Author: abe

The Consequence I

*Apologies for the blogger is so crazy she decided to turn a supposed to be only one post into a what seemed like a series of her unfortunate academic journey. So, it is advised that you read The Search first. Just click here. I’m sorry.*

The Consequence II

You may have what the world regards as the easiest course and people may laugh at you but if it makes you happy, in the future it will bring you to the best place you are supposed to be, far from the prejudicial stares of the public.

The Search

I hope this post or even just the thought of it reaches the people concerned. I could just wish. During grade school and high school days, I was part of our schools’ Journalism Club. In elementary I write editorials and in high school I was feature editor. I love to write, yes but I’m not sure if I write that well already because my classmates write far, far way better than me. However uncertain, I