And insecurity strikes again..


It’s 2:58 am. I just finished blog hopping. I don’t actually know the real meaning of that term but as I understand it, maybe it’s visiting other blogs and leaving comments and stuff. So yeah, I’ve wandered through the WWW again. After a series of theme changing, I decided to blog hop. (funny how I often use that word and still wonder what it really means)

I’ve seen a lot of awesome blogs. Some of them are kawaii-inspired.

Anyways, I noticed that a lot of blog owners I visit have this chat box in their sites and I figured I want to  have one like that too so I hit “Create your own chatbox” and there I had one. But I am unable to display it on my blog. So I searched for another one but I failed again.

Turned out I’m this insecure blogger again. Who has this pretty cool blog layout in her imagination but cannot put it in reality. It’s so sad how I wanted to have my own theme, banner, CHATBOX, visitor counter, etc.

I also wanted to earn money through blogging that seems impossible now. For I can’t even manage to put a chatbox in my site. ;(

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