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A bit of China in our household

Coming home from a 5-day trip in Ilocos, I want nothing but to lay my tired body on my parents’ king size bed that day. And so after showing my mother the best that I got there — a Vigan shirt for my younger sister (which doesn’t fit -_-“), two boxes of carrot cake , a miniature windmill, Pagudpud key chains and phone charms — I immediately went inside their room and slept the moment my back touched the soft foam.

I let go of reality since that moment and savored the nothingness which that dim-lit room gave me. Until, I felt a hand touched my feet, shaking me, wanting me to wake up immediately. I stood up with my eyes still closed and heard my younger sister’s voice. She wanted me to see something from the living room. She said it was a package for me. Package? That made me wake up fully.

I knew it. I rarely get packages that’s why I was already sure with this one. But I wasn’t expecting it to arrive that day that’s why I was still shocked when I saw a parcel from DHL carefully sealed and locked. I let my sister open it because I was a still a bit sleepy. Then I heard here say, “It’s from China!”

lookchem pen

OMG. I have never received any gift from outside the country yet. I was overjoyed. I took a look at the blue box and saw the Chinese texts in it and felt touched as the thoughts came to me. LookChem finally sent me their gift!

It’s a pen and a bookmark. I am already using the bookmark now but I am not sure about the pen. It looks very vintage and precious I want to preserve it. I am really happy about the gift and it came from China! I am really happy. I feel very special.

Thank you LookChem!

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