Cosplay Diary

Bow tie baby

My classmates seem to still be having the hang of vacation that’s why instead of doing our thesis, we went to the mall near our school during our long break at school and window shopped there. Our first stop was the BookSale of course. They’re avid fans of Otaku Zine and Otaku Vault that’s why while I, on the other hand, looked for baking books. We also looked for potential cosplay outfits at Sugarfree and Blue. There was this outfit that I liked most. It’s like what Angelina Jolie wore on Tomb Raider but more anime-ish. It’s color combination is red and black and it has a male costume counterpart. Hihi.

bow tie

We last roamed around the department store and finally, I found something to buy. I have always wanted to pair my gray polo shirt with a bow tie but never succeeded in finding a cheap one. Until that day, on the kid’s section, I spotted a bunch of black ribbons hanged on the accessories corner. I tried one and decided to buy it after Ticcle’s advice.

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