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A Teary Little Christmas (Party)

One of the two Christmas parties that I’ll be attending this year happened today. I was with my schoolmates and we shared a very long walk from SM Megamall to Meralco to witness the lights display there. I don’t have a camera so maybe the photos will be posted soon, when the ones with cameras uploaded our photos. I just want to share what I felt when I received the gift from my classmate and friend, Bernie. I was his “monita” and I was so overjoyed that I am close to tears when I received this very unexpected gift.

Being a fan of Owl City, I already have the idea that I will be given anything related to owls and because Owl City merch are very expensive, I erased that from my expectations list already. What’s on my mind were owl earrings or owl necklaces. The typical owl accessories but when Bernie handed me the gift, my initial reaction was a simple thank you but on my mind I was disappointed because it was not the size of any accessory and by its texture, I knew that it was s stuffed toy. I don’t fancy stuffed toys that much so I decided not to open it but they insisted that we open our gifts and so I was forced to open mine. I examined the squishy thing while it was still inside its packaging and concluded to myself, “Okay, it’s a stuffed toy. Just be thankful that you received a gift.” I already conditioned myself to seeing a cuddly little teddy bear the moment I pull it out but as I explore my hands further, the gift still inside the wrapping, I felt as if there is a pocket or something, and then I thought, “Is this an animal hat? Wow! Not bad.” But then as I dig into the gift, feeling the mysterious thing’s features, I spotted what seemed like a beak, a soft beak. I didn’t think twice that time and pulled it out with all my heart. That moment I was sitting on the grass and everyone’s been surrounding me, waiting for my reaction and as realization hit me, my hands voluntarily hit Bernie’s legs who is at that time standing in front of me. I just received an owl puppet!

This owl puppet surely has a long beak. 😀

For non-Owl City fans, I know it’s normal to regard my reaction as weird or almost freaky because I was really close to crying when I knew what the real gift was.

I’m just very thankful to the Lord for giving me wonderful friends like them. And Bernie for thinking outside the box and adding a different “category” in my very usual owl collection.

And I want to say sorry for judging his gift too quickly, I just realized, if it happened to be a teddy bear, I would still be happy because it is from a friend and I apologize for acting (in my mind) like a spoiled brat who only wants the things that she expects.

Moral Lesson: Everything that we receive is a blessing from the Lord so we should always be happy and thankful whatever it may be. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Teary Little Christmas (Party)

    1. kaya nga nadine e. ang drama drama ko talaga. haha. pag may nagbibigay kasi ng kahit anong owl related stuff sakin, super touched talaga ako lagi. 🙂

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