Blogging Diary

First post using WordPress app

Welcome to my blog again. It’s been ages since I last posted that I want to go back to blogging but my case is far more severe than a writer’s block that even though I have too much to write about, I simply won’t. Any blogger there who knows what my case is called? Or is it simply our favorite word: procrastination. I already forgot when I decided to make this blog my cosplay blog

Looking for a website host?

Had I not thought of updating the About section of this blog, I wouldn’t have realized that it has been almost six years when I first owned this domain. SIX LONG YEARS! Blessed enough to have a generous, techie, domain-addict friend, I got my first ever domain for free. Imagine how many domains this friend has that she manages to give out some to someone like me — someone who knows nothing about the technicalities

Link exchange 2015

rI am so back. I can feel the hype again. The spark my fingers and keyboard make whenever I press a letter. I can finally say that “This is it!” Few years back, when I was still a newbie in this wonderful world of blogging, I would always have topics in mind that I want to write. I have a lot of queued posts and I update my blogs often. During those times too, I was

Recovering old blogs

Once a blogger, forever a blogger. No matter how low the ember on the coal shines, it still glows. And right now, an enough amount of oxygen fanned my fire in writing which led me to recovering my old blogs. Answering security questions never bothered me anyway. It actually felt good being able to reminisce thru my younger years in blogging. Having full access on my old blogs, I saw that brave, opinionated, up-to-date teen

About time

So, I’m here again. As much as I hate to say this, I’ve got no choice but to. So yeah, this blog is on hiatus. It’s been almost 5 months actually and I’m afraid there will be another five to come. But I will still be visiting and posting a bit but not as much as before. And when I come back, I’ll come back with a great surprise and more posts. 🙂 I will

Priorities and a major change

Lately I’ve been very busy thinking of so many if not irrelevant, not-so important things. I have overlooked the ones that should be first on my list because of trying to fulfill my dreams when I was not earning my own money yet. Maybe that’s the thing when you finally had a job. You’ll get what you want no matter what. So I bought this and that. Tried a lot of things that I would

Blogging and business

Blogging introduced me to so many things and so many people. I understood the importance of interacting with your readers and supporting your co-bloggers’ blogs. For me, blogging is the same as business. You need the passion so that you won’t get tired no matter how complicated things might get because from time to time, there’ll be moments when you just want to give up. Efforts to promote blogs is essential just as advertising in

Silver eagles

I have always been curious about silver eagles since the day I saw it on the internet when I was about to write of some known school here in our country. When I searched it on Google, it is the official silver bullion coins of the United States which made me realize that it’s not connected to any prestigious school here. Hehe. Yet, I was still interested and read some articles about it. Though not related to my article, I am

A bit of China in our household

Coming home from a 5-day trip in Ilocos, I want nothing but to lay my tired body on my parents’ king size bed that day. And so after showing my mother the best that I got there — a Vigan shirt for my younger sister (which doesn’t fit -_-“), two boxes of carrot cake , a miniature windmill, Pagudpud key chains and phone charms — I immediately went inside their room and slept the moment

Unexpected gift

I tried my luck on one of Ate Lhyzie’s birthday giveaways because I really want to own a backpack that can house my most to least relevant school stuff that I always bring though I don’t need. OCD, maybe? Anyways, she held I think three giveaways and all of the prizes were, as usual, kawaii and useful at the same time but I only joined the North Peak x Hodge Podge x TRS giveaway because