The organization is founded on October 10, 2010 which is the birthday of the anime character Uzumaki Naruto.

About Red Cloud Interactive

Red Cloud Interactive Marketing Service (or Red Cloud Interactive) began as an informal freelance team in 2010 brought about by the need to organize events usually related to cosplay and music. In 2018, the value of the portfolio accumulated by the group leader to its formalization as a business managed by a group of friends.

Ranne Tubig

Digital Marketing and Finance

Red Cloud Interactive


Event Review: Ozine Fest 2019 Day 2

April 7, 2019. SM Megamall.

Adulting and summer heat lead me to attend in my “tao mode” on this year’s Ozine Fest. Casual, no costume or wig. I just wanted to fangirl and bond with my friends.

Arrived around after lunch, I was surprised to see the hallway of the 5th floor teeming with people: cosplayers and congoers alike. I mean, I never thought SM Megamall would allow cosplayers outside the halls anymore at all. Well, as a congoer, I was happy. Being greeted by Nana (Mobile Legends) upon alighting from the escalator, I knew my fangirl heart will be full that day. We (Kenneth and I) decided to check out more of the cosplayers outside first before entering the hall. And boy, was I delighted. Mobile Legends, Boku no Hero Academia… BAKUGOU oh my god. They were everywhere.

Event Review:
Ozine Fest 2019 Day 2

With my fangilring purpose met from the very start, I thought, “This event will be a good one.”

Now for the event proper.

Ticket price, PhP230, is quite high for a one-hall event. Also, there’s not much going on. The place wasn’t that cramped though, unlike Toycon. Consequently so, the variety of shops was small. I wanted to buy All Might shirts but everything was cliche. I think we’ve roamed like 10x to only see the same merch and the same faces, literally bumping to that same Boku no Hero cosplayer who also seemed to be looking for just anything to buy. Almost all shops sell the same things: button pins, shirts, plushies, same old toys…and more button pins.

Food shops at least offered variety. But SM has food court too so… nothing special with that.

It’s not all disappointment though.

The part that I enjoyed the most is the Anime Karaoke Contest and band performances. Surprisingly but also maybe because I wasn’t cosplaying then so I got to use the time I usually allot to taking photos of my cosplay to actually watch the performances. One girl sang PEACE SIGN. And yes, you’re right. I sang my lungs out from mumbled lyrics in the verses to straight Nihongo in the chorus part. I love Boku no Hero Academia so much!! I hope she won! She really did a wonderful performance. I used to watch band performances too especially when my favorite anime songs are being played but this Ozine Fest 2019 was different, I watched a band perform because one of their members was cosplaying Bakugou Katsuki!! The band is AsianChickenFest and aside form drummer Bakugou, everyone performed with great passion too.

Overall, Ozine Fest 2019 is not that bad of an event for me but also something that isn’t that special. One should not regret not attending but going isn’t that regretful either. Plus, if I were cosplaying that day, I would be glad to be allowed to roam around in my cosplay. I hope they improve on the program next time. For the price of 230php, the attendees deserve something more than that.

Cosplay Carnival 2016 Review


My first cosplay for 2016 isn’t much that enjoyable mainly because of the location. Wondering where? SM Megamall. Wondering no more? I understand. But I enjoyed being with my friends then. It’s the cosplaying that felt boring since cosplaying at Megamall now feels like being watched all the time and by being watched, I mean the disturbing kind of watched since yeah we cosplay to enjoy and be recognized of course.

Cosplay Carnival 2016 photo by Abegail Layosa
So my interrupted excitement to cosplay intensified as my friends invited me to attend Cosplay Carnival 2016. We used to cosplay as a group before when we were still starting but as we gain experience, we tried cosplaying other characters may it be on a group or solo. This time, I have no original plans of attending and Clarence and Donna both have made their respective plans already so I thought of a character whom I loved that is easy to cosplay.



