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Another Note

Since after watching the Death Notes live action movies, I’ve fangirled over everything about Death Note and finishing the anime series added to my enthusiasm towards Death Note. I started following Death Note blogs on Tumblr and found this role playing blog where the Death Note characters answer the questions submitted by other people. I read the whole blog and was glad that I found it after watching the anime because spoilers appear every now and then. But some parts and some characters seem new to me, I though maybe they are fanfic characters but as I read on, I found out that Death Note had other follow-up stories which lead me o searching BB on Google.

BB stands for Beyong Birthday, a character in Death Note: Another Note. From what I’ve read in that blog, I think that BB is L’s atlter ego or something similar to that. I don’t know that’s why I want to read that novel. Is there any blogsite where I can download that manga?


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  1. hi I came across your question searching for ‘Death Note: Another Note – Los Angeles BB Murder Cases’ myself. I’m pretty sure that this one is a novel only, not a manga, so you’ll likely have to buy a proper copy instead of a download.

    I was hoping it would be downloadable onto a kindle, because downloads are cheaper and easier, but the kindle store does not have a downloadable copy yet only a hardcover book.

    ~anyways, excuse my rambling, this does not really answer your question: no, there is no blog site where this manga can be downloaded, ‘cos it’s not a manga book.

    ~Save time searching for a download and just buy it normally at an online store c:

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