Being random on August 1st

Hi, I don’t know what to write but I want to. So I’ll just be sharing the birth dates of each of us in our family just for the sake of having something to write on August 1, besides, I know you have read so many articles and posts welcoming this month so let’s be random this time.

My sister was born on May 17. The youngest among us, September 27. Nothing so significant with those two. Haha!

My mother’s birth date is July 30 which is actually a month before my father’s.

My father and brother share the same birth date and I have always been amazed to know that. I mean, I can imagine how happy our father was when on his very birthday, he became a father for the first time.

And I was born on March 27, same date as my mom’s mother. That one, I’m really happy about. It made me somehow an instant favorite of my lola because our month and day of birth are the same. Hehe! And oh, Mariah Carey too. 🙂

So there, if you happen to go up to here, then thanks for the support. So far, this is the most random post that I’ve created and I don’t regret anything. I can finally use the common defense of some bloggers “This is my blog and I’ll post anything I want.” Haha! Now, I understand.

So basically, this is just an attempt to make an insignificant topic look meaningful but sadly, it didn’t. Haha!

And that, everybody, is how welcomes you to the new month~

Okay, okay. August, please be good. 🙂

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