Blogging Diary

First post using WordPress app

Welcome to my blog again. It’s been ages since I last posted that I want to go back to blogging but my case is far more severe than a writer’s block that even though I have too much to write about, I simply won’t. Any blogger there who knows what my case is called? Or is it simply our favorite word: procrastination.

I already forgot when I decided to make this blog my cosplay blog and though I have written a few related stuff, I know this doesn’t look close as a cosplay blog at all.

Too much for the negativity though, I just want to share this first step that I took to make a new post and revive this blog again.

I remember too well how I would schedule my posts in this blog years back. I miss it actually and now I’m glad I stepped out from simply missing it and moved on to actually doing something about it.

Now, I am posting via WordPress app which is free for download at Google Playstore and man, did I realize how much I missed not downloading this app before.

If you have (or have not, because I will just say it again here) read my previous somehow latest posts, I am currently in Japan right now for training. I did not bring my laptop because I plan to buy here but up to now, I am having seconds thoughts because of warranty stuff and whatnot. So going back, that is actually the main reason why I seldom blog nowadays. Which points me back to this WordPress app.

Sure blogging on a larger screen is great but in my current situation and (e.g. lack of resources), blogging via app on a 6in. mobile phone is better than nothing.

I guess this is what they mean by make the best with what you have, because indeed, i only have my phone, an incredibly way faster internet connection and sleepless nights which I wasted in social media few months back.

Now, I hope I get to bring back Castles in the Air to its state just as before and I wish to gain friends again through this.

Any tips on how to effectively blog using only mobile phone? I would love to hear from fellow bloggers too. I hope you can help me keep the blogging fire in me burning.


No photo because I am still exploring the app. ?

Looking for a website host?

Had I not thought of updating the About section of this blog, I wouldn’t have realized that it has been almost six years when I first owned this domain. SIX LONG YEARS!

Blessed enough to have a generous, techie, domain-addict friend, I got my first ever domain for free. Imagine how many domains this friend has that she manages to give out some to someone like me — someone who knows nothing about the technicalities of blogging back then. Now, if getting a .info domain for free seem lucky to you already, know that I also got hosting assistance from the same person. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such benefit but I am grateful ever since.

This blog has become a huge help to me as well when it comes to simply sharing my thoughts to having an outlet for my unbearable emotions and for extra income too. All because sometime in 2011, a benevolent girl named Nadine shared this blessing of a domain to me.

Nadine runs a lot of blogs in the WWW that I’d offer both my hands to help you count. Each blog has their own domain and own niche. Owning one is already a big task for me, imagine owning 2 or more? Talk about blogginggeekiness! I guess what really brought her to creating all those blogs is that she really loves what she’s doing. In fact, she even have her own web hosting business called Oh Rainbow where she provides website hosting at a very affordable price. Shall your domain experience being under her care, you wouldn’t think that a cutie,a artsy-crafty girl is the one behind those technical web hosting updates. Customer service is very professionally held.

Like what I said on my About page, I have little (almost negligible) idea about blogging when I received this domain. Back then I just thought that having a .info in my blog’s URL looks cool and pro that’s why I accepted it. Nadine, apparently have expected my ignorance in this aspect, didn’t even have to ask if I want to be included in her personal hosting business. She simply included me, gave my website hosting for free! Yes, and yet again.

From time to time I would encounter difficulties in maintaining my blog/website and I cannot remember any instance that Nadine failed to assist me. I will forever be thankful to have a friend and an I.T. consultant in one.

Her blogging website somehow has become her personal blog also but as I’ve read, she’s planning to write more about web hosting in it. Yes, and yet another niche.

Click here to go to Oh Rainow~! 🙂

Link exchange 2015

rI am so back. I can feel the hype again. The spark my fingers and keyboard make whenever I press a letter. I can finally say that “This is it!”

Few years back, when I was still a newbie in this wonderful world of blogging, I would always have topics in mind that I want to write. I have a lot of queued posts and I update my blogs often. During those times too, I was very active in visiting other blogs and because of bloghopping also, I found some friends.

But since, I was on hiatus for a long time, I lost track of my blogger friends. Some links on my homepage doesn’t work anymore when I tried clicking on them. Hence, I decided to post this.

