My Birthday 2011

After a blog post about our pet Princess dying, here I am writing about what happened on my birthday last march 27. Sorry, I should have posted this earlier but we do not have internet that day so yeah.

I woke up at around 1pm that day. Actually, I don’t want to wake up yet but my little sister keep on waking me up and even scared me that I will never be able to taste all of the foods that mother prepared.

Well, there never really is a lot of food. I’m 19 so I don’t actually anticipate that much about parties anymore. I’m okay with the macaroni spaghetti and barbecue. Sadly, no cake. 🙁 But the simple things that I got that day were more than an extravagant party.

As I’ve said in my older post, I really am excited about my birthday because of the people that remembers me. And this year they never failed me again. I got text messages, letters and online greetings which made my heart melt.

Also, three beautiful young ladies exerted effort in giving me the most memorable birthday gifts ever!

sweetest things I got from 8 year olds 🙂


These were given by Marxi, my little sister and Faith, our cousin. The one with the glitters is Marxi’s she even used my metallic pen in writing the message. Inside that wrapper is a letter and a photo of Taylor Swift. They knew I love her. 🙂 I  think the photo costs five pesos at their school and it’s really sweet to have Faith giving it to me.

And them this one, was  given by Bea

bea's masterpiece

As I’ve said on my Tumblr, ” A friend gave it to me as a birthday gift because she said she doesn’t have any money to buy me one so she made this. Sweet part is she never make anything that involves art and coloring and drawing. She even searched for owl images just so she can draw one. Yah, I know, the “BIRTHDAY” is incorrectly spelled. I was the one to discover it actually and she just laughed at it. Still lovely, isn’t it?” 🙂

Also, we have this written on our little white board all day


And you can guess who the writer is


Yeah! None other than this little lady over here with her towel still on her head after taking a bath. Marxi can be sweet sometimes. 🙂

There. That’s why I love birthdays, it makes you feel special even just in a day. ♥

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  1. yun pala yung sinsabi ni bea na card!!!!!! kala ko sinong friend ang kyooot! si christian kaya walang gift skin. Hwahahah!! Belated ulit sayo abeng <3<3<3

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