Photo credits:
Left – Ron Dela Cruz of Royal Wonderland; https://www.facebook.com/royalwonderland2014/
Right – Shokugeki No Soma Anime

Actually I needed not to think much. With my brown clip-on type wig, a lab coat and brown school shoes, I decided on cosplaying another Shokugeki no Soma character. A 74th Generation Tōtsuki Academy Alumnus and a former resident of the Polar Star Dormitory, the Spice Expert, Jun Shiomi.

With the help of Kenneth and his mom, we completed the costume. A borrowed round eyeglasses from my bestfriend, Clarence, aided the Jun in me see clearly.

We went on the 2nd day of the event after lunch. February 21, 2016. Location this time is SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia. I already did my makeup on the way so I finished dressing up at around 1pm. Kenneth and I went inside the hall to start roaming around while Clarence prep on being Mio Akiyama.

And on this part only will the review start. Haha.


12234914_10205820820426728_1005507864977054771_nTicket: 4/5 for  200php

Pricing is okay. It’s my first time to attend Cosplay Carnival but I’ve attended other conventions at SMX before and 200php is the usual price for the tix so…okay. Also, since it’s my first time, I expected less so as not to be disappointed that much as to where my money goes. So overall, the ticket price is justifiable.

Additional comment, I like to finally have to get hold on a decent cosplay event ticket since lately, con tickets come from cheap entry passes to random stamps or invisible stamps that glow on LED lights which I find still boring since I keep tickets as remembrance.

Location: 5/5 for SMX Convention – MOA, Pasay City

Honestly, I can say that I’ve had a great experience on this convention because of the venue, exactly the same reason as to why I felt bored on the previous con. Could it be that I’ve been cosplaying at Megamall for so long that I missed the kind of freedom and freshness that the welcoming hall of SMX presents? Maybe. Too bad that it has become a privilege than a right. Well… still thanks to SMX for not robbing us of that.

Cosplay Carnival occupied Function Hall 4. With other ongoing events on the other halls, upstairs and below, I appreciate how nice and accommodating the staff still are. Most of them, though looking tired already still welcomes inquiry with politeness.

The space is big enough for cosplayers not to squeez in each other while roaming around. Shops are neatly placed in the middle and some are lined on the sides. Food station is very easy to spot too which is great.


Bathroom – 3/5

I’m not sure if the assigned bathroom for cosplayers are really on the basement parking lot but as I was putting on my contact lens on the CR on the Ground Floor, we were told that cosplayers are to do their preppin’ on the basement. The staff though was still so kind to let us finish at least what we’ve been doing at the moment like putting on a wig or in my case, my contact lenses before finally giving a last call telling us to transfer to the CR below.

The guard on the elevator has a welcoming aura as well as we ask him for directions.

We’ve reached the basement and just followed the first group of cosplayers in front of us. We cannot see the CR yet but I’m sweating already since the place is so cramped with cars and all and of course, no aircon. When we finally spotted it, there were already cosplayers doing their own businesses even outside the bathroom. A line was formed in front of a closed door with the “FEMALE” word on it. I asked the utility in-charged if there’re cubicles inside to which she answered, “Isa lang po.” So I decided to do my makeup and wear my wig outside just like the others.

It was good thing I’m already wearing Jun’s shirt and jogging pants. Fortunately for me but for those whose costumes are more complicated, I hope there’d be at least a changing room enough to fit 2-3 persons at a time.

Function Hall – 5/5

I’m not really sure if Cosplay Carnival 2016 was held at Function Hall 4 alone or Halls 4 and 5. Nevertheless, the entire event was well-held at SMX’s function hall. I also loved that a reasonably spaced area was provided for cosplayers to have a shoot or even rest just outside the hall. Shops and attractions were properly placed inside where cosplayers and congoers can roam around with ease.


For rent Lockers – 5/5

Not all event organizers consider this that’s why I am really amazed that for rent lockers were provided during the Cosplay Carnival 2016. Cosplayers bring a lot of stuff especially bags which after dressing up won’t look good paired in our costume. Though we’re used to bringing them even if in costume (since we don’t have a choice but to), secured lockers really are a great help for us.

