A time to relax

Hell week is just in the corner.  A series of quizzes and unending assignments are in line waiting to be accomplished but I am just too tired to do anything yet! Plus, the assignments are consisting of a lot of pages to write, by write, I mean by hand. Yeah! It really is hell. I don’t understand why we have to rewrite so many lectures when we already have photocopies provided by our professor. Please! There’s the computer by the way, so why hand write? Ugh. If only we have these portable hot tubs, maybe I will be able to relax and  start even just one of my home works. I remember this company called Dimension One. They offer the coolest hot tubs and spas in the world! Portable hot tubs, home spas, aquatic fitness systems, name it! You’ll surely be able to relax and do your tasks afterwards without even leaving your home.

I wish to have one of their products. Maybe I’ll be able to do my home works better. 🙂

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