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Have you ever felt like you can see things which other people don’t? Have you ever experienced this confusion into which you couldn’t separate what’s true from what’s not?

Youichi Sakakibara, a transfer student from Tokyo, had strange encounters the moment he entered Yomiyama Middle School. There’s this girl named Mei Misaki whom he finds mysterious because nobody seem to notice her. Being the new student, he always tries to get along with his classmates, including Misaki. Without him knowing that there’s a consequence for it.


Another is an anime that is full of mystery and a little bit of suspense. At first, I was really scared to watch it. Upon reading the first three episodes  I was certain to not continue watching it because I was really terrified in some of the scenes. My classmates who have watched it already only persuaded me and convinced me that I can make it to the end. That I must watched the whole series. Indeed, this anime has lots of twists and believe me, if you thought you already knew some things, you actually don’t.

But hey, I must warn you, the dolls are really creepy. Hihi.

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