12801173_10205820827626908_1968763017511258676_nBonus: indoor Cherry Blossom tree 

I just fell inlove with this decor. I mean, one reason that I want to go to Japan is to witness the beauty of cherry blossoms with my own eyes. Seeing something similar suffices for now. It has also become a great photo op spot for most of the congoers.


12803052_10205820826786887_426251291421829534_nProgram: Overall 5/5

I won’t elaborate in this part since I was mostly roaming around or outside taking photos. I am rating the Cosplay Carnival 2016 a perfect score because I found their hosts quirky enough not to sound irritating or trying hard. The cosplay contest also was very organized seeing the contestants gathered in one area where people can have photo ops with them while waiting for the contest to start. Karaoke Contest was also enjoyable because of the surprise songs. I regret not being able to join Yoshinoya’s contest though. Huhu. Nest time I’ll try not be shy and just join any contest. 🙂


That’s it! Thank you for reading. 🙂

Event Review: Fantasy Quest 4: An August Wayfaring *will add photos soon*

Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City — a place of fantasy feel as it is, was turned even more dream-like as cosplayers from here and abroad gather to showcase their picturesque costumes as well as appreciate other’s.

Fantasy Quest 4, hashtagged as #FQ4, Day 2. October 25, 2015 was my first time to attend Fantasy Quest. Thanks to a blog post that I stumbled upon one time. Getting inspired by the photos I saw, I encouraged my friends to attend also. Honestly, we are the type of cosplayers who simply let our hair down at conventions and do not take them competitively. Hence, we found the 400php too expensive for us back then. But then, seeing the awesome photos taken from the event, and the non-mainstreamness of it we decided to give it a try. And just as we leave Fernwood Gardens at the end of the event, we were fulfilled that we did.

I went as Goth Annie from League of Legends by the way. Carrying Tibbers with me all the time, I failed to capture enough photos for this review. But would still share about them.

So in bullet form again, let the Fantasy Quest 4: An August Wayfaring Review commence.

