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Anime Movie Review: Her Blue Sky

This is a long overdue post. A topic that i have jotted down on my planner multiple times since February. I want to apologize already for the months-late review, but I still want to share this with everyone.

Valentine’s Day came early this year for anime fans in the Philippines as cinemas showed yet another anime movie last February.

Special premier: February 7, 2020 (SM Megamall)
General screening: February 12, 2020

Her Blue Sky or originally, Sora no Aosa wo Shiru hito yo


Review on the characters:
As always, I am a huge fan of the unconventional and this movie have a lot of them. The main male character, Shinnosuke Kanamuro’s appearance actually give a grown band member aura which is special, I think, for an anime to ressonate.
The sisters are your typical best girl older sister and stubborn (but soft inside) younger sister. I love the older sister more. 😂
Sister: Akane Aioi
Younger: Aoi Aioi
*One thing I noticed about the sisters names is that they are colors in Japanese. Aka or akai means red and Aoi means blue. “Ne” is also a way to call a sister from the word ane which means my sister or oneesan, someone’s sister.

The supporting characters are well thought of too and I love each and everyone’s character development. From the ex-band members having their own families after pursuing different paths to their reunion and interactions since then.

Review on the plot:
The trailer gave off a time travel vibe which made me wonder who is who. Who grew up to be whom? However, it became clear upon watching the movie. And that the mystery is not on the who but on the why. Timeline travel or something like different dimension existence: a very much common theme in anime.
But like I’ve said, the very well put character development gave justice to the fantasy side of the story. Another thing that made it special is its strong family ties vibes. While most anime stories seem to revolve around the main characters lives only, Her Blue Sky showed lives of people with actual families and how they value each other. Something relatable. Something touching.
The romance part is not so overwhelming but sweet and cute. After all what happened a light feel on relationship is a good conclusion.

Although overall it is a good anime movie, let me just say that there are several loopholes in it. There are times when circumstances obviosly side with the main character even though it is very unlikely to happen even when considering that it is a work of fiction. Talk about main character benefits, e?

I’d also like to think that there are symbolism in the story which they want us to imagine ourselves. Like how the time travel happens, is it really someone time travelling or a mere representation of the past?

And since it’s title has a “sky” on it, I will have to look past the floating/flying up in the sky moment despite of it being an overused scene. Haha!

I think I will have to stop there before I give out more hints. 😉
I know this movie isn’t showing on cinemas anymore but let’s just hope they’d bring it on TV or any other ways we can watch it again legally. Support artists y’all.

I was actually surprised that only a few people watched considering the sudden rise in popularity of Japanese anime movies in the Philippines after Kimi no Nawa. Or maybe most fans watched on the special premier. That, I have no information about, I am sorry…again.

Plus points!!! Japanese singer Aimyon sang the OST with the same title, Sora no aosa wo shiru hito yo. Please check out her music. She’s one of the bests!!

We got free stickers by the way. Thank you, SM Megamall Cinema. And to the person who drew them.

Rating: 7/10
If it weren’t for the loopholes, really.

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