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Adam, see you!

Adam Young. Adam Young! I’m going to see Adam Young on October 26. Aaaaa! The feeling was so fresh. It’s like when he first tweeted me. I literally jumped for joy in the middle of the night when I saw the ATBAB Tour International tour dates and Manila, Philippines was included. Oh my Adam. He loves me so much! 🙂

I haven’t been to TriNoma often so I don’t really know how to get there but I have 5 months to figure it out. It’s final! I have to go. I have to attend the concert. It will break my heart into microscopic pieces if I miss his concert again.

May the Lord God please grant me this once in a lifetime chance. I’m really decided to buy VIP ticket for myself and I’m willing to go to the concert alone for none of my closest friends would really spent that much money for a concert, neither would I but this is OWL CITY. I love Adam Young as much as I love my family and I have to support him. I have to see his concert on October. This is final, I say it is.

Adam please keep your promises. All of your Filipino fans are looking forward to your next visit. We are very excited indeed We love you and see you in October.


Please accept the peanut butter sandwich that you asked from me. Remember?

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2 thoughts on “Adam, see you!

  1. I actually don’t know who Adam Young is. Sorry. But as I read your post, it seem like you really want to see him. Hope you’ll get that 🙂

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