  • Location – Fernwood Gardens is located at a subdivision within Quezon City. Accessibility-wise, I’ll give it a 7/10. Like I mentioned above, the event is not as mainstream as mall conventions for it is held at a garden venue. Therefore, majority of the first-timers (just like us) are clueless about how to get there. Fortunately, Fernwood Gardens is in Waze so we didn’t have a hard time deciding what transportation service to take. For me, hiring a taxi is the best way to get there.
  • Ticket price – We purchased the regular ticket amounting to 400php, as mentioned. And if you’re used to mall conventions, you’ll find this somehow costly. Considering the ease of access to the place, you would probably go “Ang layo na nga, ang mahal pa.” so it’s a bargain to take if you’re a first time attendee. But then again, what made us decide to attend is the distinct high quality images that we see online from the previous Fantasy Quest events. So it would greatly help to reasearch first if you’re in doubt. Still, I would rate the ticket price 8/10 considering some factors which will be discussed further on. By the way, there is a VIP ticket that costed 1200php which included meet and greet with famous international cosplay guests. I didn’t purchase that one so I can not comment. 🙂
  • Staff – 9/10 because even though a few were not —or maybe none and I’m just that shy—, almost all of the staff were approachable. This is the first thing that I look for in event organization and majority of #FQ4 were that. I also liked their uniform, I want one actually. Hehe. I also appreciate this cute Medic guy that roams around with medicines and first aid kit. This is the only event that I saw such and it’s a plus with a plus and a plus. With the weather, head-hugging wig and wig cap and the bulky armors, it surely is a must to have a medic nearby.
  • Facilities – 9/10.
    *Photoshoot venues – There is no contesting with the photoshoot venues. If I could, I would love my photos taken in all Gardens, day to night. I love the lights. The lights are majestic. I love the small areas where specific scenes can be created. I love the waterfalls, the fish-feeding ducks. I love the somewhat crumpled but still grand red carpet effect to the stage.
    *Comfort room – What made me give a 9 is the comfort room facility. Two is okay but since it is expected that most of the attendees will wear regal costumes, I think each cosplayer will really take a long time preparing. I’m not sure how but it would be great if a little bit more could be provided for us.
    *Baggage Counter – Still, I would also like to highlight a key facility that made our entire Fantasy Quest experience comfortable — Baggage Counter!!! This feature is very underrated in an event but it truly help cosplayers a lot in enjoying the event and Fantasy Quest 4 did not overlook it. They even provided an entire room for it. It accommodates all of our stuff that we can roam around as our characters per se without having to worry about our inappropriate backpacks I wanna cry. 🙂
    *Resting area – sadly, there is no resting area. One of the reasons why I rated the Ticket Price 8/10 because there is not much area for us to sit down after roaming aorund for a long time which for me, should at least be provided even in bits in some parts of the venue since Fernwood Gardens is a really huge photoshoot location.
  • Programme – 8/10. Actually I wasn’t able to follow the program proper. Maybe because the organizers probably have considered that photoshoots would be held most of the time hence, they did not put much emphasis on it? I’m not really sure. If it isn’t too much to ask though, program bulletins can be posted at some area where cosplayers who aren’t having a photoshoot can check for upcoming activities. The speakers helped a lot but it made the center stage feel far since we cannot see the emcee. I suggest they put the center stage at an area where newcomers can immediately see it so that they’ll know where to go after dressing up. On the brighter side, I could not just end this post without mentioning the Grand Ball. It intensified the fantasy in Fantasy Quest. Seeing cute partners dance along the solemn music, I really felt like I was in a different world and I am not even exaggerating! I loved how the once playful crowd of cosplayers turned into lovely dancing couples. The venue complements the scene. That moment was perfect. It was the best part of Fantasy Quest for me.
  • Perks – I dont even know how to summarize this part. The experience itself, being able to be part of such an amzaing event, I will forever be proud of those things. Also, the high quality photos that was taken of my Goth Annie cosplay. Such output was far beyond my expectations. I never thought my cosplay could look that great in photos. It’s all because of the perfect venue and very talented photographers. The experience itself is something that I’ll always be looking back in my cosplay life. And let me just include the Grand Ball in this part as well for this indeed is one of my most memorable cosplay experience to date. Lastly, I would like to thank the generosity of Geolica Contact Lenses for sponsoring the free contact lens for the attendees! Not all may have gotten one but I did, so thanks Geolica! It’s not everyday that you get free lenses, how much more Geolica brand! This is one of the leading contact lens brand in the country and it’s an honor to own one. I got one in blue for free! Thanks again, Geolica!

Phew! That’s one lengthy post!
If you got to this part, thanks for keeping up with me and my #FQ4 feels. If you haven’t attended Fantasy Quest before, I hope this post have given you reasons to try it out next time. And oh, did I mention that Fantasy Quest 5 is being propsed to be held at Fernwood Gardens Tagaytay? First-timer or not, that’s another thing to look forward too!

See you!

Rampage 2015

Rampage is the largest gathering of League of Legends (LoL) gamers and fans in the Philippines. It has been successfully held for four consecutive years! And each year, Rampage events never fail to amaze, entertain and make the participants anticipate for another exciting event the following year.

Now, let me share with you my Rampage feels one year ago. (Rampage 2014)rampage2014

Yep. I was a brokenhearted LoL fan last year. I have just started playing League that time and I was really into it. It was my first time to play a MOBA game, I was challenged but in a good way. I play LoL every night with my friends and they’ll teach me techniques and stuff. I also learned about Rampage from them.

I am a cosplayer but I haven’t heard Rampage before. Maybe because none of us in our cosplay group really plays LoL until I did. And so my fangirl self instantly wanted to attend Rampage 2014. And since I am the only LoL player in our cosplay group, I have no choice but to go myself. I planned to go, I really wanted to. But another cosplay convention was being held days before Rampage and we were scheduled to cosplay then. I had to prioritize it because we were cosplaying as group. And so… my hopes of attending Rampage 2014 vanished.

