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About time

So, I’m here again.

As much as I hate to say this, I’ve got no choice but to. So yeah, this blog is on hiatus. It’s been almost 5 months actually and I’m afraid there will be another five to come. But I will still be visiting and posting a bit but not as much as before. And when I come back, I’ll come back with a great surprise and more posts. 🙂

I will love to continue sharing my new experiences but for now, I will just put them on drafts and share them when the time comes that I can blog regularly again.

With that being said, this blog’s Facebook page, Castles in the Air has been gaining likes from the past few days which made me wonder because I know and I admit that this blog is not that active yet so I checked on the page and found out that the Facebook page under the name Castles in the Air, which happen to be the name of this blog, my blog, is being used by another blog which is conducting a giveaway. Though I’m not that affected with it and I haven’t checked all the details yet, I am just concerned with the people who’re joining that giveaway because they might expect something from me or my page that I won’t be able to give because in the first place, there’s no giveaway that is currently be being hosted by this blog and since Castles in the Air is this blog’s page, then no giveaway shall be conducted on that page as well. People might get confused and I don’t want that to happen.

I’m not sure if the giveaway host is aware that he/she has included the wrong page link on her giveaway but I hope this post of mine would clarify things and would clear me, my blog and especially my page Castles in the Air of any possible responsibilities that that giveaway might bring.

Thanks and goodluck everyone!

All the best,

Abegail, Castles in the Air blog owner

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