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I don’t even know what it is really but I think, base on context clues, that I’m doing it -if it is a verb though, yes I am. To end the confusion I sneaked to Google to finally make things clear to me and “Hiatus definition, a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc. ” is what i got. So I’m wrong. It’s not a verb but a noun. Okay I’m rephrasing it. I’m on hiatus right now.

I’ve been trying to write even if I’m not on the internet but the monstrous number of homework every week never fail to eat my time so yeah, if you see my calendar empty, that is because I’m on hiatus. Haha. (Looks like i’m getting used to it?)

I wish to be back soon. If I got my chance, I promise to write as many scheduled posts as I can, as my expert adviser always says. You know who you are little lady. 🙂

Plus, I’m so uninspired these past few days. Most of the times, I’m at school seeing numbers and equations that obviously don’t love me no matter how much I try to embrace them. I might write something about it too if I had the chance.

Ok back to my Soil Mechanics assignment now. Good morning everyone! (if there’s any)

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