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A Brand New Day indeed

Notice my new theme? Hee~

From now on, I am settling with the simplest themes available. I once fancied the “magazine-like” themes and I still enjoy seeing blogs with those but as to mine, I guess I have to focus on filling my blog with more fruitful posts rather that beautifying it only. I am not that good a blogger yet so I might just learn the writing thing before I go on with the theme-making or layout designing.

Anyways, the name of this theme is “Brand New Day”. Judging by the sun on the bottom part of it, I guess that’s what made it a day. Haha. But there’s this option where I can choose what season the theme will be so it’s cute that my theme matches my mood. 🙂 I can change the color and some of its appearance without installing a new theme. How convenient! 🙂 I also revived my Cbox account so that I can make matching chatboxes to every season of my theme. As for now, I am using the Daylight theme because I am facing a problem but I know there’s a brighter day ahead of me after this. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “A Brand New Day indeed

    1. wow! this is very flattering. I know I am not that expert yet in blogging and words of appreciation from bloggers like you always inspire me. Thank you and please know that I’ll be supporting you always. 🙂 Let’s be friends! :))

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