A fail but touching surprise

Clarence or Ticle as I call her, just celebrated her 20th birthday last April 21 and though busy, I still managed to organized a surprise for her which I pledged to do since last year. 🙂

Usually, I coordinate with our two best friends, Chaneth and Rizza but I understand that they have other priorities so I talked to our college close friends instead. The original plan is just to buy a simple gift but we didn’t have enough to time to look for a Ticcle-friendly gift so we settled on a cake.

Luckily, there’s a cute cake store in SM Sta. Mesa and there we bought this simple cake for her.

Paired with skinny candles, this cake really looked cute when the candles are still standing tall. Haha! We surprise her by delivering it in front of there house as we sing the happy birthday song. Poor Ticcle only blushed as she knows that her sisters will tease her because of this.

At the end of the day, we still enjoyed and I understand why at first she seemed not to like it because we’re not really into cheesy things like this. 😀

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