Anime Diary

Ano Natsu de Matteru (Waiting in that summer)

This is one of the few anime that I really poured my tears into. Well, thinking about that, I just realized I cried in every anime that I watched. Anyways, this one’s different, I didn’t cry because the ending is sad. I cried because I didn’t like how it was presented. I mean, that could be a really, really beautiful scene.

But over all, this anime really touched my heart. I don’t want to write a “review” about the story because I’m afraid I might spoil a lot of details though the story is not that deep. They were a bunch of school kids for crying out loud! But I don’t know, there’s this kind of energy that makes me want to watch it every night. I finished watching the twelve episodes in two nights only.

This is a love story. A strange love story. Hehe. Some parts are cliche but of course, what would you expect on teens falling in love right?

I am hoping for a season 2. Haha!


Have you ever felt like you can see things which other people don’t? Have you ever experienced this confusion into which you couldn’t separate what’s true from what’s not?

Youichi Sakakibara, a transfer student from Tokyo, had strange encounters the moment he entered Yomiyama Middle School. There’s this girl named Mei Misaki whom he finds mysterious because nobody seem to notice her. Being the new student, he always tries to get along with his classmates, including Misaki. Without him knowing that there’s a consequence for it.


Another is an anime that is full of mystery and a little bit of suspense. At first, I was really scared to watch it. Upon reading the first three episodes  I was certain to not continue watching it because I was really terrified in some of the scenes. My classmates who have watched it already only persuaded me and convinced me that I can make it to the end. That I must watched the whole series. Indeed, this anime has lots of twists and believe me, if you thought you already knew some things, you actually don’t.

But hey, I must warn you, the dolls are really creepy. Hihi.

I just finished watching another anime

It was Angel Beats.

angel beats episode 10


At first, I didn’t really like the plot because of the part where Yurippe (the leader of the battlefront which they kept on revising the name) was questioning the presence of God but I thought, it would be interesting to know what she finds out in the end that’s why I kept on watching. It is a 13-episode anime with a lot of main characters.

I don’t want to spoil the ending because this is just a short series so I can just give you a brief introduction about it. Angel Beats is about a place where people who had an “unfair” life go after they die. The ones in here are mostly those who had their deaths early and didn’t have much time to enjoy their childhood some wander around due to memory-loss.

This anime revolves around fighting for what makes you happy and accepting the consequences once you reach it. And of course, love is also involved. The twists in the end made me cry most. And I still have a lot of questions.

Another Note

Since after watching the Death Notes live action movies, I’ve fangirled over everything about Death Note and finishing the anime series added to my enthusiasm towards Death Note. I started following Death Note blogs on Tumblr and found this role playing blog where the Death Note characters answer the questions submitted by other people. I read the whole blog and was glad that I found it after watching the anime because spoilers appear every now and then. But some parts and some characters seem new to me, I though maybe they are fanfic characters but as I read on, I found out that Death Note had other follow-up stories which lead me o searching BB on Google.

BB stands for Beyong Birthday, a character in Death Note: Another Note. From what I’ve read in that blog, I think that BB is L’s atlter ego or something similar to that. I don’t know that’s why I want to read that novel. Is there any blogsite where I can download that manga?


Death Note Live Action

I was just halfway through the first season of the anime Death Note when I saw this Death Note live action CD at Ate Lhyzie’s CD collection. It was love at first site. L stared at me as if saying, “Love me,” and I immediately did. I haven’t got any idea about the anime nor  the live action yet. It was mere peer influence that made me watch this anime and the live action just came into view when I just falling in love with the anime.

I insisted into watching this movie during our overnight but nobody notices me so I fangirl alone on one side of the bed with the Death Note CD clutched near my heart. We watched different movies but from time to time I stare into that CD case enclosing my most beloved. I wanted to watch it so bad that I finished two seasons in a row. I saved the third for last.

Yagami Light also didn’t looked near as the anime character. L is perfect as he always is. Amane Misa is cute and also far different from the anime. Some scenes were really very different and I can say that the anime’s plot is better than the live action.