Before I forgot

My mother just celebrated her birthday last Saturday, July 30 and I hope we made her happy on her special day.

Mama with Xari.. Bagong ligo na yan. haha

Remember my post about Adam’s and my mom’s birthdays and what birthday gift can I give to them? Yes, that one. Well, nobody cared to help me on that. Haha! But it’s okay. I managed to give my mom three white roses and a polo that didn’t fit her. That sucks really, especially that it have to belong to my 8 year old little sister yet again. I’m really not that good in sizes and assumptions. But I know she loved it. 🙂 I even waited for the night market because I don’t have enough money to buy expensive clothes. The real reason why I went home late not the school project. So ma, if you’re reading this. I’m sorry I lied. 🙂

And the roses, I know she’s touched. Haha. My epic plan to surprise her with the flowers was close to “epic fail-ness” but thank God the curtains of their room blocked my actions outside so I was able to leave the flowers there and at 4am I think, I watched her silhouette as she gets the flowers in the rack in front of their room (I slept in there because I’m such a coward kid who can’t sleep alone in her bed). She called my papa and I’m sure she bragged about it to him. Haha!

simple gifts from us to Mama

When I woke up, it was 11am, the curtains were all up and I can see from where i was lying Marxi in the sala watching Phineas and Ferb. I called and asked her to give my gift to mama (the sleepiness was just my front, I actually was shy to give the gift to her).

I stood up at 12pm and greeted her a happy birthday. Being the humble one as she is, she just said, “Tinipid mo na naman sarili mo ha. Kung ano ano na naman binili mo.” And I know that’s just her way of saying “Thank you.” to me.

Too bad I don’t know how to cook so unlike other teens, I din’t get the chance to help her in the kitchen. #ThatAwkwardMoment when you’re cooking for your own birthday celebration. 🙂 But I made the barbecue sauce!

Yes. I made that barbecue sauce like a boss!

Bea brought a cake, I don’t know the flavor but it tastes like coffee. That girl is such a coffee-lover. Haha! We also had chocolate Red Ribbon cake and the strawberry ice cream which only Marxi likes and this Selecta ice cream with marsh mallows and chocolate bits. Whatever its flavor is. We ate and I washed the dishes for the whole day, without being asked to do it. Yeah!

Bea's cake got to be eaten first. 🙂 and Marxi made a cake for mama, that one in the plate.. haha
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