I am open for link exchange once again. I will be posting links on two of my blogs. I hope you can include both on yours too. I have provided the links here so that you only have to copy and paste them on your blogs.

Castles in the Air

introvert inside

When you’ve added my links on your blog, please comment on this post with the following format so that I can easily add yours on mine too.

Blog Title:

Blog URL:

Link to where my links are located on your blog.

Submit as many links as you can. Hoping to meet new friends again! Happy link exchanging! 🙂

Recovering old blogs

Once a blogger, forever a blogger. No matter how low the ember on the coal shines, it still glows. And right now, an enough amount of oxygen fanned my fire in writing which led me to recovering my old blogs.

Answering security questions never bothered me anyway. It actually felt good being able to reminisce thru my younger years in blogging. Having full access on my old blogs, I saw that brave, opinionated, up-to-date teen me. SOme posts seem funny now that I have matured and knew which things are bloggable and not. But no regrets. In fact, it made me want to improve even more now.


I just transferred to my new job and I am very, very glad that I have more time to blog now. On my phone are the tons of photos that I was supposed to be blogging before but end up being mere phone photos. This time, little by little, I would like to share those memories on my blogs. It sure will be a long ride on memory lane. Would you like to travel with me?

I am not a full-time writer or a blogger. I am an engineer. But passion knows no profession and no matter what stuff I do at work or in everyday life in general, there will always be a part of me that says, “I’m going to write about this!” And now that I finally have the opportunity, I will be rebuilding my blogs and hopefully find friends along the way — old and new.

I admire those people who can handle their time effectively that even though they have other full-time jobs, they cna still keep their blogs updated. I see a ray of light. This time, I will not just keep the thoughts to myself or the photos on my phone. I will write because this is what makes me happy. 🙂

About time

So, I’m here again.

As much as I hate to say this, I’ve got no choice but to. So yeah, this blog is on hiatus. It’s been almost 5 months actually and I’m afraid there will be another five to come. But I will still be visiting and posting a bit but not as much as before. And when I come back, I’ll come back with a great surprise and more posts. 🙂

I will love to continue sharing my new experiences but for now, I will just put them on drafts and share them when the time comes that I can blog regularly again.

With that being said, this blog’s Facebook page, Castles in the Air has been gaining likes from the past few days which made me wonder because I know and I admit that this blog is not that active yet so I checked on the page and found out that the Facebook page under the name Castles in the Air, which happen to be the name of this blog, my blog, is being used by another blog which is conducting a giveaway. Though I’m not that affected with it and I haven’t checked all the details yet, I am just concerned with the people who’re joining that giveaway because they might expect something from me or my page that I won’t be able to give because in the first place, there’s no giveaway that is currently be being hosted by this blog and since Castles in the Air is this blog’s page, then no giveaway shall be conducted on that page as well. People might get confused and I don’t want that to happen.

I’m not sure if the giveaway host is aware that he/she has included the wrong page link on her giveaway but I hope this post of mine would clarify things and would clear me, my blog and especially my page Castles in the Air of any possible responsibilities that that giveaway might bring.

Thanks and goodluck everyone!

All the best,

Abegail, Castles in the Air blog owner

Priorities and a major change

Lately I’ve been very busy thinking of so many if not irrelevant, not-so important things. I have overlooked the ones that should be first on my list because of trying to fulfill my dreams when I was not earning my own money yet. Maybe that’s the thing when you finally had a job. You’ll get what you want no matter what.

So I bought this and that. Tried a lot of things that I would never have done if I was still relying on my school allowance. It made me happy but the stress came afterwards. I just came to a point when I am not even sure where my money went to. One day it was payday and then the next day I was left with nothing but regret.

Good thing I was able to give my mother a portion of what I’m getting from this job. I just have to minimize my expenditures and focus on what’s more important.

Less fangirling this time. Oh well.


Speaking of priorities, finally, I will be able to blog more regularly this time for we have a decent internet connection already. Upon having a WiFi at home. I quickly visited my old blogs and decided on which one’s to keep and which one i have to bid goodbye to.