Fast forward, one year later and and here is my Facebook post now.


Trans: RAAAMPAAGGEE!! #overjoyed Dream come true to attend. *tears of joy emoticon*

Yip! I was able to attend Rampage 2015 and I. HAVE. NEVER. BEEN. SO. HAPPY. I didn’t expect to enjoy this much but I did! First glance of the Rampage 2015, I knew this will be a good time. I was with bae (haha) and his cousin. They are both hardcore gamers, they are my senpais. Hihi. They supported me in fulfilling this Rampage dream. Because not only did I attend Rampage 2015, I also cosplayed! I dressed up as Popstar Ahri (which I’ll be blogging about separately) that day which meant I had to roam around World Trade Center in high heels! And I never regretted a thing!! Hihi. It was hard and painful, yes. But whenever I feel like ranting, I am telling myself, “You wanted this! Rampage, Popstar Ahri. YOU WANTED ALL OF THAT SO ENDURE!” And then I’ll just inhale the good vibes and the mere fact that I was surrounded by thousands of League of Legends players.

I always mention this in my posts, that when  fangirl, I fangirl a lot! And that is what happened on my first ever Rampage experience. I was overwhelmed with ALL of the LoL cosplayers that day, that if I were not on cosplay, I probably had photo ops with all of them.

And to date, Rampage 2015 for me has been the most organized cosplay-related event that I have attended. Cosplayers didn’t have to pile up like sardines on comfort rooms because a lot were provided for us. The venue is big enough to enjoy as well as fangirl, have photoshoots, rest and eat while still enjoying the event. If it is mandatory to have a “What I didn’t like” portion, I think it would be the merchandise part of the event. We never had the chance to even look at the merch because the line is too  long. I wish they had allotted a larger space where participants can roam around the stuff and have time to choose. But that’s just a pinch of disappointment compared to the enjoyment that the event brought.

Kudos to the organizers because the event is really very ENTERTAINING. Hoping to attend more Rampage events! 🙂

No Ticket, No Cosplay Policy: Pro’s and Con’s

Few days ago, my Facebook newsfeed was invaded by rants and different opinions of cosplayers and congoers alike regarding the newly-made policy of Tagcom organizers which hinders non-ticket holders to cosplay on the event mentioned. Being a regular congoer, I always include the ticket fee on my budget along with the cosplay expenses (if I were to cosplay) so the news isn’t much of a big deal to me. Though actually bothered by how the usual cosplay crowd will become of this new rule, I scrolled past the posts back then.

Then came Tagcom. I went on the second day with my friends, still expecting to have fun during the convention — the very thing we’ve always looked forward to every con. Personally, I can say that I enjoyed the event. Of course, because I was with my friends! But the huge difference from the previous convention that I attended at Megamall is foreseeable and based from what I’ve observed, “No Ticket, No Cosplay” Policy has its Pro’s and Con’s and this time I cannot just ignore it because I’ve experienced it myself and now I’m writing them down:


photo from cutcaster.com

  • The previously feared rude security guards were actually not that rude at cosplayers that day, well at least from what I’ve witnessed. Probably because this time they had an idea that those cosplayers were actually mall customers as well. And I just want to point out that the security guards that approached us and reminded us of the rules were actually very calm and respectful that time. Hallelujah!
  • We usually receive an uneasy stare and unwelcoming approach from the janitress at the area where we always do our makeup but not on that day. I am not sure why but maybe because there were not much cosplayers who attended that’s why they weren’t that stressed or something. Still, thanks to that personnel who courteously asked us to put our trash on the designated trash bins. Faith in SM CR’s restored!
  • Space. SPAAAACEEE! Both along the hallways and inside the convention hall, I can spread my arms sideward and spin if only I wanted to look silly or hit my head on the railings upon the process. But seriously, it looked cleaner too. It is easier to browse on different stores without feeling energy drained after squeezing into a number of walking anime characters and fans. I personally liked this Pro part of the rule, because the cleanliness, non-chaotic aura of the environment somehow helped in creating a relaxing mood.
  • Despite the negative opinions circling on social media regarding this event, I appreciate those cosplayers who still took time and effort on cosplaying that day. I even fangirled more than I expected to. Clearly, it shows that if  love of the character is what really drives you into cosplaying, you’ll go miles to achieve it. Yes, even if it meant a hundred peso addition to your cosplay expenses.
  • Somehow, it felt nostalgic. Like, when we were watching the cosplay competition. Back when I was still new to attending conventions, the program is really what I look forward to. This time, I really had the chance to watch all the contestants perform because there is a decent space for the audience to stay.


