Another chapter

My sister just got married and though I try  not to be sad that in time, she’ll be living apart from us, I just can’t. That’s why I am just writing about ot here, because she doesn’t know about this blog. Hehe.

During her wedding day, I was the one who’s taking videos of their vows and I do’s. Honestlty speaking, I cried a lot when she finally said her I do. Oh my. My sister is married now. I want her all the best. She’s really strong and mature but she can be childish sometimes. But I am sure that his husband won’t give up on her. She’s moody but very lovable. And they love each other.

Oh, one day, I’ll sleep alone in the room we used to share while she enjoy and explore the wonders of a married life. Wherever she might be, I’m still here for her. May it be just on our neughborhood or in a parisluxeapt paris luxury apartment rentals. I’ll forever be her secretly supportive younger sister. Ohmy.. tears…. no!

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