And I am very happy to be able to use Nadine’s Tumblr theme for my website. Finally. After a really long wait.

Weeee! Happy blogging!

Blogging and business

Blogging introduced me to so many things and so many people. I understood the importance of interacting with your readers and supporting your co-bloggers’ blogs. For me, blogging is the same as business. You need the passion so that you won’t get tired no matter how complicated things might get because from time to time, there’ll be moments when you just want to give up.

Efforts to promote blogs is essential just as advertising in business. Backlinks are almost equivalent to fast letterhead printing wherein business’ ads are posted and advertised on the WWW.

Running blogs may be more simple than running real businesses but both requires the effort and passion of an individual to succeed.

Silver eagles

I have always been curious about silver eagles since the day I saw it on the internet when I was about to write of some known school here in our country. When I searched it on Google, it is the official silver bullion coins of the United States which made me realize that it’s not connected to any prestigious school here. Hehe. Yet, I was still interested and read some articles about it. Though not related to my article, I am glad that I got to earn yet another piece of information. 🙂

A bit of China in our household

Coming home from a 5-day trip in Ilocos, I want nothing but to lay my tired body on my parents’ king size bed that day. And so after showing my mother the best that I got there — a Vigan shirt for my younger sister (which doesn’t fit -_-“), two boxes of carrot cake , a miniature windmill, Pagudpud key chains and phone charms — I immediately went inside their room and slept the moment my back touched the soft foam.

I let go of reality since that moment and savored the nothingness which that dim-lit room gave me. Until, I felt a hand touched my feet, shaking me, wanting me to wake up immediately. I stood up with my eyes still closed and heard my younger sister’s voice. She wanted me to see something from the living room. She said it was a package for me. Package? That made me wake up fully.

I knew it. I rarely get packages that’s why I was already sure with this one. But I wasn’t expecting it to arrive that day that’s why I was still shocked when I saw a parcel from DHL carefully sealed and locked. I let my sister open it because I was a still a bit sleepy. Then I heard here say, “It’s from China!”

lookchem pen

OMG. I have never received any gift from outside the country yet. I was overjoyed. I took a look at the blue box and saw the Chinese texts in it and felt touched as the thoughts came to me. LookChem finally sent me their gift!

It’s a pen and a bookmark. I am already using the bookmark now but I am not sure about the pen. It looks very vintage and precious I want to preserve it. I am really happy about the gift and it came from China! I am really happy. I feel very special.

Thank you LookChem!

Unexpected gift

I tried my luck on one of Ate Lhyzie’s birthday giveaways because I really want to own a backpack that can house my most to least relevant school stuff that I always bring though I don’t need. OCD, maybe? Anyways, she held I think three giveaways and all of the prizes were, as usual, kawaii and useful at the same time but I only joined the North Peak x Hodge Podge x TRS giveaway because the bag came at the right time of my longing so I focused my attention to that.

At the bus, I’m feeling something I can’t explain and I suddenly texted her asking who won the North Peak giveaway. Her reply was short and simple yet it made my imaginary self jump from my seat leaving my physical self frozen as I read the word “You.” I replied with an all caps “WEH!” not to offend her but I just can’t simply express my delight and surprise! I have been joining her giveaways since I started blogging and I have won pretty good stuff which up to now, I haven’t used yet because they keep coming in.

But this one, I’ll definitely use this bag in my everyday living. Haha! Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? I love free stuff!!! 😀

I got my prices yesterday at her birthday party celebration and got even more ecstatic when finally, the bag that I’ve been wanting since I laid eyes on it in her blog touched my hands. I hugged the orange Giordano paper bag like a baby given a bear stuffed toy. It housed my free stuff and as I took a peek on the inside, I saw Hodge Podge stuff and melted away. I had to let go of the paper bag to return to my senses but there were moustache necklace, moustache magnet and moustache keychain so I died again. As I resurrected after a few seconds, I died again by the sight of clay phone charm and clay keychain that says “BLOGGER” in it. Oh yes, I am a very proud blogger now! Wee! I feel so blessed I gave Mahj the moustache keychain which I think made her happy as well.

Thank you North Peak! Thank you Hodge Podge! Thank you Ate Lhyzie!!

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