Just a random fact about me: I have two babies already.

Oh yes, you read it right. I am a single mom and a single grandma. LOL

Kidding aside, the babies that I am talking about here are stuffed toys which are the closest to my heart (like I have a lot but honestly, I only have two. Haha!). My first baby is Adam Ysmael Doggy named after my idols Adam Young (Owl City) and Yael Yuzon of Spongecola the Doggy part is a long story. The next baby is David; I didn’t give him that name though. He had it when he was bought at Blue Magic by my friend whom I used to call my “son” that’s why I am David’s grandma. Hehe!

I really, really love those babies. And now that I often sleep alone, I love them more for always being there for me. Actually, I am already looking for a big bag so that I can bring them both on my fieldtrip because I just can’t sleep without them already. I love them so much!

It’s always nice to have something to hug when nobody else does. It may sound insane but I always talk to them too. Maybe that’s why they already have their own personality in my point of view. It’s as if they’re really alive. LOL

Maybe it is psychological that I regard those toys as my real friends but I am not crazy. Hehe! I am sure you have your own friend in a form of inanimate objects too and for me, it’s normal. We are people, we tend to create perfect images out of things that we can control which will never, ever apply to fellow human beings.

By the way, Doggy just celebrated his 5th birthday last October 17!

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