An Early Birthday Gift

I will be celebrating my 20th birthday on March 27! And as my Birthday Countdown widget confirms, two days from now, I will turn 20. Yay!

Birthday Countdown Widget 🙂

I have always been excited for my birthday though I don’t actually hold parties or any kind of  “celebration”. I would love to but if there’s none, it’s fine with me. What excites me the most are the greetings from people especially from those whom I never expected to know my special day. I also love receiving gifts and surprises but as I have said, I don’t look forward to those much because I know that the people around me have more important things to prioritize than my birthday. So yeah, I am very excited deep inside but I try my very best not to show it because man, I am turning 20! Birthdays parties are for seven year olds only. Hahaha. Just kidding. Of course everyone deserves a birthday party whichever way they want.

Speaking of gifts, I can say that I am lucky this year for having a friend like Mahj (yeah the one who gave me an extra THG ticket, she’s so nice). Because just as we are taking photos of each other during the The Hunger Games screening, she gave me an early birthday gift! As usual, I almost cried over it but managed just to smile from ear-to-ear as she took out a pair of cellphone charms with owl designs and gave it to me!

I just love owl stuff. They make me joyful.

“Oh, regalo ko sa’yo!” she mentioned. Of course I knew it. If it has owls then it’s mine. I don’t know why but she never really bothered wrapping gifts that’s why the sense of surprise lasted for milliseconds only but the gratitude will stay forever.

Thanks Mahj!

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