Badly needed

January 1, 2012

“The human eye is the best camera ever.” said my classmate during our Science class in highschool. Her dad, a photographer, gave us a short lecture about Photojournalism for our upcoming Press conference that time  and I can remember having the chance to try a professional camera for the first time. Those were the days when not every hipster in town possesses a DSLR so that moment is a very delightful one. Since I heard that from her, sometimes I feel like I was picturing something out of nowhere and then as I get back to my senses, I’ll realize I was looking at a such great scene. Her words truly had a deep impact on me.

Maybe that’s why whenever I got to hold a camera of somebody I know (for I don’t have my own) I savor the moment of me and that piece of technology and I take as many pictures as I could.

This new year, I would want to have my own camera that’s why I am doing my very best to gain extra money but sadly, no tasks for me.

I am desperately wishing for an opportunity or a good Samaritan to knock on my door. I think this is the missing piece for me to enjoy blogging even more. I’ve been palnning to run a photo blog but the most important tool for it is non-existent yet.


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