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Buying Guide for Female Racers Off the Trail

Motorcycle riding gear is a huge part of motorcycle riding. Whether you are a female or male biker, you’ll need to ensure your motorcycle gear keeps you safe and comfortable during your rides. Riding in the cold, extreme heat or a downpour can distract your focus on the road. If you are not well prepared with appropriate biker accessories, it will surely make your ride an unpleasant one. The guidelines here on buying motorcycle gear will help you make the best choices for your particular riding lifestyle.

Each type of motorcycle activity has its own special range of gear. Whether you are riding off the trail or compete on a race track, you will need gear designed specifically for these styles of riding. The first buying decisions can be a challenge particularly today when there are more options than ever before, whether offline or online.

Consider your initial purchase as an investment that provides you safe riding and pleasure. The golden rule to follow is, you get what you pay. This is the same for most sporting goods. Some manufacturers such as BMW or Ducati are known for a higher end product, but as in their name alone, you can trust you’re getting top quality and design.

Motorcycle Rider Gear Essentials Include:

1 Helmet: There are many types of motorcycle helmet. Choose one that meets your type of riding.

2 Gloves: Leather is your best bet. Gloves should cover and extend beyond your wrist bone (gauntlet style). If not fully leather be sure at very minimum the palms are fully leather. Gloves should have no open areas exposing skin and be flexible enough for good use of levers/controls.

3 Motorcycle Jackets: armour in elbows, shoulders and an internal back protector.

4 Pants: sturdy material with armour in knees and hip area and allow for flexibility.

5 Sturdy Boots: boots which come above the ankle and cover the ankles for protection. A grippy sole and without laces if possible. Laces come undone and can catch on footpegs which can be hazardous.

Tip: Careful not to buy too small as it can be pretty uncomfortable wearing tight gear.

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