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Because I just can’t wait

Death Note has been a very frequent topic in all of my blogs recently because it’s the latest anime and movie that I’ve watched. I don’t fancy movies that much but when I do, I do it fangirl style! Hehe. Anyways, my love for L. Lawliet, one of Death Note’s main character, has reached the point where I think about him all the time and I want to see him wherever I am, which most probably won’t be possible now because classes already started. Good thing that Ate Gel from Hodge Podge was very eager in reminding me of what design I would like to use in my Hodge Podge order.

By the way, Hodge Podge is an online shop where they use bottlecaps in different accessories that they make. They do fridge magnets, keychains and necklaces.  Here’s their Facebook page if you’re curious: Hodge Podge Online Shop 🙂

So after weeks of deciding, I came up with this design for my necklace:

Photo from Hodge Podge Facebook Page

Yes! It’s Matsuken as L!!! Now I can be with him all the time. I can see him whenever I want. Eeeeee~ This Hodge Podge necklace is really cute even if I haven’t seen it personally yet. But I received a text message from Hodge Podge saying that my orders have been shipped already so in the coming days, I’ll be seeing my Lawliet in my necklace. I’m so excited!!! Really! Hahaha!

I also ordered two necklaces for my two bestfriends. It will be a surprise so I can’t tell the design yet. Just in case they’re reading this. Haha!

Hodge Podge is the best!

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