photo from dreamstime.com

  • While the guards became somehow respectful to cosplayers, I observed that the marshals were a bit OC whenever they see cosplayers outside the halls. I can attest to this because my group experienced this first hand. We were in front of Megatadehall 2 and were simply handing out each other’s tickets thinking it was required for us to be able to enter 2 when a marshall scolded us telling us to keep walking to 1. We were supposed to go inside Megatradehall 2 that’s why we stopped there! Never wanting to cause any commotion, we just proceeded to hall 1. Wew. 
  • UGLY TICKET. UGLY STAMP. Not sure if they got short on budget or probably anticipated a small crowd that’s why they didn’t put much effort on the ticket. But why “ADMIT ONE” tickets?! Just why? Is that what we get for following the rules? Ito na yun? Plus the handwritten raffle stub. 🙁 Substandard service. Now would you still want me to talk about the stamp? Ugh. Okay next…
  • Poor implementation of the “No Ticket, No Cosplay” Policy. Just liked what I’ve mentioned on bullet 1 under Pro’s, me and my friends thought that it requires having a ticket upon entering Hall 2. And since we actually do have our tickets, we were ready to show it to whoever wants to check it before allowing us to enter but apparently, no one is checking it so, we just entered anyway. Half of the hall was filled with cosplayers, congoers and photographers while half of it was closed. We roamed around the hall, fangirled and took pictures until another marshal approached us asking for our tickets/stamps. We showed him our ugly stamps and then he walked away. Our neighbor that time on the other hand, surprised us as he removed his wig, took off his jacket (which was part of his costume then) and placed them on his bag, disappointed. Seemingly, he didn’t have a stamp for he didn’t purchase the ever precious ticket but still cosplayed. I just overheard their conversation that he wasn’t treated that way on day 1. That made me wonder. Why didn’t just they designate a marshal on the entrance so that non-ticket holders couldn’t enter in the first place? It became unfair because there’s no concrete way of telling that those who were cosplaying inside actually bought their ticket. It just became a game of luck. Random selection of who to humiliate.

If my memory serves me right, that would be all for now. A lot of opinions might arise when this article reaches people, well, actually I want to hear more from my fellow cosplayers and if I am privileged enough, from the organizer’s side as well. Again, this is based on my observations from what happened on Tagcom Day 2. Your experience might be different thus your opinions might be dissimilar from mine as well and I respect that. Let’s just hear each other out with an open mind that understands.


Toycon 2014 Day 3

It’s 1:44am and I just woke up. My body clock’s been ruined since I discovered blogging and cosplay, really. So I took my laptop and checked my Facebook. Ah, friend requests again. It made me glad. I knew they were the people that we (with my cosplaymates) met last Sunday, June 22, at Toycon 2014. That’s when I decided to write this.

Probably the biggest and longest running toy convention in the Philippines in my opinion, for I have never been to any other yet. I’m not a toy collector myself or shall I say, I was not. I was fascinated by the countless amount of stalls, each having their own set of collections with one goal: to entertain the con-goers and satisfy their liking in toys. There’s just a lot! It’s too crowded that road signs and traffic enforcers would be of much help, But it’s all worth it. Squeezing through the crowd just to see your favorite anime character’s figma, because you just can’t afford it yet, is such a wonderful feeling. Though I just realized, I didn’t see a Levi figure. Noooooooo~ but honestly speaking, I got inspired to collect toys now because of Toycon. I will have to study really hard to find the best job to support this hobby. Inspiration kicks in. Hooray!

