Real estate

By on July 6, 2012

As a civil engineering student, I believe I must be interested in topics regarding housing development, urban planning and other related stuff. I admit that I didn’t really take my course that seriously and now that I am on my fifth year, I am starting to familiarize myself with those kind of things. Too late but I have to convince myself that I have to focus on engineering-related things now which means less anime for me. 🙁

This will help in our thesis too that’s why I started searching about real estates and found some companies which perform well in the said field. One of those is real estate wilmington nc which is located in southeastern North Carolina. I learned some interesting facts as I browse their page. 🙂

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Talk about convenience

By on May 1, 2012

Although it has been nearly three years from now, the memory of what seemed like an endless rain that attacked our country is still fresh I can clearly imagine how the flood –from being as low as our ankle– rose as mother and father try to rescue some of our belongings. Luckily, yes we were still lucky that way, we we were able to save the important documents and stuff.

During those days, my father stood as the engineer-carpenter-welder-plumber-in-one in constructing our house. Somehow, the slow progress of the construction of our home served as a blessing-in-disguise for we stayed safely on the unfinished second floor of our house. Getting ready anytime to climb to the roof as the water rises even more.

Suddenly, I got this idea that steel buildings will make a more convenient facility when a calamity like this happens again. Or even if not, steel buildings are very useful and essential to people because they are easy to construct and you can just order the building that you want by providing the height, width and length of the structure.

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