Cosplay Diary

A different kind of wishlist

I am starting to invest for my cosplaying career. LOL.

But seriously, before, I was really not into makeup but now, it is already part of my window shopping. 😀 And I always check out online shops if there’s a sale that I can afford and I also, I always visit my fashionista blogger friends to see if they are giving away whatever it is that has to do with makeup. Because I’m still just a student and I don’t want to rely on my parents regarding this hobby of mine. It feels awkward to ask my father, “Pa, can you give me money so I can buy eyeshadow?” Hahaha! I don’t know how will he react. As well as my mother who is more thrifty.

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Makeup is not included in my savings yet because I have to provide the costume first of course. That is why I can only dream about them for now. I made a wishlist consisting only of different kinds of makeup that I can use for my cosplay.

I call it, My Makeup Wishlist. LOL

  • eyeshadow palette (the more colors, the merrier!!)
  • false eylashes (if that can be included hihi)
  • matte lipstick
  • white and red eyeliner
  • liquid eyeliner
  • more eyeshadow
  • really mooooore eyeshadow

I just hope I can save enough money soon so I can buy my own makeup kit. Or maybe get some sponsors just like my fellow bloggers. I promise to strive hard to learn how to put makeup on my own if ever my wishes got granted.


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