Here we are again. This I-don’t-know-how-to-start-yet-kept-on-writing feeling again. If this blog was a person, it’ll be an old precious friend. A constant companion. Somebody who never leaves even though you’ve forgotten them for so long. Somebody not to lose, ever.

It’s the time of the year again, as they say. And just like this blog, there are people whom I’m very thankful for having as friends and companions. Apart from material blessings, I am more thankful to God that He gave them such wonderful people for without whom, I am not sure if I can still go on.

I rarely post about my feelings on social media. The most heartbreaking feeling that I can openly share on my Facebook would probably be playing as Ashe and losing in League of Legends or not getting that Victorious Morgana last season. But apart from that, only a few people really know what struggles I go through everyday. Same people are aware of my happy times and most of the times they’re in it. And that for me is something to be thankful for.

I saw a quote on Facebook that says, “As we grow older, our Christmas list gets shorter.” Because we realize that the things that matter most in life cannot be bought. This Christmas and on the days to come, let us be thankful for whatever God has given us and believe that He provides us everything that we need. We may not understand it for now but God does. All we have to do is to trust. Be thankful and have faith.

Have a blessed holiday everyone!

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