Also, it’s my first time to attend this convention in cosplay too. And I can say I really enjoyed cosplaying that day. The people are very appreciative of our group cosplay of Bakemonogatari. I played Senjougahara Hitagi by the way. It was tiring but the amount of people who took our photos took the pain away. Actually my feet was burning painful even before we took a break at ate but I really enjoyed walking around and seeing other cosplayers so I endured the pain.

Photo by Marvin Tayong http://worldcosplay.net/member/MarvinTayong

Photo by Marvin Tayong http://worldcosplay.net/member/MarvinTayong

Overall. Toycon 2014 was a success, in my opinion. At first, we were really hesitant to attend a convention that will be held in SM Megamall because of previous experiences but this event is far different from before. The ticketing is very organized, the Toycon staff were very nice and accommodating, cosplayers are free to have photo-ops in a large area which is really what we need — not some barricaded corners where only a few can fit. The rude guards of before were out of sight as well, I hope this kind of management stays the same not only for Toycon but for other cosplay events to come.

I would love to attend this event every year from now on. Sugoi!

Three cosplays in one day and more awesome things

It was almost a week ago when I woke up by the sound of my iPod’s alarm. I wasn’t even sure if I actually slept because of the excitement because surprisingly, I got up immediately which I rarely do. But that time, I did. At 2 in the morning, we can say it’s excitement, yes.

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“Wake up, superstar!” Hahaha!

Thanks to my father I didn’t travel alone that time. We waited for my cosplaymates and parted ways as Jenny and his brother arrived. I gave my father a goodbye kiss on the cheek as he wished me luck and commanded me to take good care of myself. I thank the Lord for such supportive parents.

I, Jenny and his brother Arcel met the whole team at a train station around 4 and together we traveled to Tagaytay. The vehicle was too crowded with 12 people in it and a bunch of cosplay props and armors but the ride was worthwhile. As most of the girls were having a nap, the boys were all revved up for joke exchanges and story-telling.

We reached the destination, The Velvet View, with the sun shining brightly already. No time was wasted for we immediately dressed up after we had breakfast.

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[L-R] Chii, Micah, Me, Marvin, Misaki, Jenny
[Behind] Sir Mack, Arcel

It was a show for GMA News TV and we were there as supporting characters. Kris Bernal and Mike Tan were the main ones. The story was about two cosplayers who fell in love with each other. Hence, our participation as their co-cosplayers.

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Kris Bernal and Mike Tan doing the cheesy “Put me down or I’ll slap you” scene

Since it was a life story, we had to make it look like it happened on different days and so we were asked to bring two set of costumes. I dressed up as Saeko Busujima of Highschool of the Dead first, followed by Levy McGarden of Fairytail which was originally Jenny’s. But suddenly we were ask to change for one last time, good thing I brought a spare costume and Riko Aida of Kuroko no Basuke was my last costume.

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Photos not in order sorry.. I purposedly wanted to make the back-to-back effect on these photos but my Levy looked better facing that way so I flipped Saeko instead but still yeah… haha.

My cosplaymates brought their own costumes as well and there were moments when we exchanged costumes. It was all fun and anime. I can never forget that day. Though tiring, it was worth it. I was really amazed by my cosplaymates’ acting skills. Though only on the background, they really gave their best. I can still remember the all-out fight scenes done by Sir Mack, Dennis and Chii. They were really great. We also did a short introduction of our character’s wherein I sucked big time. I never thought saying such short line in front of a camera would be that hard. I mumbled my words and said the wrong character. I almost fainted due to shame. Good thing these amazing people kept doing their thing and it inspired me so I just shoo-ed the shame away and enjoyed while praying for my part not to be included in the final output. T^T

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With my fellow cosplayers 🙂

The production theme of the show were very accommodating and hardworking as well which made the experience even more enjoyable. We all went home tired but happy. With all the memories, I would love to do this again with them. 🙂

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Sir Mack as Kakashi on the go to his assigned spot while we wait for ours.