Dog lover family

By on June 28, 2013

I wasn’t like this before. Actually I used to hate dogs so much. Or pets in general. Maybe because I see myself to be just complete sluggish pet owner if I became one. Until, Bella, our border collie gave birth to five cute snowy white chubby puppies. See, I never saw them that way before. I only see them as a noisy little fellas when these cuties aren’t around yet.

But now, I am hands-on on taking care of them. Though some are given to our friends, we kept one for us. The chubbiest among them all. The original plan was to give all of them but we just can’t let go of it so we decided to keep him. Tabachi bacame his name because we’re just used to calling them with their physical appearances.

Tabachi is the one in the middle of the three white puppies 🙂

He is a couple of months old already and he already copies his mother’s barks whenever somebody comes in the house. I am planning to get the best bark collar for him since he is my first favorite pet. 🙂

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