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5 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Get Yourself a BDJ Planner

It was late January of 2016 when I first bought my own BDJ planner. I was simply interested with the coupons that went with it never knowing that my 2016 was into something better. Hence, I decided to get myself one again this year. To experience the benefits of having a BDJ Power Planner, though a little bit later than before, I decided to be a Bella again this year.

It’s already a couple of days past the third month of 2017, some may think it is already too late to get a planner but I believe having one is still worth the try. Below are the five reasons why it is still a perfect time to be a 2017 Bella.

1. Monthly Events
During my first year as a Bella, I would always get excited browsing through because of the events that were being held every month. Such events offer exciting opportunities to all attendees. The topics were all beneficial —life-changing even— and the guests they picked were all inspiring. The BDJ staffs handling each events were very friendly as well which made me want to keep on attending every event last year.

And they started 2017 with a blast, with the first BDJ Rendezvous this year. BDJ Rensezvous: Woman Up! was held last February 11 at Ayala Malls the 30th in Pasig. I was privileged to be invited and went home with lots of freebies!

So there’s still a chance to join if you grab your BDJ planners now but fret not because there are more events in line this year. 😉

For previous and upcoming BDJ events, visit here.

2.Year-long valid coupons
Most of the coupons included in the Perks of a Bella booklet are valid from January 2017 to December 2017 which means you can enjoy being a Bella for the whole year with almost 20+ different brands. You can also score free planners with their 2017 Belle de Jour Coupon Completion promo where in you just use atleast 40 coupons by September 30, 2017. Freebies~
From time to time, I will receive emails regarding a new product from BDJ’s partner brands and they would like Bellas to experience it first-hand. Having a BDJ planner opened a lot of discoveries when it comes to cosmetics and skin care because they’ve partnered with numerous brands to fit each Bella’s lifestyle. The freebies are given randomly so better get that BDJ planner now so you won’t miss a chance. 🙂

4.In-planner features
When you buy a BDJ planner, you don’t just get a planner, you get a more organized life. In my case, that is. Aside from the monthly inspirational notes, goals list, dream board, 2017 checklist, a separate event calendar, journal entry pages and more, I really found the following in-planner features helpful:
*2017 Goals pageto help you focus on the most important goals this year
*Menstrual trackerbecause menstrual cycle plays a big role in our health condition
*Bills trackerto keep track on your expenses and manage them accordingly
*Cash flow tracker to see your progress in handling your hard-earned money
So if you still struggle on remembering where and how you spent your pay check every month, this planner is best for you. ^_^

5. Meet new people with the same interest as you
BDJ stands true to its tagline, “We are more than just a planner, we’re a community.” for the wide-range of events and gatherings that they hold every year each focusing on women empowering each other. I was more inspired to blog too because of the entries I see on the Bella Blogs page.

There you have it. These are based on my experience during my first year as a Bella and I hope that through these, more women would be inspired to become Bella’s as well.

You can avail of the BDJ planners at your favorite bookstores or order online via

So, see you on the upcoming 2017 BDJ events, Bella! ❤


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