Beats by Dr. Dre Pro

January 26, 2013

I am not that into gadgets. I don’t even enjoy playing games in my cellphone that’s why I can never understand why my classmate kept on buying new gadgets whenever a new one comes out of the market. He has an iPhone5, iPod 5th gen, Blackberry curve which I don’t know the other whatevers of it and more. Yes, more.

But one of his many accessories always make me want to play and liten with his gadgets. That is the beats. I have heard this many times and I know that this is one of the leading brands when it comes to headphones and when I tried using it, I believed everything that I read. The sound is so clear. I really enjoyed playing Temple Run 2 with it. Maybe that explains why I can reach 1km now compared before when I already died even before reaching 500meters.

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